A Free Thanksgiving Display Printable For You

Dear Friends (and Family!)

Thanksgiving is just days away. Although we won’t all be gathered together in person, we like to think we all are in heart!
We ask that you remember all of those this holiday, who may be sad, lonely, ill, grieving, or otherwise struggling at this time of year, or this year in particular.  Reach out to them as you can, or remember to keep them in your prayers in a special way.

As a gift of our thanksgiving for you, I designed this 8″x10″ display printable for you!
  You can frame it, and display it anywhere you please, as a heartwarming message for all.
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Christmas Eve / Morning – 2012

With Christmas 2012 behind us, we ultimately decided to blog a little bit of it, before we move on to wrapping up our year of projects for you, revealing a new one, and jumping into the new year with both feet, and some bigger projects than ever, that you are welcome to follow along with us. I cannot wait to get to all of that, and hopefully you all might have some great ideas and help for us along the way. It’s going to be too much fun!

But first, our little Christmas. We try to keep the entire season quite simple and stress-free.  (Not always an easy thing to do – right?).… Read More

A Glimpse Into This Mother’s (Typical) Day.


  It’s morning, and the coffee maker gurgles it’s last drips of piping hot fresh coffee into the pot. My boys race to the kitchen to be the one who gets to prepare my first cup of the day. It’s delivered to my hands, wherever I am, followed up with the first smile, kiss and hug of the day.  As my girls sleepily descend down the stairs, they are collided by one brother or other, greeted with a hug of their own, the moment their foot hits the bottom of the staircase.  I watch, as I sip my coffee, still waking up, happy to see they are happy to see each other, every morning.  They pour cereal and milk in the kitchen, and chat too much all through breakfast, reliving many amusements that still make them all laugh again, for the millionth time.Read More

Valentine Chocolate Covered Spoons

Chocolate covered spoons are something we have been intending to try making, for awhile now. There really needs to be no upcoming holiday to make them. But when there is a holiday coming up, it’s another good reason to go ahead and make them!
If you have never heard of chocolate covered spoons, they are just what they sound like they are:  spoons covered in chocolate!  And then prettied up.  They can be used to to stir your coffee, hot chocolate, warm milk, etc – to add some chocolatey flavor to your drink, or make licking your spoon that much more enjoyable!  Meanwhile, if you’ve made a whole batch, they just look pretty sitting in any container in your kitchen.Read More

Valentine Printable (free, to go with Chocolate Covered Spoons)

This is a Valentine card printable, that I specifically designed to go with our Valentine Chocolate Covered Spoons, for our kids to give as Valentines to their friends.  But, we are also offering it to you all, as a free printable!

  First, here is what the Valentine looks like in detail:

(Minus the watermark….if you print out a sheet.)

I mentioned I wanted to get back to enjoying some of my hand artwork, and so I did sketch the cup, in a chocolate brown colored pencil.  It’s been awhile, but I had fun doing it!  I hope you like it.Read More

Camp Site Eclair

I was brainstorming about a good dessert to have for Father's Day coming up,

when I came up with this idea: A Camp Site Eclair Dessert.

Personal Photos of Our Easter Day

Just sharing some photos with you, from our most

beautiful, joyful, memorable, perfect Easter Day.


These lovely flowers were sent from a family friend.  She’s always so thoughtful on holidays.

The daisies are still very much alive, in a wine glass of water. Had to keep the polka dot ribbon too.


The Lord is Risen!!

This Calvary plant the kids made, is now out in my gardens.


We don’t do the E.B. (or S.C.), but I always love having surprises for the kids.  Especially because they ask for nothing, expect nothing, and do easily remain so focused on our faith.Read More

Easter Reflection (by Laura)

They found the stone rolled away from the tomb; but when they

entered,they did not find the body of the Lord Jesus. ~Luke 24:2


I am still very much growing, in my faith, and particularly in my Catholic faith.  I imagine I always will be.  Or I hope that will be the case, anyway.  For every Liturgical Season that I live through, I find a little more seeps in.  I grasp a familiar Scripture a little more than before, as the clarity of the story is as real as a movie playing in my mind….I am there, I see, I smell, I feel.Read More

Welcome to the ValenDiner {Our Valentine's Day Theme Party}

For this past St. Valentine’s Day, I had the urge to throw a fun little party for our kids.  The more I got thinking about the little details, (which I love to do), a theme sort of started snowballing in my head (which is often the case, when I think), and I got beside myself with excitement (which happens quite easily with me.)

My idea, was simply, a St. Valentine’s party, with an old diner theme.

We invited a family we are really good friends with, who have just as many kids as we do!  That was enough for me, because frankly….I had never (evah!) waitressed before.  But I was about to!… Read More

Love Like That.

I’ve been saving this link for months, to share with you, now…..for Valentine’s Day.  It’s sweet, it’s inspiring,  it’s real, it’s life… It’s LOVE.

Danny & Annie from StoryCorps on Vimeo.

Wishing you all, are blessed with ‘love like that’.

Happy Valentine’s Day.


Midnight Snaps (Festive Cookies for New Years Eve)

My kids and I were trying to come up with some themed food for New Year’s Eve, and {JM} came up with this great idea, right off the bat:  Cookies that are designed like clocks! (Oh, to have his quick, 8 year old brain!)

Right away I started trying to figure the details, and decided to start with homemade Gingersnap Cookies.  To design them, we went with a white icing that hardens, and a bit of chocolate art.  The design process does involve some intricate detail work, but if you enjoy the creative process and have a little patience to work with, they are worth the effort!  Your party-goers will be impressed with these festive cookies, you made!… Read More

America's Hometown Parade & Thanksgiving Day- 2010

With Plymouth MA being America’s Hometown, and where the pilgrims first settled, we have quite the Thanksgiving Parade every year, not to mention a historical culture to enjoy all year long. For 15 years, hundreds of thousands of people have traveled to the historic Plymouth Harbor and Waterfront to experience a bounty of authentic Americana. The celebration of Thanksgiving becomes history-brought-to-life as Pilgrims, Native Americans, Soldiers, Patriots, and Pioneers proudly climb out of the history books and onto the streets of Plymouth. You’ll see some of that in the photos to come!

There is so much to enjoy this weekend.  The festivities include not only the big parade, but a crafter’s pavilion, an educational Wompanoag pavilion, food vendors, kid’s activities, the New England Food Festival, and more.  It’s a very interesting and festive event, so consider coming down in the coming years, if the trip is do-able for you and your family.  And give us a call while you’re here!Read More