Let Us Eat Dessert!

Do you have dessert very often in your family?
There is no time that I have been more reminded that our time as one family under this roof is dissipating fast than when the six of us have been gathered around our table, having a meal together. As a mother, I just don’t want to ever let these days go. So meals together have been something we have always done, and it has always been important to my husband and I, and I believe to our children too. Though the meals have felt rather usual in our day-to-day routines as a family for years, I knew they were memories in the making. Instant treasured memories….the day one or more of those seats were empty, because life moved on.
Well, life moved on this year, when [Read more…]

A Kinder Kind of Egg.

Let’s talk about EGGS.

eggs Eggs are a staple food item, in most anyone’s kitchen. They are quite popular for breakfast: as scrambled, over-easy, hard-boiled, poached, or omelet style! They make incredible egg salads for lunch, and are called for in most baking recipes. And let’s not forget most every mother’s favorite backup plan; Breakfast for Dinner!

We all know that eggs are good for your overall health! But did you know that [Read more…]

All Kinds of Sweetness, Going On.

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of NECTRESSE™Sweetener for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.


     Every day, my morning starts off with sweetness, when one of my triplets gets me my coffee, and delivers it right to my sleepy-self, with a kiss and a hug.  A day is bound to be good, when it kicks off with 2 of my favorite things in this world: my kids & my coffee. 

     They know just how I like my coffee too.  A small plop of light cream, and 1 teaspoon of sugar, please.
Three or four years ago, we switched from using white granulated sugar, to sugar in the raw.  If I was going to use sugar in my coffee, the raw form seemed to me, at least in some small way, to be a better choice.  The only time I use sugar at all really, is in my coffee, and while baking.  The baked goods are mostly for my kids and husband. Or, that’s what I tell myself anyway. Of course, [Read more…]

Here’s What Kimberly Hill at Mouse Tales Travel Can Do For You!

Please welcome our guest blogger today, Kimberly Hill from Mouse Tale Travels!  We encourage you, our valued readers, to get to know her and her company, and in what ways they can assist you, at no cost to you, in planning the perfect Disney family vacation! 

Take it away, Kimberly!……..


Who am I?

My name is Kimberly Hill and I’m the co-owner of Mouse Tales® Travel, LLC. Wife of Bob, my MTT partner. Mom of Drew (23) and Bryce (21) and our CrazyChineseBaby, MiaMouse (9). But really, who am I? Well…

I believe in pixie dust, fairy tales, and a fabulous personalized touring plan.  

I grew up just 15 minutes from Disneyland.

I tell it like it is. Always.

I came to cruising late in life (nearly 30) and think it’s one of the most fabulous family vacations possible. It’s even better if Mickey Mouse is aboard.

I’m fueled by Sonic’s Diet Cherry Limeade (add raspberry). If I need caffeine, make that a Diet Dr. Pepper but it’s got to have Sonic ice. [Read more…]

“Bringing You to the Magic!” / Welcome Our New Sponsor, Mouse Tales Travel!

 What comes to mind, when you hear the word Disney? 

Magic? Adventure? The family vacation of your dreams? We all know that Disney is the place where wishes and “dreams come true”!   They can even happen to you!

Our family here at House Of Joyful Noise, are thrilled to announce [Read more…]