Music Matters (N-Tunes Monster Headphones)


HELLO! My name is Alexis Grace! I’m the oldest of the kids in our family, here at House Of Joyful Noise. Some of you may also know me from my own blog, Just Shine On!

But today I’m really excited to be doing a guest post on my family’s blog, and it’s all about:


Our family consists of real music lovers. Music is so many things, to many people. It’s entertainment and enjoyment. But it also often carries a message, or is a story being told, whether there are words to tell it or not. Music definitely does so much for me, personally. I listen to music a lot, whether with my youth group at pizza and prayer, at home writing a blog post, cleaning my room, getting focused for a basketball game, or just because I feel like listening to all of my favorite songs. Music helps me be more creative and productive. I enjoy Christian music the most, but will listen to Country and Pop on occasion, as well. (It really depends on the song though.).
I believe Christian music, especially, can really reach people in a beautiful way, because it encourages and inspires them in their faith. Whether in hard times or happy times, songs can fit any occasion. I love when I hear a song that I can really connect to, on a deep level.
Sound quality is important too though! Especially when you love music as much as I do!
I had been looking into headphones that sounded great, but were nice looking too. I had heard a lot of good things about Monster N-Tune headphones; so you can imagine how excited I was when mother was offered a pair in exchange for a compensated review! These headphones have a value of $150.00!
So I proposed a deal to her that if she accepted the offer, I would do a guest blog post for her, for the headphones.
I guess it’s a perk of being a blogger’s daughter! 😉

Monster-N-Tune_02 And here I am! Happy with my Monster Headphones!

When they arrived, I couldn’t wait to try them. They are all I hoped they would be, and more! These headphones have such amazing monster-sound quality, and carries bass without being overwhelming. It also seals out the surrounding noise of your environment, keeping your music experience intact. That means you don’t have to turn the music up to a ridiculously loud volume, which probably puts you at risk for a lot of damage to your ears.

The N-Tune line has a lot of great features, making it the perfect gift for any music enthusiasts in your life! In fact, how perfect of a gift would this be, for all of the music-lovers and teenagers on your Christmas list?! There would be no groans or forced polite thank-yous, for this one! Don’t be surprised if they hug you!

These headphones come in five different awesome colors, and their super tough durability makes them ideal to take everywhere you go. (The included pouch is handy to store them in too.) The headphone’s cable sports a universal Control Talk microphone, so you can easily answer a call when using your phone to listen to music. If your favorite song comes on and you want to share it…no problem! Two cable jacks mean your friends can hook their own headphones or ear-buds up to you set, and then you both can jam! On top of all that, they are also really comfortable to wear.

Check out the great colors the N-Tune line has to offer, by clicking through to this link >>here at the Monster Headphones Page at WalMart.

Then, come back here and leave a comment below and tell us:

Which color do you like best?

Because…… that will earn you an entry into a sweepstakes!

*25 lucky people will win their own pair of Monster N-Tune headphones!*

The comments on this post will be aggregated with the comments on the posts from the other bloggers participating in this review, and 25 pairs will be given away. This giveaway will close on Nov 1. If you win a set, you can gift them away, or keep them all to yourself!

Music is truly such a universal gift to the world, and it’s a subject I always love chatting about.
Thanks so much for coming over to read my guest review!

~Alexis Grace

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Alexis Grace blogs at Just Shine On, which is geared towards her own generation, and offers encouragement and friendship in the journey of youth-faith.
If you have or know any teens, please feel free to extend her invitation to them, to check out her blog, or hook up with her at her various social networks:

Just Shine On on FACEBOOK
Just Shine On on TWITTER
Just Shine On on INSTA-GRAM


A Great Pie Taste-Testing! / $50 to Williams-Sonoma

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Mrs. Smith’s. All opinions are 100% mine.


Say “I” if you love pie!  And if you love free money, you can put some whip cream on top of that! This should be a fun post for you.
Recently, Mrs. Smith’s asked us to try their new Mrs. Smith’s Signature Deep Dish pies, and also sent us a sweet prize to give away too.

