Thanksgiving Placecard Holder Turkey / Free Personalizable Placecards Printable

Thanksgiving is only days away.  If you are still scrambling to add a little ‘fancy’ detail to your Thanksgiving table setting, here’s an idea for you.  This idea is one I came up with for my own Thanksgiving table setting from last year that I never got a chance to share with you all.  Our guests loved them, and hopefully you will too.

Turkey Placecard Holders

I think they are just simple, yet classy and beautiful looking.  They are easy to make, and require minimal supplies.  It’s so easy, there is no point in even showing you how to make them, when I can simply tell you in a few words:

I got a net bag of plain, natural pinecones at Michael’s Arts & Crafts.  They are for crafting and decor.… Read More

Customizable Sketch Book Journals

The kids and I are well into a new school year here, and things are going really well so far.  Our oldest is a high school sophmore now, and the 3 youngest are fifth graders.  So naturally, each year has gotten more academically involved, deeper and serious for all of us;  myself as the teacher, and they as students.  But I can freely admit that I am learning almost as much as they are, and enjoying my re-education as we progress with each year.  I love finding new ways to keep their homeschooling experiences fun. 

One new idea I came up with this year, actually came about as I was brainstorming a gift idea for a special-little someone-else in my life.  While that gift is more elaborate and expensive, and personalized from me, it occurred to me that it might be fun to incorporate the general idea into our schooling, on a more budget level, for my own kids.… Read More

Adorable Stretch Jewelry for Little Girls

My little girl, ‘O’, is always in a crafty mood. Her name is Olivia, but we call her ‘O’ almost as much.  She gets excited about any craft or project going on, and always (always) wants to help.  So she and I were chatting one day, and had come up with the plan to make her some cute stretch jewelry, possibly using buttons of some sort.  The next time we were in the craft store for other projects, we picked up the supplies for her jewelry too.  It’s a simple project, with adorable results, and practical for little active girls, too.… Read More

Terracotta Flower Pot Wind Chime / Tutorial

Making this flower pot wind chime was a fun and simple project to do with my kids. I was really looking forward to hanging out with them and painting, and I knew I would also love seeing the wind chime in my gardens, where I had every intention of hanging it, when it was done.
  While I think we kind of ‘made it our own’, this flower pot wind chime was not at all my idea. I have seen them so many times at crafty website now, and so many style-versions of it, that I’m not sure which style I saw first, or where!… Read More

Calvary Hill Planting – A Kids’ Lenten Project


When Lent comes around, it’s difficult enough for us as adult Christians, to decide in which ways we’d like to embrace the 40 days leading to Easter. We are led by 3 things: Sacrifice, Prayer, and Almsgiving.  But as parents, we also want our children to take part in some way, and fully realize the significance of this period of time, too!  Attending Mass (especially through Holy Week), hearing the Scripture relating to Jesus’ death and resurrection, and witnessing (or participating in, depending on the ages of the children) their parent’s participation throughout Lent, certainly helps build their understanding of the importance of this season in our faith. 

However, I was thrilled last year, to come across this great project for the kids, that really invited them to be involved in some significant way even more, throughout the Lenten Season!:

Calvary Hill

As parents instruct the kids how to build this project, and plant and water the grass seeds, they have the opportunity to teach, or further discuss, the reality of the death and resurrection of Jesus, why and how He died, and what that means for all of us!Read More

Call Us Copy Cats! / Crayon Wall Art

This crayon art thing that is happening….You know, the one that’s sweeping the nation?  It’s been pinned to death, and it’s invaded Blogland, like there is tomorrow.  And although I am never one to copy someone else’s ideas, or follow trends for the sake of everybody else doing it, I KNEW I was going to do this art-craft with my kids, the very-first-time I saw it.

Even at the risk, of being called ‘Copy Cats’.

(Sticks and stones may break our bones….)

