Music Matters (N-Tunes Monster Headphones)


HELLO! My name is Alexis Grace! I’m the oldest of the kids in our family, here at House Of Joyful Noise. Some of you may also know me from my own blog, Just Shine On!

But today I’m really excited to be doing a guest post on my family’s blog, and it’s all about:


Our family consists of real music lovers. Music is so many things, to many people. It’s entertainment and enjoyment. But it also often carries a message, or is a story being told, whether there are words to tell it or not. Music definitely does so much for me, personally.

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A Great Pie Taste-Testing! / $50 to Williams-Sonoma

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Mrs. Smith’s. All opinions are 100% mine.


Say “I” if you love pie!  And if you love free money, you can put some whip cream on top of that! This should be a fun post for you.
Recently, Mrs. Smith’s asked us to try their new Mrs. Smith’s Signature Deep Dish pies, and also sent us a sweet prize to give away too.

$50 to spend at Williams-Sonoma!

I’m actually one to bake my pies from scratch. But in a crunch, Mrs. Smith’s is my store-bought pie to fall back on!… Read More

Playing to WIN! / $ Give-Away! $

Yes. Here I am talking about Basketball and such already and the new season has not even begun yet! But honestly, you DO want to bear with me. Today there’s a whole new spin to the perspectives and purpose of this post. I’d love for you all to give it a read, and then join in with your thoughts & experiences, regarding your kid’s sports. In the end, you and I can both win. ; )


Growing up as a kid, I was never really involved in any kind of organized sports. Neither was my husband, in his childhood.  Sometimes as a kid, in my free time, I played tennis against the school wall down the street, or my brothers and I played basketball in the drive way.  It was more of the ‘Around the World’ type of basketball, rather than any real 1-on-1.Read More

4th of July Celebration Table Printables – Free!

Happy long 4th of July Weekend, Everyone!

I designed these two 4th of July folded, 2-sided card printables this morning,
for our tables this weekend, and I am happy to share them with you!

Above is just a web-sized sample for you to see, only.

(Printed version will be sharp looking. ; )

To download the full resolution 8.5″ x 11″, click here! >> But read and follow directions below:

Do not make the mistake of just printing out the image that comes up at that link > It is a low resolution image and will print fuzzy. 
To print the full resolution image:
1) Click the GEAR WHEEL in the upper right hand corner
2) Select ‘Download Zip File’ from the drop down menu, and download it.… Read More

Let’s Connect.

*(Many revisions have been made to this post, to keep links current. However, our new logo has not been input to this post yet. Perhaps I’ll get to that soon as well. But the 6 colored circles is our former blog logo. Our new logo is the window with the colors.)

Shortly after we started blogging, almost 3 years ago, I found that I really wanted to connect with our readers.  Little windows into the beauty of the various people who visited us here, was more and more evident through the few comments that were left, and the emails that we received, and over time, we’ve even made a few good friends through the net.  So, early on, I felt encouraged, to encourage those two-way connections between us all.Read More

Our "Lucky Liker's" Surprise Give-Away Gift

Last week, I decided rather spontaneously, to have a surprise Give-Away to the 100th ‘Liker’ of our Facebook Page for Our House Of Joyful Noise. The unsuspecting ‘Lucky Liker’, Tammy N.,  got a happy surprise, and I had so much fun doing it!   I’ve decided that using our Facebook Page, when announcing having such Give-Aways, and sharing other random tidbits, photos, and inside-info, is the way to go!!  SO…..if you haven’t ‘Liked’ our Facebook Page yet, you might want to do that riiiiiight now.  Or else, you’ll be missing out.   (It just means, you’ll see us in your Facebook feed, and you’ll be in the know, with things not necessarily here on the blog.  It’s fun!  Please join us.  Buttons are in the sidebar.… Read More

Allow Me, To Help YOU, Be Organized This School Year! (A Give Away)/*WINNER Announcement Update

I have always loved the back to school season.  Growing up, I didn’t like going to school all that much. But I loved everything about the new school year.  Brand school supplies, new clothes, new schedules (well, not getting up early), new classes, and sometimes new schools!  When I was done going to school, I thought that that thrill of a new school year in the air, would go away.  But it didn’t.

Then I had kids of my own.  My first child’s first day of Kindergarten was exactly 5 days after our triplets were born.  I’m going to be honest with you here, Folks.  I was oblivious to any back-to-school spirit in the air that year.  I was swimming in babies, and trying not to walk like it hurt, as much as it still did.  Then there was the other mom, who was also dropping her kid off for the first day of school, who asked me “When are you due, and is it twins?,..Read More

Announcement of SUMMER FLAG Give-Away Winner!

THANK YOU to all 12 of our commenting participants for the Summer Flag Give-Away!  I thought it was a bust at first, and it got me down, but you all came through, and got me excited again, because we have so many AWESOME Give-AWAYS coming up!  Our best yet!!  So if you didn’t win this time, keep joining us and you are BOUND to win something great!

So far, we have chosen to choose winners via the random drawing generator from the numbered comments.  We love all of our visitors and commenters, and are so happy you all participated, we’d have a hard time choosing ourselves.  But some day, we may try a different method.… Read More

Mid-May to End of June 2010/Front Yard Transformation

There is so much to catch you up on, where our front yard transformation goes, that I’m lost in my own thoughts, in trying to figure out where I tell you what we’ve gotten done, and where I tell you about where all of this work in progress is heading.  So, if it all seems a little mixed up at time, that’s pretty much where my head is at.

But to brief you, in case you are new around here;  Our front yard was basically just a big square sandy lot, with no purpose or beauty of it’s own, for all of the years we have owned our home.  We have had a side yard that we have utilized well, but the front yard, beside the (dead end) street we live on, was never safe enough for our then very young kids, nor private enough to relax in.… Read More

Give-Away Winner / Live, Love, Laugh & Win

We’re so excited that the time has come to announce the winner of our latest give-away, for this beautiful stationary card set and fancy pen!  But before we get to that, we just wanted to say…..

We never anticipated the heart-warming stories you all have shared with us.  It was evident that every one of you shared a little piece of your heart.  Whether you spoke of romantic love letters, special cards, or little notes that expressed affection in one way or another, from loved ones you have loved deeply, and maybe have lost……they all came from the most special places in your hearts.… Read More

Live, Love, Laugh & Win

Hand written notes and letters, have virtually become a thing of the past, with the speed and convenience of technology communications today.  I admit, I am all about using the computer, especially, for communication.  I do love it.  The phone, not so much.   But there are some folks in my life, who are not going to e-mail with me, anytime soon in their lifetime. Meaning, never!

For example, one of those people, is my beloved Godmother.  First of all, I am blessed beyond all reason, to be able to call her my Godmother.  Although she has Godchildren that number in the double digits, (which is a testimony to the kind of beautiful, loving person she is), she has always made me feel like her only one.… Read More

Winner of the Give Away

The winner of the vintage set Give Away is……..

Commenter #4 was Wendy!!

Congratulations Wendy!  Please contact us, via the ‘E-Mail Us’ tag in the sidebar, to claim your prize and give us your shipping address, so that we can send along your vintage set to you.  We hope you enjoy it!

Thanks to ALL of you, for participating, and sharing with us your lists of favorite things.  We really enjoyed reading each and every one!  We laughed, we said “Awww….how sweet!”, …..we said “Oh, me too!  I should have thought of that one!”.  But most of all, we loved getting to know you all a little bit better.… Read More