$50 to spend at Williams-Sonoma!

I’m actually one to bake my pies from scratch. But in a crunch, Mrs. Smith’s is my store-bought pie to fall back on!

My husband and kiddos love pie from anywhere, so they were all over this one! So I thought it would be fun for them to have a great pie taste-testing!
And guess what? No one disagreed!
Imagine that.

The kids were napkin-bibbed, with forks and fists.
They were ready to stuff their pie-holes.
(Pun intended.  ; )
Here’s what Mrs. Smith’s was dishing up for us:

Signature Deep Dish Cherry Pie with Butter Fudge Sauce
Signature Deep Dish Peach Pie with Cream Cheese Icing
Signature Deep Dish Dutch Apple Pie with Caramel Sauce
Signature Deep Dish Pumpkin Pie with Cream Cheese Icing

And the kids got tasting, all of them!
And I just took photos . . . . . .

Time to switch plates.

Discerning the flavor.

They were loving every minute!

And you can bet Michael/Daddy was off-camera to the side, tasting them all too.

And also having fun designing some more with the sauces and icing.

Afterwards, each one of the kids wrote down their reviews on all 4 of the pies they tried, in one of my many notebooks.

They were so cute and serious about it. Like real little food critics.

 Here are some of their comments:
“The peach pie tastes great, and the cream cheese topping was better than I thought!”
“One reason I liked the apple pie is because the apple and caramel blend perfectly together.”
“The peach filling was sticky and gooey, which made it even better!”
“The cream cheese icing was a good choice for the sticky peach!”
“I liked the pumpkin pie. The spices taste good with the pumpkin.”

You can learn more about Mrs. Smith’s Pies on their Facebook or follow them on Pinterest

So the pie-tasting began so late in the afternoon, that the kids pretty much had pie for supper.  I did have them eat at least a small and healthy meal afterwards, just so I would feel better about it.
And then their Daddy took me out to dinner. And we had a wonderful time.

 NOW……. who wouldn’t be interested in winning this?!
Yes. A $50 Gift Card to Williams-Sonoma.  And with it, I will also send you a coupon for a free Mrs. Smith’s Signature Deep Dish Pie of your own.
Someone is going to win. And it might as well be you! Right?

You can shop, and then have some pie! That’s what I’d call a good day. ; )

Just follow the requirements below, and you can consider yourself in it, to win it!


a Rafflecopter giveaway


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Playing to WIN! / $ Give-Away! $

Yes. Here I am talking about Basketball and such already and the new season has not even begun yet! But honestly, you DO want to bear with me. Today there’s a whole new spin to the perspectives and purpose of this post. I’d love for you all to give it a read, and then join in with your thoughts & experiences, regarding your kid’s sports. In the end, you and I can both win. ; )


Growing up as a kid, I was never really involved in any kind of organized sports. Neither was my husband, in his childhood.  Sometimes as a kid, in my free time, I played tennis against the school wall down the street, or my brothers and I played basketball in the drive way.  It was more of the ‘Around the World’ type of basketball, rather than any real 1-on-1. The only ones who took a beating, were the Hosta plants that lined the single lane driveway! I have memories of my Dad pitching a wiffle ball to me too, because I really loved to hit, and I wasn’t half bad! He’d even go get the ball, only to pitch it to me again, over and over.  But that was the extent of my sports. I was really more of the artist type. I spent most of my time drawing, painting, and (closet) singing, right through high school.  Going to art school was my plan right from Kindergarten, and when I graduated from high school, that’s just what I did.

So no one was more surprised than I was, to find I was going to be ‘one of those sports moms’. You know the kind.  The ones who are always on the sidelines, really into the game, screaming her head off the whole time? That would be me.