So I picked up a 16″ x 20″ white canvas. I knew I was going to love this piece when it was done so I wanted it as big as I thought we could manage, without buying every store in town out of Crayolas.  Oh yes!Read More

A T-Shirt Craft / Wicked Cool, Fun, Easy, & Not Messy!

This just may be the coolest and most fun craft, I have ever done with our kiddos.  If that wasn’t awesome enough, it is super easy, and it doesn’t make a mess either!!  I know, right? It’s perfect for kid’s birthday parties, scouts, camps, etc.  Our kids didn’t want to stop.  They even made a couple of shirts for their friends.  But all of you mothers, as we show you how simple this project is,….think outside the box, for yourselves, or other projects, too. I am!

All you need is:

  • some white t-shirts (in your sizes)
  • sturdy plastic cups
  • rubber bands
  • bottled rubbing alcohol
  • a (liquid) dropper
  • and Sharpie Permanent Markers in colors!
Read More

Link-Up Party #12 @ Our House Of Joyful Noise & Hot Spotlights!



HaPpY TuEsDaY, Friends!

Some of you may have swung by here last Tuesday to link up some fine inspiration.  Only, there was no partyin’ happening!  We took an extended-long weekend for our oldest daughter’s birthday, and there just wasn’t room for setting up the link-party on the agenda.  However, we DID send out ample notice, via our Blog’s Facebook Page, as well as my Twitter. So…..if you ‘didn’t get that memo’, maybe you aren’t following us?  So we reckon now is as good a time as any, to be sure similar incidences don’t happen again.  ;-)

Options are a beautiful thing.Read More

American Pinwheels – Summer 2011

*(Happy Summer Everyone! I am re-sharing craft idea / post from our archives dated last year, because it’s a fun idea & favorite of mine for this time of year! Hope you enjoy!)

We had some people down a couple of weekends ago, and while they were here, the kids and I got to making pinwheels.  O.k., in the end, it was mostly me really working on them.  They needed to be fine tuned, to work properly.  Making this quick little craft was on my agenda, so I already had the supplies.   The kids visiting us each took one home.

Ours has served mostly as home decor, since then, being the time span between Memorial Day weekend, and the 4th of July.   But today we took them down to the sea shore to really test drive them!Read More

Our House Of Joyful Noise Link-Up Party #10, & Featured Projects.



Well, I hope you all had as wonderful of a weekend, as we did.   It’s rare I go 2 days, without doing something for the blog, or get involved in some creative project or other.  But that’s what I did this weekend! I just spent a little time enjoying working on our gardens, and 2 straight days having quality time with my family. We celebrated Michael, and my Dad-who was here with is this weekend, and also celebrated & remembered our memories & the life of Michael’s father as well.  We miss him.   All in all it was a wonderful weekend, full of laughs, and perfect weather!Read More

Skeleton Key Accessories


I’ve always thought skeleton keys were pretty cool, even back when I was a kid.  While hunting at a frequented antique/junk stop of mine for old door knobs (for my recent Door Knob Project) I found some door knobs were part of a whole working set, complete with the opposite knob, door plate, locking mechanism, and of course…key holes.  That got me wondering if there might be some old skeleton keys around the place too. So I asked the old man who owns the place.

By golly he did.  He pulled out this box from under his desk, and dropped it in front of me with a clang.   At first sight, it was looking like I wasn’t going to find much.  But a little digging proved me wrong.Read More

Bottle Cap Art, with a Special Guest Crafter!

It’s a new first, here at Our House Of Joyful Noise!

This is one of those opportunities, that I just could not pass up!!  It’s not every day that we have someone come through our place, who knows her craft-stuff like this one!  So without further ado…..

We’d like you to meet our first ever (and very special) Guest Crafter!

This is *{Ju}. She is my God-Daughter, and daughter of my cousin. I’m just seeing, in this photo here, that I think she was still a tad sleepy on this morning. Oops!! I was excited to get to our crafting! She is so sweet looking, sleepy.… Read More