10 Educational Games for Grade School Kids

     Games can be such great fun!  Whether just your kids are playing one together, with their friends, or the whole family is having a game night, it’s time well spent together!  Most every game calls for everyone to bring their skills to the table, while having a good time, usually laughing a lot, getting competitive, and just enjoying the fun.

     But many, many games are actually a great way for our children to learn as well!  At the grade school ages, many of the classic games us adults grew up with, and others that have come out since, can really aid in building up our kids’ academic skills, and re-enforcing many as well.Read More

Your Kids Might Dig This, Too!

My cousin and her daughter (my God daughter) came down a couple of months ago, for a girl’s overnight with myself and my own 2 girls, and so thoughtfully, she had brought some great gifts for the kids! It was so sweet.  It was unexpected and unnecessary, but I do love gifts that are both project-like, fun and educational.

This is one of those gifts,…. which was for {JM}:  Dig & Play Treasure Island, by Toysmith.

Some may not think of it as educational, initially, but many of us home schoolers, tend to quickly identify the learning aspects that are truly in just about anything, and everything.… Read More