I remember the day I realized it too. Things had just begun in that little school gym, where I had brought my daughter {A}, and I immediately found myself out of my seat, hootin’, hollarin’, cheering, and shouting out instructional tips. I was all hyped up with excitement and adrenaline, and apparently making a little scene, because the coaches and all of the kids, kept looking at me with an amused expression.  Maybe, because it was just the first practice of this basketball season, for my first child’s, first practice, and first sport, ever.  I was the one and only spectator there, as all of the other parents had dropped their kids off.


That was six years ago, when {A} was just 8 years old.  It was the beginning of a whole new experience, for all of us, as a family. The first reward we found in sports, was that it was another activity we enjoyed together. She really loved playing, and you could always find the other 5 of the 6 of us in the bleachers, cheering her and her team on. Her little siblings were a cheer section of their own!  Her Dad commentated quietly, often explaining to me what he thought just happened. And then there was me; the loudest of us all.



We never doubted {A} would have a good time playing on a team.  She was always that kind of kid, who had fun no matter what she was doing.  She was a ‘people person’, who approached and befriended others easily. You know, very SOCIAL, even though she was a home schooled kid.  😉 To this day, people ask us if she is ever not smiling. But I’d always taught her, it was important to do her best, no matter what. I never followed the line of thinking with sports, that ‘as long as we have fun, that’s what matters.’ No!! We’re here to WIN!! Aren’t we? It’s great to enjoy it, but her team was counting on her to give it all she had, and so was I. She was probably an average player to start, being new not only to the game, but a year late into it, as opposed to her other girls who played the year prior. But, she was well-liked, and committed to her team.  Her biggest downfall was her heart on the court; she felt bad taking the ball away from even a player on the opposing team. ; ) We had a few chats about that, but otherwise, it was a great first and second season for her, as she learned the rules, in and outs of the game, through weekly practices and games. We all learned along with her, listening to instruction, and those ear-piercing whistle blows.

She was still working on refining all of her skills. Especially with her new physical self; she had grown 5 inches in the past year!




As she got a little older, we saw things start to change in her a little bit.  She was getting on the other side of that awkward growth spurt. She was all knees and elbows, for a bit there. She had learned a lot more about the game, and so did we. Basketball had become a regular part of our lives, every cold season, as we got her to her practices, and watched more intently than ever, at her games.  She was practicing off the court more, her focus was better, her determination was stronger, and all of the skills she had acquired were starting to come together. I was enjoying seeing her thrive, and had become more maniacal than ever, at her games.  For perspective, I often leave a game with a throat that is torn up, and a new hair-do. ; )

She was still her happy-go-lucky self.  But she was more serious about every game.  We started having post-game talks on the way home, about the great plays, or ones she could have done better or differently.



Then we hit a real milestone.  One might call it a ‘game changer’.  As more serious as she was about the game, she was still used to being on friendly terms with every coach she had had. One they all could joke with, and have fun.  But this new coach this one year, was alllll business. He wasn’t there to make friends, or waste his time. She didn’t like how he didn’t have a light-humored side.  She didn’t like how he demanded the girls do things a very certain and different way.  His way, as she saw it. She didn’t like that he was yelling angrily out onto the court at the girls, by name. (including his own daughter.)  She didn’t like a lot of things about this year. He drove the girls, hard. And he rubbed her sunny-disposition, the wrong way.

But I thought this coach this particular year, was a great thing, and I told her why:  Because it was a perfect lesson on LIFE. She was going to get a job someday, and not necessarily like how her boss does things. Or even her BOSS, for that matter. But she’d still need to do her job, follow instructions, be a team player, and respect the authority. Yes, when the time was right, she could re-evaluate things, and choose to seek a new job, more to her liking. But she had to complete the project she was committed to, just as she had to stay on this team and play the year out, just as she had committed to. It was going to be good for her, to work with someone she found very difficult.  It would help develop her character; teaching her the skills of tolerance, patience, obedience, and strength. She’d need to adjust. It would be a rough road for her, and I had every intention of being there for her, with some tough love. But she had to push herself through it.

