Mother’s Day / A Social ShareIt


 One night a week or two ago (have I told you how bad I am with time frames, yet?, lol) . . . Michael and I were having a casual conversation. So very casual in fact, that we were both in the bathroom, getting ready for bed, come to think of it.  Anyway, I don’t remember (either) exactly what the conversation was originally about, but it was on the topic of Mother’s Day being around the bend.  And the course of that conversation led me to state how “Mother’s Day was a way bigger deal to me, than my birthday”.Read More

Christmas Eve / Morning – 2012

With Christmas 2012 behind us, we ultimately decided to blog a little bit of it, before we move on to wrapping up our year of projects for you, revealing a new one, and jumping into the new year with both feet, and some bigger projects than ever, that you are welcome to follow along with us. I cannot wait to get to all of that, and hopefully you all might have some great ideas and help for us along the way. It’s going to be too much fun!

But first, our little Christmas. We try to keep the entire season quite simple and stress-free.  (Not always an easy thing to do – right?).… Read More

Braces Off & Earrings In.

 So sure, these things happen every single day.  No big deal really.  Except we all know they are kind of a big deal within a family.  These 2 happenings in our family, were in the same day!  In fact, within the same hour. While our oldest girl was getting her braces off at the orthodontic’s office, her little sister was getting her ears pierced just across the way.  Both were somewhat of a long time coming, and so they were exciting. And anyway, we tend to  celebrate every-little-thing in life, because well, we enjoy joy.

Of course, I took a photo of Alexis before we left for her appointment .… Read More

Part II: A Day of Celebration Fun! – Our Triplets 10th Birthday

 I told you Part II was coming!  And you may be excited, or perhaps disgruntled to know, that as it turns out . . . . . .there is a Part III too.  Well, it was a big day, and I took a lot of photos of so many special moments. (If you missed it, you can find Part I here.) But listen, here’s the truth of it all:  You know I (we) love to share with you our crafting ideas, house projects, decor, recipes, and all of that. But our kids . . . . . . They are our greatest creation of all!… Read More

A Day of Celebration Fun! – Our Triplets 10th Birthday: Part I


 We have yet another furniture refinish coming up, as well as more fun & easy crafty ideas to share with you all! However, for the sake of those who also like to follow our family’s more personal antics, for this post and a Part II coming up, we are giving a peek via (many) photos into the day of our triplet’s 10th birthday.  It was a day jam packed with fun for sure, from morning until bedtime!  As the Mama of these 3 babes, I just wanted to really enjoy watching them have fun all day, and casually get a lot of photos of them being 10!  Here just some of them from the first part of their day.… Read More

Blessed, Blessed, Blessed – Our Triplets Turn 10!

Today, on this last day of August, we happily celebrate our triplets 10th birthdays.

JackMichael, Olivia Faith & Shane Jacob.

Ten years ago today, they doubled the size of our family, multiplied the love in our hearts, and became three of the greatest blessings we have ever known.

A Surprise, That Was a Piece of Cake!

Our biggest girl, Alexis, had a birthday on July 5th.  She turned 15! There is so much I could tell you, about how special this girl is. Especially given her age. But I’ll save that brag for another time.  For now, I’ll just share 2 things that I want to say about her turning 15:  1) The teen-years horror stories I have been repeatedly been told to expect?  They haven’t hit yet.  2) In many ways, she seems so much older, than just 15. And not just because she is way taller and bigger than her Mama.

Her birthday held one tradition that all of her others have .… Read More

Polka Dot and Plaid 4th of July Printables, for Celebrations/Cookouts

I have been having fun designing some 4th of July printables to share with you, to add a fun red, white and blue themed touch to any cookout or celebration you may have planned, with family and/or friends. (Or, you can even print the cute Bitty Pennants out and string up in your home!) These are the little details that make hosting a gathering so fun to plan, and also the details that impress your guests, and make them smile. So I hope you like them! I tried to design them with simple direction right on them, to show you how easy they can be to prepare.  But I will give you some printing tips, at the end here as well, after you look at the previews of the printables in this post.  But first .… Read More

Last Minute May Day (Baskets & Delivery) Tips & Ideas!


     May Day is less than a week away.  But if you really want to touch some hearts and make some older folks in your life feel so unforgotten, this is a wonderful thing to do with your children!  It not only has the potential to teach them a bit of History, but it teaches them about kindness and compassion, as well.  What’s more, it couldn’t be more fun and exciting!  



    Planning, putting together, and secretly delivering  May Day Baskets, is something we have done with our kids for the past 4 consecutive years, from 2008 – 2011.  Every year, the number of our recipients has grown.Read More

Our Trio Turned 9 / Their Birthday(s) Celebrations

This birthday post is a bit late just about every year.  But considering the trio’s birthday is the last day of August, and then we hit a new busy school year, a belated post is like a tradition with valid excuse, in my mind. I don’t think anyone is really waiting for it anyway.   It’s not a report as much as a record of our celebrations for ourselves, and anyone interested.I hope to scrapbook it all someday too.

Sp here are tons of photos from over the course of a couple of days, and a little story-telling here and there too, if you’d like to hear all about it.Read More

{A} is 14 / A Belated Birthday Photo Post


July always seems to get away from me!  I am having deja-vous, about blogging our oldest daughter’s birthday last year, quite after the facts.  But, it’s alright really, because these types of family-related blog posts I generally just put together for the sake of our own recorded family history, and if anyone else is interested, so be it.  So in brief, here is a glimpse into our day celebrating our oldest child’s birthday.

Her birthday is the 5th, and with the 4th making for a long weekend this year, we had an extra-extra long weekend.  All of the typical 4th of July celebrations & activities, and then her birthday too.Read More

4th of July Celebration Table Printables – Free!

Happy long 4th of July Weekend, Everyone!

I designed these two 4th of July folded, 2-sided card printables this morning,
for our tables this weekend, and I am happy to share them with you!

Above is just a web-sized sample for you to see, only.

(Printed version will be sharp looking. ; )

To download the full resolution 8.5″ x 11″, click here! >> But read and follow directions below:

Do not make the mistake of just printing out the image that comes up at that link > It is a low resolution image and will print fuzzy. 
To print the full resolution image:
1) Click the GEAR WHEEL in the upper right hand corner
2) Select ‘Download Zip File’ from the drop down menu, and download it.… Read More