Peppermint Lip Balm – Recipe and DIY How-To. (Free Labels, too!)


We’ve got a new homemade all-natural lip balm recipe for you; this time in PEPPERMINT! After the CrAzY-impressive popularity of our ‘Wild Orange All-Natural Homemade Lip Balm’ (via Pins, features, tweets and insane traffic), made with our essential oils and other natural, non-toxic ingredients, we realized it was high-time to get this recipe out there as we always intended! And of course, we designed brand new FREE Peppermint printable labels to for you, to go with it!

The fact that our very own lip balms are still our favorite that we have ever tried, remains true. They go on so nicely, give your lips a little shine, keep them healthy, and the scent and feel of them are soooo nice.… Read More

A Simple Buttons and Love-Themed Craft Project

I have promised myself that this year, I will spend even more time in the space in which I get so very much enjoyment and fulfillment in; my art studio. And so this past Sunday, that’s just what I did for myself!

In anticipating our home mantels decor, for the month of February, I wanted to create something love-themed, in celebration St. Valentine’s Day, of course.  I chose to do this simple project, using buttons. I have a certain kind of love-thing, for buttons!  Do you, too?

Vanilla and Wild Orange Sugar Scrub | Free Tags

I don’t know about you, but I just love my personal care routines!  It’s a bit of ‘me-time’ that I embrace and look forward to each day.  I choose to take my daily showers before a little reading time and bed every night, and it works out perfect for me. Because by the end of the day, I could not appreciate it and enjoy it any more than I do! I am usually exhausted by that time, both physically and mentally, and maybe even a little chilled to the bone, if I’ve been out and about in the freezing-cold temps that winter offers up around here.… Read More

A Countdown Pillow

There is nothing like using crafts as a coping skill! Sometimes, you need to. And that is just what the 3 littles and I did this summer. My oldest daughter, Alexis Grace, (17)(and the littles’ big sister), went away for 2 weeks!! (To a summer Catholic Collegiate program.)  Now, for some, 2 weeks may be no big deal. But for us? HUGE? Remember; for me, my kids are not away all day, most days, at school. My children are all homeschooled. I’m not even remotely used to this. We’re together most all of the time, except for extra-curricular kind of events.… Read More

Wild Orange Lip Balm – Recipe and DIY How-To

I’m so happy I now know how to make our own awesome lip balm!  It’s all-natural, made right at home, and in our extensive experience and personal opinion, it’s the best lip balm we have ever tried. This one is Wild Orange; made with real wild orange essential oil!  And all kinds of other nourishing stuff that is so good for your lips. It not only feels good, it leaves a nice gloss.

You have no idea how much we are a ‘lip stuff’ kind of family.  4 out of 6 of us anyway. “Where’s the lip stuff?” “Mama, can I have the lip stuff in your purse?” “The lip stuff is almost gone!”  If we are running out, we start to panic a little.… Read More

My Art Style | Pushing Outside of my Comfort Zone


For the past several months, about one night a week, a friend of mine comes over to play with me in the art studio.  It started out because she wanted me to give her watercolor lessons. But ultimately, I never could get quite comfortable in that role, and expressed it to her often, because honestly, she has some real skills herself, very different from mine. And I just felt like I had much to learn from her! Still, she continued to call it her lessons, until finally she realized that if we just called it having some creative time together, I’d settle in.  And I did.… Read More

Tips and Ideas for Card Making

I thought I would share with you a little bit about making your own cards, today.  To be honest, I feel a little bit silly, because my sister is the real card-making whiz. And I’m, well….the one who most always forgets to even buy a card, and send it on time….to even those with birthdays in our families.  I’m flat-out awful about it. They’ll tell you.

But, last year I challenged myself to make sure I get a card to everyone, and on time, for at least a year from that point forward. I think I’ve managed so far! I’ve even made most of them, myself.… Read More

Printable Valentines (free): Crazy Straws, Socks and Guitar Picks


 Last year I designed some last-minute valentines for my kids to give to their friends, that go with a fun little ‘extra’, most of which can easily be found at a dollar store.
I think they are cute and clever. Although I have always said, “Nobody think my jokes are funnier than I do.”

This year I am offering them to you as free printables.  Aren’t I nice? :)  You will see that there is room for your child to write their friends’ names, after Valentine and before the comma, as well as a space for them to sign their valentine in the bottom right hand corner.… Read More

A Wind Chime from the Seashore

I have been working on some deeper – writing posts that should be published soon, so stay tuned for those. (You know how those freak me out, having to show my cards and all. I tend to be overly-private though, so trying to lighten up.)( Did I say this last year? lol)   But today I am just sharing with you a craft project that was a true labor of love. Or….I should rephrase that: It was labor, in the name of love.  This wind chime made with sea glass was a Christmas gift we all wanted to make for Michael’s mother/Grandma last year.… Read More

A Christmas Cards Display Idea


 When the Christmas season arrives every year, and the cards start coming in the mail, what do you do with them?  Do you just put them in a pile and let them stack up? Or do you like to display them somehow, for all to see?  If you display them, how do you manage that? I bet you all have had some pretty creative ideas yourselves.

We’ve had a few solution ideas of our own over the years, for the Christmas cards we gratefully get in the mail. Way back, we just put them in a beautiful Christmas basket. That was kind of sad though, as we know many are really excited about their cards every year, and we’d hate for them to be hidden.… Read More

A Free Thanksgiving Display Printable For You

Dear Friends (and Family!)

Thanksgiving is just days away. Although we won’t all be gathered together in person, we like to think we all are in heart!
We ask that you remember all of those this holiday, who may be sad, lonely, ill, grieving, or otherwise struggling at this time of year, or this year in particular.  Reach out to them as you can, or remember to keep them in your prayers in a special way.

As a gift of our thanksgiving for you, I designed this 8″x10″ display printable for you!
  You can frame it, and display it anywhere you please, as a heartwarming message for all.
Read More

Reversible Fall toThanksgiving Home Decor Blocks Craft Tutorial

 I’ve got one last Fall-themed project to share with you this season, before I move on.
You may remember I shared these happy Fall blocks in this post, in which I was giving you a little close-up tour of my Fall mantels. I mentioned that I had made these blocks, that they were more versatile than they appeared, and that I would share why when I got to that project post.

Well this is that post!

01_Fall-Reversible-Decor-Blocks-Tutorial Here are the blocks already shown to you.   They were created to look well worn, long loved, and a bit old.
Just how I like everything.  :)

And shown here, are the blocks backsides .… Read More