She stuck the year out. Not always happily, especially in the beginning. But she learned to deal with it all quickly. She learned to relate to the coach, on his terms.  And I was right.  By year’s end, she was a new player. She had grown so much, as a person, had new found skills, and had developed in so many ways, more than she ever had, more a than any other year. Through the difficult year, both physically and mentally, she had changed a lot.  By leaps and bounds. She had gained stamina, and a more mature perspective. She found her drive.  She had found her aggression, in a big way, on the court!  She was going for that ball, no matter who on the opposing team had it, and she would fight to hold onto it to the floor.  She wasn’t one to mess with, anymore.

She had become a real athlete.

And when the last game that year had just been played, she was the only girl who went up to her coach, and said, “Thank you, for coaching me all year. I learned a lot from you.”


As a sports mom, I had become concerned about more than just getting her here and there, or where ever she needed to be.  I had learned how to give her all she needed, as an athlete.  I wanted to be sure she always had the energy and hydration, come practice or game time. That meant making sure she always ate right, and ate the right things, at the right times. And to keep the fluids going down. I wanted to make sure I kept her strong, and healthy!  An injury was the last thing I wanted for her.

Basketball was the sport she’d always been involved with.  But she’d learned to throw a mean football, at 5 years old.  It was something she and her Daddy did a lot in the yard. Of course the older and bigger she got, the better she became.  On the court, old basketball coaches could not even believe how tall she had gotten. There was a 2 year span where she had grown a total of 8 1/2 inches!  That was really helping her game.  But she was also growing more and more interested in football.  She loved watching the games on tv, and was intent on playing Flag Football.  One clinic with Coach Greg, and she was hooked.


Her last year on the town’s team, was an incredible one for her.



She was so sad to have outgrown the league, but she went out with a bang!

She had come a long, long way, in the 6 years she had played. She worked hard with the basketball, even off the court, developing skills you don’t often see in a player that age. Never mind a girl. She had learned to dribble with her knees!  She was passionate about basketball, and it showed.  Especially to those who noticed these things.

She was encouraged by current and former coaches, to go for the public South High School team. She wanted to play for them, badly.  And so I had every intention of being sure she had that chance to play for them, even though she was home schooled. I understood she’d have to pass try-outs. But I had heard making the team, or actually playing, could be…challenging, for home schoolers.  I’d cross that bridge when I got to it, if it ever proved to be a problem.


But that time was not here yet.  She had her heart set on making it onto the town’s spring Flag Football league, before she grew out of the age range.

Of course, she had to make the team, first. And that she did. Her former coach (Greg) knew her the second she walked into the try-outs, and her place on a team was practically automatic. ALL of the coaches were there to observe, taking notes for drafting the players they wanted.  The most unlikeliest of coaches drafted her first, based on observing the reaction of Coach Greg when she walked in, and then watching her tryout.

She played, and was the only girl in the whole league!  She wasn’t treated any differently than the boys.  And she didn’t play any differently, either. She was an unexpected force to be reckoned with.  She was passionate about Flag Football now, too. She just loved playing the game. And it showed.


Just as with Basketball, we were on the sidenlines, making some noise, for her and her team!  As if my big long camera lens didn’t draw enough attention to myself, screaming my head off half the time did!  I just couldn’t help myself. Michael and I had a game, to see how long I could be quiet.  The excitement and anticipation at times, was more than I could contain. We found sports to be a rush like no other.  I had felt my own competitive streak come alive that very first practice she had, at 8 years old, and it was clearly in her blood too. She helped take her Flag Football team all the way to the Superbowl, where they lost by 1-single-point!  It was a hard pill to swallow.  It was a fluke, actually!  But we were busy digging up the grace we needed, to be good sports about it. ; )



After all, she had to be a good example, to her biggest little triplet fans, who were so very inspired by their big sister.

She was a STAR, in their eyes, and about to try making a mark of their own, in sports.


