Motor Vehicle License Plate Refurbishing / Before and After

Many of you probably already know that my husband, Michael, letters company trucks, does vehicle graphics and makes business signs. If you’re curious to see some of the kind of work he does, you can click on ‘Photography & Lettering’ in the menu above, and look to the bottom of that drop down menu, for ‘Truck Lettering’ and ‘Vehicle Graphics.’

Well, an interesting sideline that he has gotten into over the years, is refurbishing older Massachusetts license plates.

Our own state of Massachusetts here, is actually the very first state in the United States, to issue motor vehicle license plates.  It used to be that the plates only needed to be displayed on the back of the vehicle.… Read More

Some Recent Vehicle Lettering & Graphics

Sharing in this post here, just some of Michael’s lettering and graphic work for his clients from within the past several months.

While most of his work is commercial jobs for small and large businesses require standard and conservative lettering jobs on their vehicles, once in awhile he gets a cool job a client wants just for their personal vehicles, and he has the fun of designing something more out of the box.  This XTERRA below was such a case, and he enjoyed getting a little more free-style with it.  I think it came out rather cool. Take a look-see for yourself:

How would you like to drive that Bad Boy around town?Read More