Stuffed Pepper Soup – a Recipe

 Winter has been brutal and long  here this year!  Multiple snowstorms right on top of each other, and bitter cold temperatures more days than not.
It’s our least favorite season, but we always make the most of it, and keep our eyes on spring!

There’s a couple of treasured things that come with this season that really help get us through:
 a constant roaring cozy fire, and delicious hot comfort food! There is nothing like a hot bowl of something, to warm you from the inside, out.  Is there?

 Well today I’m going to share with you a new a great recipe.  I don’t know where I even got it.… Read More

Taco Soup

Here’s a soup recipe that’ll be sure to warm your chilled bones.  If you love tacos, you’ll love this taco soup! I do love tacos, and I also love soup. Good soups – which are usually home made of course. I also LOVE Panera Bread’s Broccoli Cheddar Soup (and so do our kids). I had some today as a matter of fact. It was just the pick-me-up I needed in between the stores of a little Christmas shopping.  Ate it in a quiet van.  It was the weirdest experience! lol

Now I didn’t invent this Taco Soup recipe, but I did revise it a bit to make it…well, better!  No one needs as many beans as was in the original recipe, to start.… Read More

Better than Mmm Mmm Good!

Yesterday morning, with several tasks on the day’s agenda ahead of me, I decided I was going to make that soup one way or another! Michael had to be out on a morning job, so to manage schooling the little ones and make my soup, the kids took all of their school work and moved to the breakfast bar from the school room.  It was the perfect set up for us to still be able to work together, communicate and multi-task. So they got to work in their books, taking turns reading the concepts and directions, etc, and I got to chopping! : )

Of course, they were on the distracted side, wanting to watch what I was doing in the kitchen.… Read More