High School Basketball is a few months away yet, but I had started making contact with the powers that be, real early, and she found herself at a Volleyball clinic twice a week, at the public South High School. She quickly fell in love with this sport too, and they quickly took notice of her.  It was nothing short of boot camp.  But she kept going back, and they were impressed she did, and were happy to see her. Her potential coach said to us, “The biggest sign of a true athlete, is not just skills, but being tough. And she IS. She’s got that.”

Try-outs for the public South High School Volleyball team are coming up, and she’ll be there ready to show her stuff.  She’s been training on her own. I can say it’s looking promising, and a very busy year, with 3 kids in sports anyway. Maybe 4.


{A} has her dreams and goals, short & long term,  and she’ll always work hard to reach them. She has high standards for herself, anyway.

But even if she didn’t, she always has me to push her. ; ) In fact, I’ve made the pledge to encourage and support my kids in their athletic endeavors, all the way through, and you can too!!  Just visit this link, Gatorade Moms, check out all of the resources for us parents of athletes, and make the pledge to help your young athletes become the best athletes they can be, too!

To me, being so involved in sports, and having such passions for it, has proved to be full of benefits, skills, and gifts, and a truly effective way to pave the way, to play the game of life!  If sports doesn’t literally take {A} where she wants to go, it will certainly have given her all she needs on the inside, to get there on her own.

She’s the picture of young athletes all over the world, just like her. If you’re a parent of an athlete-in-the-making, or one who is already, this is your lucky day. I’m giving away a:

$100.00 Dick’s Sporting Goods Gift Card!!


One way you can have a chance to win, is to tell me:

In what ways do you see your kids playing sports, as preparing them for the game of life?



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And if that’s not enough, there are additional ways to win a gift card to Dick’s Sporting Good here: Promotions & Prizes section

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The Official Rules are available here: Visit the Official Rules.


4th of July Celebration Table Printables – Free!

Happy long 4th of July Weekend, Everyone!

I designed these two 4th of July folded, 2-sided card printables this morning,
for our tables this weekend, and I am happy to share them with you!

Above is just a web-sized sample for you to see, only.

(Printed version will be sharp looking. ; )

To download the full resolution 8.5″ x 11″, click here! >> But read and follow directions below:

Do not make the mistake of just printing out the image that comes up at that link > It is a low resolution image and will print fuzzy. 
To print the full resolution image:
1) Click the GEAR WHEEL in the upper right hand corner
2) Select ‘Download Zip File’ from the drop down menu, and download it.
3) Find the folder under your downloads, and open it.
4) Print what you want.

Select the LANDSCAPE orientation, when *printing out.

*For sturdier cards, consider printing on heavier card-stock, rather than ordinary
printing paper, and/or laminating the cards if possible, after cutting.

Fold on the dotted line. – – – – – – – – – – –

Cut on the solid line. ____________

ENJOY your printables, AND your long holiday weekend!

Keep it safe, Peeps!!


Let’s Connect.

*(Many revisions have been made to this post, to keep links current. However, our new logo has not been input to this post yet. Perhaps I’ll get to that soon as well. But the 6 colored circles is our former blog logo. Our new logo is the window with the colors.)

Shortly after we started blogging, almost 3 years ago, I found that I really wanted to connect with our readers.  Little windows into the beauty of the various people who visited us here, was more and more evident through the few comments that were left, and the emails that we received, and over time, we’ve even made a few good friends through the net.  So, early on, I felt encouraged, to encourage those two-way connections between us all. More often than not, I really enjoy the process of blogging the creativity and aspects of our busy life. Some days, I am downright giddy about it, because of one instance or another.  The blogging is only a fraction of my life, to be sure, but it’s a real one. So when I am feeling discouraged, most often because of a lack of feeling that connection with our readers, but sometimes because of other little things, I talk about throwing in the blogging-towel.  And it’s when I do, lost in my own woes, that I find myself ‘coming to’, by my husband’s protesting of the idea. “Nooooo, ” he says.  And then he proceeds to say anything he can, to keep me going.

