Flock Photography Fun!

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We’ll have something more….helpful, for you later this week.  But we thought we’d start your week off light, and just share some recent photos I’ve taken of our rooster and hens.

There are many, so please let them all load, before scrolling!

01_red-star-chicken Sweet ‘Kingston’, our Buff Orpington. She’s Michael’s baby.


Motor Vehicle License Plate Refurbishing / Before and After

Many of you probably already know that my husband, Michael, letters company trucks, does vehicle graphics and makes business signs. If you’re curious to see some of the kind of work he does, you can click on ‘Photography & Lettering’ in the menu above, and look to the bottom of that drop down menu, for ‘Truck Lettering’ and ‘Vehicle Graphics.’

Well, an interesting sideline that he has gotten into over the years, is refurbishing older Massachusetts license plates.

Our own state of Massachusetts here, is actually the very first state in the United States, to issue motor vehicle license plates.  It used to be that the plates only needed to be displayed on the back of the vehicle.… Read More

Farmers’ Markets and Photography

There is just so very much, that I love about this time of the year.  One of those things for sure, is going to the farmer’s markets!  We have them at a few different locations here in our hometown of Plymouth (MA), and they run from June through October, on Thursdays and Saturdays of every week.  One of the original ones has made a new home starting this year, at the Plimoth Plantation.

To begin with, it matters to our family, to support our local farmers and the small business people in our community.  We are small business people ourselves, and knowing these vendors have families they are trying to support just like we are, makes us truly appreciate all they are trying to do.  Though our specific businesses may be different, we understand the hard work involved in marketing one’s self, producing high quality work, feeling love for what you create, and having little dreams for the success of it all. 

And what’s not to love, about fresh and locally grown organic food, and handmade goods anyway?… Read More

Flower Photography, and History Repeating


I don’t know where time has gone, but I sure wish it would slow down some.  I’ve done the best I can all along, to cherish every moment of watching all of my children grow up, knowing it will all happen too fast. It’s yet another reason I school my kids myself. I don’t want to miss any of their fleeting childhood. Still, it seems like yesterday that my first baby girl, Alexis Grace, was born.  She grew up in the blink of an eye. Next thing I knew, she was in high school, and taller than me!  She’s athletic and strong, and it blows me away.Read More

An Autumn Love Story, for a Lifetime! / Engagement Photo Shoot

Honestly, this engagement photo shoot is a way-overdue share.  It was actually shot last Autumn, 2010. But with the peak of Autumn just ahead of us, I think it’ll be all the more appreciated now. The celebration to be had is less than a month away now as well. So in that light, the timing couldn’t be more perfect.

I haven’t photographed many engagement sessions, really, but I’d love to because I do enjoy them.  But since I don’t photograph weddings, and most couples use the same photographer, I don’t get the opportunity often.  This couple however, aware I don’t do weddings, booked with me anyway, and I was honored they did!Read More


(2 paragraphs, and then it’s 40-something photos. Please give them a minute to load, after opening, before scrolling. )

I’ve been shooting high school seniors for about 13 years now.  Naturally, my work has really evolved since my early years. (Thank goodness.)  I’ve always taken a limited number seniors each season, to be able to give each individual my creative best, because it’s the creative process I love, and those customized portraits that reflect my seniors true personality, that they deserve.  Shooting every senior in the same spot, in the same style, and positioned the same way, is far from my style!  I’m not a volume photographer, and I won’t ever care to be.  I want to get a good feeling for who they are on the inside, so it shines on the outside.Read More

“E” – 1 Year Old Boy / Snow Session

When this past winter had appeared to be over, in terms of any more snow fall, I really regretted not taking more winter-style photos.   I also regretted not having gotten any photos of my friend’s already 1 year old son.   So one morning, when a beautiful flurry started to softly fall, I was on the phone calling my friend in a heartbeat.  I asked her what she thought of doing a mini-session with “E” that morning, and she was all for it.

I threw my camera equipment in the vehicle, and headed right over.  There is really not much else to tell about the photo shoot, except that while the flurries were on & off while I was shooting, but “E’s” cuteness was in full gear the whole time.Read More

Some Recent Vehicle Lettering & Graphics

Sharing in this post here, just some of Michael’s lettering and graphic work for his clients from within the past several months.

While most of his work is commercial jobs for small and large businesses require standard and conservative lettering jobs on their vehicles, once in awhile he gets a cool job a client wants just for their personal vehicles, and he has the fun of designing something more out of the box.  This XTERRA below was such a case, and he enjoyed getting a little more free-style with it.  I think it came out rather cool. Take a look-see for yourself:

How would you like to drive that Bad Boy around town?Read More

{Ju} & Big Bro / Urban to Beach

These two kids, have always been ‘cake’, in front of my camera.   This is my God-daughter {Ju}, and her big brother, {N}.  You may have seen the recent post (as I type this), where {Ju} was a guest crafter with us at Our House Of Joyful Noise.  But I did this photo shoot with them back in July last year, 2010.  Their mom, my cousin, brings them down from western MA every now and then, to have their photos done, and we spend a little time all together too.  Whether I am doing individuals of the kids, or shots of them together as siblings, they always do great!  They are just pretty natural in front of the camera, and that’s always nice!Read More

An Annual Client Christmas Shoot-2010 / I WIN!(Again!)

Every working professional photographer is bound to have them.  Those photo shoots that are just a little more challenging then others.  I have to say, I’ve been pretty blessed, because more times than not, I walk away from the end of a shoot thinking, “Cake.”   But I have had the occasional high school senior boy, who is ‘so not down’ with having his photos taken > but his mom is making him.  They can be a challenge at first, but I have always been able to work that age.  Shortly into those shoots,  they realize hanging with me is not all that bad after all, (because I’m cool after all).  They find they are relaxed, laughing, and actually having a good time.… Read More

Newborn Sweetheart

The slogan of my portrait photography business is, “Picturing The Gifts of Life”.    I came up with that slogan, because it’s exactly what I know I am doing, every time I photograph someone.  Anyone.  Each and every single human being our God created, are indeed a gift of life.

I revel in the uniqueness of every one, and it’s always an honor.  But it’s just that much sweeter, when it’s a newborn baby, fresh from the hand of God.

And this one, is a bit extra special to me.

This session was from a few months ago, but I am just getting around to sharing.… Read More

Brittany / A Senior, Graduated.

Meet Brittany.

Brittany already graduated from high school this past spring.  She is going for nursing too!  (I’ve had a few nurses-to-be in the last couple of years.)  Her mom is a nurse.  Brittany called me too late to book in time to get a year book photo from me too, but she didn’t care.  She really just wanted to work with me,  to get a collection of photos of her as a senior, (so important, I can’t say it enough…), and didn’t care when or how I could fit her in!

Well…..O.K.!  That works for me!

These are the kind of people I love to work with.  The ones who want to hire me for my style of work.  So I made it work for her, and we actually worked together for 3 photo shoots, over the period of 3 seasons!… Read More