Flock Photography Fun!

Hello, Friends! Welcome.
We’ll have something more….helpful, for you later this week.  But we thought we’d start your week off light, and just share some recent photos I’ve taken of our rooster and hens.

There are many, so please let them all load, before scrolling!

01_red-star-chicken Sweet ‘Kingston’, our Buff Orpington. She’s Michael’s baby.


A Kinder Kind of Egg.

Let’s talk about EGGS.

eggs Eggs are a staple food item, in most anyone’s kitchen. They are quite popular for breakfast: as scrambled, over-easy, hard-boiled, poached, or omelet style! They make incredible egg salads for lunch, and are called for in most baking recipes. And let’s not forget most every mother’s favorite backup plan; Breakfast for Dinner!

We all know that eggs are good for your overall health! But did you know that

Old/Antique Bottles

My family and I live on the south shore of Massachusetts, now. But I (Laura) was born and raised out in western MA, in the city of Westfield. Most times when I go back home to my parent’s house, my father urges me to take anything in the house that I want, for myself. “Anything at all”, he stresses.  I most always dismiss his invitation because, frankly, I want everything to stay there, just as it is.  Forever, really. But at least, for as long as possible.

You see, my mother passed away in 2005.  It’s so hard for me to believe it’s been that long already.  But what’s harder for most others to believe, is that my father has kept everything in the house, just as it was when my mother was there.  He even keeps it clean.… Read More

Goodbye, Boston.

 Last night, we re-homed one of our cockerels; Boston.
He was our Americauna Easter Egger.
We knew in time, we were in all likelihood, going to have to get rid of one, if not both, of the roosters.
We never intended on having one in the first place!

For those who do not know the back-story;  We ordered 8 vent-sexed 1-day old chicks, as females only, last July. But as time passed, we realized we not only had 1, but 2, roosters on our hands.  6 hens, with 2 roosters, is a very bad idea. A ratio of 6 to 1 isn’t much better!  But we figured we had at least until the end of the year, when the hens started laying, to figure out what we needed to do.… Read More

It’s the Chicken Coop Reveal!

Finally, we are ready to show you the chicken coop that has been in the works for 2 months!
We know many of you have been waiting to see it, and we have to tell you, we’re pretty darn excited to show it to you!

PLEASE NOTE: There are many photos in this post, so please give them time to load.  Then at the end there is a link to even more photos that I thought some would like to see, such as early stages of the coop being built (for those who may have missed it on Facebook), the inside of the coop, and and a closer look at some of it’s other cool features.Read More

Back-To-School Mantels / Home Decorating Ideas

There is something about the back-to-school season, that I have always loved.  With all of the fresh new supplies and clothes, and the whole new school year stretched out before us, with so much yet to be learned, it’s just always been an exciting time to me.  Even though we homeschool, and even school right through the summer, we (even the kids) still love the excitement that the start of a whole new school year brings!  All new books, fresh supplies, new experiences, and a new season to grow academically.

It’s that love for all things ‘back-to-school’ that inspired these mantels in our home!… Read More

Our 8 Four Week Old Chickens, and One Sad Surprise

Well Friends, our sincere hopes and intentions were to let those of you who were interested, watch the chickens grow up, with us. But what I have found is, they grow in size faster than I can possibly keep up with! It’s crazy!  Sometimes the growth spurts seem overnight. By the time I photograph them, load them into my computer, and prepare the photos for the blog (tasks all managed to have been squeezed into my otherwise busy Mama-agenda), it’s been a week, and the chickens have grown so much, the photos become instantly outdated!  So, we’re doing our best here, to share this new exciting chicken-keeping journey with you.… Read More

Come Meet Our Chicks!

Many of you know, I have been wanting chickens for a dang – long – time.
It felt like forever, waiting to be able to get them! But that day has finally come.
I have loved every second of the process of learning all about keeping chickens, learning about breeds, picking out which ones we’ll get first, ordering them, and finally, getting them!  They are all hens, God-willing, if they were accurately sexed.  We don’t feel we have enough property for a crowing rooster, and getting one would be inconsiderate of our neighbors.

I took lots of photos of us getting the chicks, of their set up we’re keeping them in for now, and transitioning them into their temporary home.… Read More

Protecting the Strawberries Growing in Gutters

 I’ve been procrastinating doing this post that some of you have been waiting for, on the topic of how we’re protecting our strawberry plants from birds, squirrels, and other small creatures that may be drawn to our delicious berries, and have their fill of our harvest.  The reason I have been hesitant, is because I’ve come to realize I’m not thrilled with our solution, nor excited to share it with you.  I’d even go so far as to say that in all of the years Michael and I have collaborated together over creative projects, and problem-solving, this is one we just never saw eye to eye.… Read More

Our New (Second) Bathroom – Finally!

 Now, to all of you, this is likely just going to look like an ordinary bathroom. And in many ways, you’d be right.
But to our family of 6, who has lived with one bathroom all of our growing family life, it is the end of never using the bathroom, without someone waiting just outside the door.  Or, 2 or 3 people in the bathroom at the same time, getting reading to go somewhere.  At least the one bathroom we’ve had is large, and has a great sharing-layout, with the sink and vanity on one side, and the toilet and shower on the other side of a vertical half wall.  So there’s been privacy on both sides, with proper communication, at least.… Read More

Strawberry Planting in Rain Gutters

 We’ve have grown strawberries in our gardens going for five seasons now, and we have thoroughly enjoyed it!
While strawberry plants generally comes back and produce for 3-4 years before they are done, we managed to squeeze one more year out of ours. This year however, it was truly time to start over. And so, we decided to really change things up and start anew, by planting and growing our new strawberry plants in rain gutters. We’ll be sharing with you this fun gardening experiment and the progress of it all, with any of it’s failures or successes, as we go along here.… Read More

Sat – Essential Spring Cleaning Event – Stinky Boys, Cleaning with Oils, Water Bead Diffuser

Oh my; we’re really at the tail-end of The Essential Spring Cleaning Event now! Tomorrow is our last day. It hasn’t been easy getting a post out daily here, but I’ve managed, hoping it’s been a real help and inspiration for you all, in your upcoming spring cleaning plans and endeavors!

So here’s Friday’s hit list! Visit, comment if you’d like (us bloggers really appreciate that ;) ), and bookmark or Pin the ideas for your future references:

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So here’s all week’s spring cleaning posts:

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