Now this is fascinating to me, mainly because of one truth here:  My husband is pretty darn laid back, in the opinion department.  It seems to me (who has been by his side for his entire adult self, in the past 22 years), that he usually only forms a real opinion, when you ask him.  And have the persistence and patience to actually get the answer out of him. Only on the rare occasion, has he had a strong opinion about something important in our life, and in the instances that that has happened, no one has believed he stood his ground about it. lol. Go figure!  So, for me to realize ‘he won’t let me’ stop blogging, gives me a little pause.  Now…. let’s call a spade a spade here. I’m that kind of girl, with the chip on her shoulder.  Nobody tells me what to do, but the good Lord Himself.  You got it? This is what I tell myself anyway.  But, on the other hand, I do love and respect my husband, and I try to honor his final word on things, when I’m strong enough to get over my scrappy little self.   So…..I blog on.   And I continue to try and develop the 2-way connection, with you all, our readers, and keep it as fun and exciting as this blogging thing usually is. And keep it growing too!  So that has led me to more social media outlets, we all have available to us.  (And I must admit, they sure can be fun!!)

So that’s what this post is all about.  A quick review of the fun ways we can keep connected.  Ways in which ultimately we, can get to know you all, better too.  Because we know you all have just as much, if not more, to offer us in our net-friendship-connection (and some in real life), with your own blogs, your own creativity, your raising children/family lives, education experiences, and faith.  So please take a moment to consider some of these options you may not have known about, and what perks each of them offer you in their own unique ways, that I’ve worked hard to keep established over the past couple of years, all for the sole purpose of connecting with you, our valued reader friends.

FYI:   These’s a new & exciting surprise/opportunity near the end!!  And fear not….every link opens in a new window.

The House Of Joyful Noise Facebook Page. If you are on Facebook too, you can ‘Like’ our Page, with no connection to your personal Facebook profile.  By ‘Liking’ our Page, it allows our Facebook Page statuses, to show in your personal Facebook stream.   Now, it’s important to note, that I use our blog’s Facebook Page, for a lot of things.  For one, yes, you will see links to any new posts here.  But I also share a lot on our FB Page, that I do not here.  I share random personal photos of ours sometimes, interesting or exciting links or deals  for home schoolers and parents of formally educated kids alike, I give (and will be giving) early alerts on upcoming GIVE-AWAYS, and share other random thoughts and tidbits, etc.   It really is a place I share things spontaneously, as opposed to the blog here, where everything here is planned-ahead posts.  What’s more, if you blog too, and your blog has a Facebook Page too, we can ‘Like’ you back, and be more in touch with you as well!  It would probably be a fun House Of Joyful Noise side, for you and us.  So if you’d like, you can ‘Like’ our blog’s Facebook Page HERE, or using the button in the header.


Twitter. Only I, (Laura) have had a Twitter account, for quite awhile now.   In fact I was trying to Twitter, long before I started Facebooking.  But a blabber-mouth like me, really struggled with the 140 character limit.  So when Facebook came along, I gravitated more towards that, and almost deleted my Twitter account several times.  But instead, I just let it sit there.  Lately, I’ve been giving it another GO, and in doing so have had more people following me, which gives me the opportunity to follow back.  So if you Twitter as well, it can be a great way for us, to stay more connected with you!  Through your tweets, and possibly links to your blog posts or articles that mean something to you, we have the chance to get to know you all better as well, on your own turf.  Birdies like turf, so that can be a good thing.  For our part, we do share our post links there as well, and I am working on having something profound or humorous to share, in 140 characters or less.  There has been progress and hope, and the struggle is helping me grow.  So if you’d like to follow me on Twitter, you can do so HERE, or use the button in the header,and I will follow you back!


