Fall Themed Candles Embedding Real Leaves


Today, I’m going to show you one way to preserve those beautiful Fall leaves you found, and make something beautiful to add to your warm Autumn home decor. Candles! 

00_ We’re simply taking store-bought medium-pillar candles, and embedding the real leaves as a beautiful decorative element.
To do this, I’ll be using a separate wax medium.  The reason I am choosing to not just glue the leaves on, or seal them in with Modge Podge or something, is because those mediums are flammable.  I likely will be burning these candles. While I won’t burn them very low, I didn’t want to take the chance of having anything chemically-flammable as part of the candle, when it is easy enough to avoid that.
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Doors to Storage. (Literally.)

We’re guessing many of you love to see little home transformations, and creative spaces, as we do, and that’s just what we hope to share with you today.  The photos we share will likely explain what we have done. But if you have just a bit of time, grab a drink of choice, and let us amuse you with a little more about the birth of this project.

We’ve heard some people try to ‘ keep up with the Jones’. But that’s not our style.  I’m sure they’re really nice peeps, and all. But they don’t run in our circles, and even if they did, I doubt we’d want or care what they have, even if we could  afford a thing.  No, our wants and needs are really quite simple.Read More

An Old Ladder, With New Purpose

In addition to our continual progress of finishing the inside of our home since our major house reconstruction, we’ve had a continually growing list of ideas for smaller projects around our home.

One of them has involved this ladder inside our home.

It has been right here where you see it, every since we bought our home in 1995.   What has changed a lot, is almost everything around the ladder.  For one thing, at the foot of this ladder, where you now see French doors to our sun room, was a brick hearth, to a black iron coal stove, that was built into a brick wall as a fireplace of sorts.… Read More

Love Is……


Love Is…..A Give-Away!!

To give a little LOVE back to you all, we thought it was high time for some give-aways!  Anyone up for that?

First up, we’d love to give-away this faux-vintage decoupaged metal set, of a watering can, and a little container.

It could be a lovely touch, for your home decor.

It’s not much, but the set is rather sweet!  Shabby-chic-ish!

One detail I really love, is the message on the side of the container:

(Family) Where the seeds of character are planted.(Home)

Isn’t that the truth.

The container can be used for an indoor plant, a starter plant, a pen and pencil cup, or any little junk!Read More

A Peek at Fall Decor Around Our Homestead

I say it all of the time;  I’m no Martha Stewart, but I sure enjoy seasonal home decor!  It’s one of the many things that put the ‘happy’ in our home for me.  I love doing the decorating, and I love seeing it, but I don’t like much taking it down and putting it away.  (Do chefs love to clean up?  lol).  I didn’t get to as much as I wanted to this year with my schedule, but it was enough for me anyway.  If you love seeing the little things around other’s home as much as I do, then I hope you enjoy this small handful of photos.… Read More

If Our Walls Could Talk.

I’ve been looking at this area in our home, over the 3 windows of our sun room,  since we’ve had the additions put on…..and I just hadn’t been able to decide what I wanted to do with it.


It wasn’t a matter of a lack of ideas. It was WHICH idea did I want to go with?  Leave it as is?  Mount some cool stuff on the wall?  A shelf with some things that matter to us?  Or a really long custom sized printed photo or canvas hanging?

After fearing I would never be able to decide, I decided to decide, and I could always change my mind at any time, and my loving husband would help me take care of the change.  It was my way of looking procrastination dead in the eyes, with no fear.… Read More

Gardens Progress Update/Front Yard Transformation


In our last post, we shared with you the very beginnings of our front yard transformation.  We planned out 3 gardens, built 3 garden beds, had loam delivered, filled the beds with the loam, and got our strawberry plants planted all in mid-May.

At the end of May, after the threat of frost had past, we planted all of the vegetable and flower plants in the beds.   I did not take photos of the extensive work we did that day along the way, because frankly, I was covered in earth and sweat, and wasn’t about to touch my camera. : )


Here’s a photo of our front yard now, with the 3 garden beds.… Read More

Our Gardens / Front Yard Transformation

We have grand dreams for our yard, and it’s likely you’ll be able to watch the transformations take place right here on our blog!   But we can tell you right away….it’ll always be slow-going.  A little a year. Whatever we can do.  Whatever we have the time, or the money for.  And when we’ve thought about it, we’ve realized we need both at the same time, to see any real progress.  ; )    But you know, we’ve learned to enjoy ‘the process’.  The RIDE, as they say.  After all, we may be too old to ever really DO the end.   But having hopes and dreams are half the fun!… Read More

A Give Away for YOUR Homestead

Just because we love our blog visitors, because Life is Good, because God is blessing us left and right, and because we know you love them……here’s another Give-Away!

The goods?  This beautiful cedar birdhouse……


This birdhouse measures 13 1/4″ wide x 11″ high x 8 1/2 ” deep, and has a 5 lb. seed capacity.

Some starter seed is included.


Also included is 2 (peanut free) suet cakes!

Entering to win this birdhouse with feed is easy!

We’d love for you to tell us:   What is the animal you were most surprised to discover around your bird feeders, eating the seed on the ground?Read More

Our Home Transformation – Our Dream: Final Part


Some rain came that late afternoon, as the guys hurriedly tried to get the house covered.  Most of the second floor was completed at this point, with the exception of {A}’s room and the stairwell.

IMG_0161 The next morning the crew showed up, took the tarps off and got back to work.   They started on the new cathedral ceiling, and the walls and roof of {A}’s room.

As the day wore on, more rain was coming.  The guys got plywood on the new roofs and tar-papered it.  At the end of the work day, they re-tarped the completed second floor.

But the rain came that night, REALLY hard.  A RAIN STORM.  The house was really not sealed in a 100%, with gaps still between plywood and open walls.… Read More

Our Home Transformation – Our Dream: Part III

Before we move on to some real ‘action’, we wanted to take you back inside for a minute….


……re-posting this image, because we want to draw your attention to the ladder you see on the left.  Now, as you know by now, we had had this little 2 bedroom home, and found ourselves in the very blessed but unexpected position, of triplets joining our family.   So, we made do – made the most with what we had – did whatever worked.  So we (Michael & I), gave up our bedroom.  That became the triplets room for the time being. We actually had our bed in the main living area, for awhile.  It worked out nicely for me, with feeding the babies and all.  :  )  But it was a TAD awkward when the in-laws came to visit.… Read More

Our Home Transformation – Our Dream: Part II


As we dreamed and brainstormed about what would be an ideal home layout for our family, Michael really began by drawing floor plans. We knew we wanted a 4 season sunroom.  We also wanted an area off of the kitchen that could accommodate a big long table, for eating and schooling, and also floor cabinets for all of our schooling books, supplies and tools.  So we decided a room along the back of the house, accessible from the kitchen would be ideal.

Here is Michael’s floor plan of our existing home, at the time, with the 2 rooms we wanted, added:


Now, in looking at the floor plan above, what is marked as an office was {A}’s existing room.  For anyone who has ever added rooms to their home, you may know that sometimes when you are working with the town, you just need to call some rooms something else.… Read More