Vanilla and Wild Orange Sugar Scrub | Free Tags

I don’t know about you, but I just love my personal care routines!  It’s a bit of ‘me-time’ that I embrace and look forward to each day.  I choose to take my daily showers before a little reading time and bed every night, and it works out perfect for me. Because by the end of the day, I could not appreciate it and enjoy it any more than I do! I am usually exhausted by that time, both physically and mentally, and maybe even a little chilled to the bone, if I’ve been out and about in the freezing-cold temps that winter offers up around here.… Read More

Printable Valentines (free): Crazy Straws, Socks and Guitar Picks


 Last year I designed some last-minute valentines for my kids to give to their friends, that go with a fun little ‘extra’, most of which can easily be found at a dollar store.
I think they are cute and clever. Although I have always said, “Nobody think my jokes are funnier than I do.”

This year I am offering them to you as free printables.  Aren’t I nice? :)  You will see that there is room for your child to write their friends’ names, after Valentine and before the comma, as well as a space for them to sign their valentine in the bottom right hand corner.… Read More

A Free Thanksgiving Display Printable For You

Dear Friends (and Family!)

Thanksgiving is just days away. Although we won’t all be gathered together in person, we like to think we all are in heart!
We ask that you remember all of those this holiday, who may be sad, lonely, ill, grieving, or otherwise struggling at this time of year, or this year in particular.  Reach out to them as you can, or remember to keep them in your prayers in a special way.

As a gift of our thanksgiving for you, I designed this 8″x10″ display printable for you!
  You can frame it, and display it anywhere you please, as a heartwarming message for all.
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Spiritual Easter Printable for You.


I felt like designing a spiritually-themed Easter printable for us, and to share with you.

So I did!

It’s designed to fit an 8×10 frame. I recommend printing it on white card stock.

Please be sure to DOWNLOAD and SAVE the full resolution version, as opposed to the image you see in this post, which is web sized.

Clicking on the colorful printable below, should bring you to the full sized version at my DropBox. You need to click the ‘Download’ button there.

*Warning Note: Do not right-click and ‘Save Image As’, or you will not get the sharp printable image.… Read More

Thanksgiving Placecard Holder Turkey / Free Personalizable Placecards Printable

Thanksgiving is only days away.  If you are still scrambling to add a little ‘fancy’ detail to your Thanksgiving table setting, here’s an idea for you.  This idea is one I came up with for my own Thanksgiving table setting from last year that I never got a chance to share with you all.  Our guests loved them, and hopefully you will too.

Turkey Placecard Holders

I think they are just simple, yet classy and beautiful looking.  They are easy to make, and require minimal supplies.  It’s so easy, there is no point in even showing you how to make them, when I can simply tell you in a few words:

I got a net bag of plain, natural pinecones at Michael’s Arts & Crafts.  They are for crafting and decor.… Read More

Thankful, for You! / A Small Gift of Thanks

 We’ve had this blog going for over four and a half years now.  Some of you have been following from the beginning, some of you joined us somewhere in the middle along the way, and some of you are new friends.  It’s been slow-growing!  The number of our readers have probably grown more than ever this year, and that’s likely because I (Laura) have put more time into it.   

No matter when you happened to join us, we want you to know we truly appreciate every one of you. For your friendships, your visits, your comments, your sharing, and your encouragement.  We just love creating, all kinds of things as you know.  It’s in our blood.  But being able to share it with you all, adds a whole new element of joy to it, for us.  Especially when any one of you find your own self inspired, and get doing some creating of your own!… Read More

Polka Dot and Plaid 4th of July Printables, for Celebrations/Cookouts

I have been having fun designing some 4th of July printables to share with you, to add a fun red, white and blue themed touch to any cookout or celebration you may have planned, with family and/or friends. (Or, you can even print the cute Bitty Pennants out and string up in your home!) These are the little details that make hosting a gathering so fun to plan, and also the details that impress your guests, and make them smile. So I hope you like them! I tried to design them with simple direction right on them, to show you how easy they can be to prepare.  But I will give you some printing tips, at the end here as well, after you look at the previews of the printables in this post.  But first .… Read More

Last Minute May Day (Baskets & Delivery) Tips & Ideas!


     May Day is less than a week away.  But if you really want to touch some hearts and make some older folks in your life feel so unforgotten, this is a wonderful thing to do with your children!  It not only has the potential to teach them a bit of History, but it teaches them about kindness and compassion, as well.  What’s more, it couldn’t be more fun and exciting!  



    Planning, putting together, and secretly delivering  May Day Baskets, is something we have done with our kids for the past 4 consecutive years, from 2008 – 2011.  Every year, the number of our recipients has grown.Read More

Valentine Printable (free, to go with Chocolate Covered Spoons)

This is a Valentine card printable, that I specifically designed to go with our Valentine Chocolate Covered Spoons, for our kids to give as Valentines to their friends.  But, we are also offering it to you all, as a free printable!

  First, here is what the Valentine looks like in detail:

(Minus the watermark….if you print out a sheet.)

I mentioned I wanted to get back to enjoying some of my hand artwork, and so I did sketch the cup, in a chocolate brown colored pencil.  It’s been awhile, but I had fun doing it!  I hope you like it.Read More

May Day Basket Tags / Free Printable

I designed this tag for our annual May Day Baskets we’ll secretly be delivering on Sunday morning, and wanted to share it with you!

The full resolution download link is at the end of this post.

Each tag is 3.5 x 2 inches.  All 10 print on a standard 8.5 x 11 inch paper.

A few creative tips/ideas:

  • Print tags out on heavy card stock, or a fine tooth watercolor paper, for a pretty added effect.
  • Cut tags out with scalloped scissors, decorative corner scissors, or leave straight edged.
  • Punch hole in corner, or center of one end, and tie with pretty ribbon to basket handle.
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