BlogFrog(UPDATE 1/12: We no longer have a Community Page at BlogFrog, but may again in the future. We’ll keep you posted.)   If you blog, or follow a lot of blogs, you may know about or have heard about, BlogFrog.  I have been just trying to get to know how the place works, on the occasion over the past year, and I’m getting more into it now.  It’s a FUN PLACE, and another great place to get to know other bloggers, and find other inspiring blogs.  (Whatever it is that may inspire or otherwise amuse or entertain you. )  I just set up an Our House Of Joyful Noise Community, that I’d love for you to follow.  At the moment, we are having a technical issue feeding all blog posts there 100% of the time, but that will likely be corrected.  You can be on BlogFrog whether you have a blog or not.  If you do have a blog, you can have your own Community, or not.  I am following other Communities as well.   I am really just starting to hop around there, and jump into a discussion or 2 there.  As best as I can inform you about BlogFrog, it’s a place to help blogs (& bloggers)  to find and connect to other blogs (& bloggers), and help drive traffic to each other’s sites.   I really recommend you check it out.  I have a widget or 2 for BlogFrog on our Home page here on our blog, and I’ll probably edit and update this paragraph about BlogFrog as I learn more about it, and get some experience over there.  But especially if you have a blog and are seeking more readers, do check it out.  And if you plan to stay, follow our Community HERE – where discussions will be had that are not likely here, or anywhere else.

You are always welcome to E-Mail us.  If you have a question about anything in our posts or otherwise, just want to say Hi, would like to share something with us that is more personal to you, or want a more direct contact for us for any reason at all, our mailbox is open to you.   There is  button to email us in the header of the blog.  We’d be happy to hear from you, and be sure to get back to you as well.

Now!!!!….here is some exciting news we hope to get started here at Our House Of Joyful Noise, and it definitely calls for your participation!

UPDATE: We are no longer doing link-up parties at this time. If or when we resume, there will be an all new design.  It was fun while it lasted! But more work than I could keep up with. Maybe someday.

We’d like to start having some Link-Up Parties! Some of you may be quite familiar with them, and some of you may not.  But here’s the exciting scoop.  Whenever you see our new owl tag above, you are welcome to LINK UP to a creative post at your own blog!!  We (and our readers we are sure!) want to see who ELSE is Creatively Living Out Loud!! How it will work is, we’ll probably share a post of one creative project or another with you, and in the end when you see this tag, there will be an easy tool link, for YOU to link us and all of our blog readers, via a little photo thumbnail (from your own blog post) you create in just a few easy steps, that will link to a post at your blog!!  As you all link-up, will have a collection of photo thumbnails with links, to blog hop, and check out the creative projects and ideas others have been up to!! It’s a really fun and inspiring way, to get our creative juices flowing, while encouraging each other, and bringing traffic to each other’s blogs.   If you don’t blog, that’s ok!  You can still visit the other blogs, and have fun & maybe get some inspiration, to be creative.   We know there are lots of creative people, who don’t happen to blog.   So hope around anyway! Now…because Our House Of Joyful Noise has many areas, we may not have ‘all crafters’ who visit here.  We have a more varied audience, I suppose.  So our link-parties may start out small, but we think they’ll grow quickly, once word spreads!  Also….there is no reason we can’t have these Link-Up Parties in other sections, besides just the Crafts & Creations section.  We can share how-to recipe posts in Vittles, or share our holiday celebrations in The Big Picture.  How about field trips in Home Schooling, for home schooling families, etc.?  So…..if you’re a blogger, please join us!!  And if you have any ideas, send us an e-mail!! Be sure to take photos and create posts with this link-up party in mind!!  Also, it’ll be perfectly acceptable to link up to some archived posts now and then, that are fitting for that particular Link-Up Party topic!

So….when do we intend to start hosting Link-Up Parties?  Next week!  And always on T-WHO’S-DAYS, of course!  It may not be every Tuesday at first, but we’re going to try!   So…..keep a look out for our new Link-Up Party sign, and when you see it, link-up and share with us what you are all have been creatively up to!  More details to come when the PaRtYiNg begins!


And lastly, you can subscribe to our blog using the orange rss feed button in the header, or via email by adding your address in the sidebar. Because we’d surely like to see you keep coming around!

(We’d love for you to leave us your thoughts!  *Note:  This post will be edited for updating and link correcting as needed.)