Calvary Hill Planting – A Kids’ Lenten Project


When Lent comes around, it’s difficult enough for us as adult Christians, to decide in which ways we’d like to embrace the 40 days leading to Easter. We are led by 3 things: Sacrifice, Prayer, and Almsgiving.  But as parents, we also want our children to take part in some way, and fully realize the significance of this period of time, too!  Attending Mass (especially through Holy Week), hearing the Scripture relating to Jesus’ death and resurrection, and witnessing (or participating in, depending on the ages of the children) their parent’s participation throughout Lent, certainly helps build their understanding of the importance of this season in our faith. 

However, I was thrilled last year, to come across this great project for the kids, that really invited them to be involved in some significant way even more, throughout the Lenten Season!:

Calvary Hill

As parents instruct the kids how to build this project, and plant and water the grass seeds, they have the opportunity to teach, or further discuss, the reality of the death and resurrection of Jesus, why and how He died, and what that means for all of us!Read More

A T-Shirt Craft / Wicked Cool, Fun, Easy, & Not Messy!

This just may be the coolest and most fun craft, I have ever done with our kiddos.  If that wasn’t awesome enough, it is super easy, and it doesn’t make a mess either!!  I know, right? It’s perfect for kid’s birthday parties, scouts, camps, etc.  Our kids didn’t want to stop.  They even made a couple of shirts for their friends.  But all of you mothers, as we show you how simple this project is,….think outside the box, for yourselves, or other projects, too. I am!

All you need is:

  • some white t-shirts (in your sizes)
  • sturdy plastic cups
  • rubber bands
  • bottled rubbing alcohol
  • a (liquid) dropper
  • and Sharpie Permanent Markers in colors!
Read More

Kids Crafts: Making Something Out Of Anything

Sometimes, I like to plan arts and crafts for my kids.  I’ll have an idea, or see some great crafts project in a magazine or online, and we’ll do it.   But whether I plan arts and crafts or not,  it still happens in this house, and all over this house, every day.  The kids sure don’t need me, to come up with creative ideas.  In fact, I’d go so far as to say, that their wild imagination tends to venture further than mine does.

I try to keep the school room stocked with art supplies at all times, so that the kids can get creating any time it strikes their fancy to.  But to tell you the truth, they often end up using lots of materials I didn’t supply, or would have even thought of.  Every time I turn around in this house, there is some new creation sitting there, or they are playing with one, or someone is suddenly at my side saying, “Mama, look what I made!”.… Read More

Mini-Masterpiece Magnets / Kid's Craft


Perhaps some of you may remember the header image above, not to mention the images below…..





…and all of my non-stop talk in that post, about how much I LOVE COLORS!!  It was a post called ‘It Takes a Village To Make a Mess’ and can be found in the December archives.  So what were we making that day??………….


We called them “Mini-Masterpiece Magnets.”

It was abstract fine art, done our way!  And each one SIGNED by for the artists, no less!!

We took those full sheet finger paintings, mounted them on magnetic material, cut them into 3″ x 3″ squares, and then ‘framed’ them with some black vinyl.  Then we made up sets of three, put them in those nifty clear bags I love, with a ribbon and a tag that said ‘Mini-Masterpiece Magnet Set’.  : )   We thought they were so colorful and fun, and honestly, it was my favorite hand-made craft gift we made to give as Christmas gifts.  We can only hope others could appreciate all of the colors and happy-emotion of these paintings, to adorn their refrigerators, perhaps to hold up a masterpiece of their own child’s, or a shopping list!… Read More

Hand & Foot Print Aprons / Kid's Craft


One of the gifts the kids did for their paternal grandparents for Christmas, was this apron set.   We found the denim aprons right at our favorite place….Michael’s Arts & Crafts.   Then, we just picked up acrylic paints in the colors we wanted.  Their grandparents are both FANTASTIC cooks (they even make their own pastas), and take turns in the kitchen cooking, or cook together.  So we thought this idea of an apron set, with the kids hands and feet prints, would be cute for them. I only took photos the night we did feet, which was first.  The kids had a good time, and never stopped smiling and giggling.… Read More

Our FUN Plant Make-Over!

Be fore-warned.  There are LOTS of photos in this post.  And the reason is simple:  Me and my camera were having way-too-much-fun, and we couldn’t help ourselves!  (Not that we tried.)

This is the other craft I bought supplies for weeks ago. I saw this neat idea in Family Fun Magazine called Bloomin’ Buttons, and if you happened to read this post, then you know how I feel about buttons.  So….one way or another I was doing this.

I just happened to have this lovely Cyclamen plant (see photo below) that my father and brother brought me for Christmas. (Wasn’t that sweet?) Yes, it’s still alive.… Read More

T-Shirts with Sole

( UPDATE: This craft was done & blogged in 2008. Now years later, with so many crafters owning Silhouette and Cricut Cutters, this craft is easier than ever!)

Finally we got to this T-Shirt project we wanted to do! I got the idea from our Family Fun Magazine that we have a subscription to, and I knew the kids would be all over it.  If you click on that Family Fun link, it brings you right to the directions for this craft, but I think most of it will be pretty self-explanatory from the photos.  I think there are also a pattern or two at the link, but we did these ourselves.… Read More