My Custom Built Farmer’s Table Home Office Desk

 I know many of you have been waiting for this, with all of my teasing about it! And I have been dying to show you my custom-built farmer’s table home office desk, that that my husband made for me.  For this first post, I am simply sharing with you the build itself, and some of the story behind it.  In upcoming posts, I will show you my workspace all set up and pretty. (When I get that far.)

So first, to put my appreciation and excitement in context here, you should know how I have been working.

In this large amoire in the photos below, is our TV, which we rarely use at all.… Read More

Motor Vehicle License Plate Refurbishing / Before and After

Many of you probably already know that my husband, Michael, letters company trucks, does vehicle graphics and makes business signs. If you’re curious to see some of the kind of work he does, you can click on ‘Photography & Lettering’ in the menu above, and look to the bottom of that drop down menu, for ‘Truck Lettering’ and ‘Vehicle Graphics.’

Well, an interesting sideline that he has gotten into over the years, is refurbishing older Massachusetts license plates.

Our own state of Massachusetts here, is actually the very first state in the United States, to issue motor vehicle license plates.  It used to be that the plates only needed to be displayed on the back of the vehicle.… Read More

How Much Wood, Could a Woodpeck Peck? : (

This is the telling of a sad little tale. 

The refinishing of this birdhouse, has been one of my most favorite projects ever.  Between the excitement of using Annie Sloan paint for the first time, the color I fell so in love with, and the YouTube crash course video lesson I watched, on how to paint tiny roses in order to adorn my sweet new birdhouse with, it’s a project I truly enjoyed the process of. 

I have to say, it’s held up so well, out there in the weather of all kinds, too.  I did put it away for the winter, but otherwise, it has stood right over on the other side of my garden beds, under the apple tree.  I have  finished projects I’ve done all over my homestead, of course, and I love to see them around.  This birdhouse has truly been a piece that still plays a part in bringing me a bit of joy every day. 

So imagine my sheer panic this one very (very) early morning this summer:  The kids and I were still in bed, and I was still pretty much sleeping.  All of our windows were open a little, and I began to stir out of my sleep with the sound of some repetitive rhythm sound on hard wood outside.  I was confused by it, being somewhere between asleep and awake, and so I tried to bring myself out of the grog I was in, wondering if I was dreaming, or what.  But next thing I know, I hear little feet hit the floor hard, and come booming across the house floor, and my son yelling, “Mama, there’s a woodpecker pecking your birdhouse outside!”

That woke me up!… Read More

4th of July

HaPpY 4th of JULY, Everyone!

Since I wanted some photos, to go along with our wishes for you,  I thought today would be a good day to show you where I put my painted American Birdhouse.  It’s out on the potting bench near thegardens!  So now you know! I’ve got a whole red-white and blue theme going on out there, and it’ll be there throughout the month of July.  Then I’ll likely change it up, to some other summer theme. 

 The birdhouse has held up very well in weather, despite the sun andrain beating on it.  Again, I credit that to the wax finish.… Read More

3 Little Garden Chairs / Refinishing

 There’s been these 3 little chairs, sitting in our basement for years now.  One of my husband Michael’s clients offered them to him, knowing we had triplets, and thinking maybe we could use them.  They are about toddler size. So he brought them home, and they’ve been in the basement ever since. I’ve never been a primary-colors kind of girl.  I thought maybe I would repaint them or do something with them at some point, for the kids, or maybe as available props for my photography studio.   But, I was just never inspired to ‘have-at’ them.

Until of course, I was.… Read More

Some Salvaged Finds

Well.  That about covers it. That’s what we do. Salvage things.

Aside from the fact that we just get a downright thrill, finding things for nearly nothing, or better yet, free, and then have a blast brainstorming and turning our finds into something we really love, it’s just the smart thing to do!

For one thing, we must consider our income level.  We keep the phrase ‘starving artists’, relevant. ; ) No, not really. But we have had some financial struggles for sure, and just aren’t able to buy whatever we need or want, brand new, on a whim.  Maybe that’s why God made us lovers of all things old, and the simple life, anyway.… Read More

My First Annie Sloan Paint Project / Before & After

I have been SO ridiculously excited about this post. And you all know what happens when I get excited! I babble! But I’m going to make great effort in not doing that, this time. (Deep breath. I can do it! I know I can!).  I’ve just had to focus on getting our current $100 Gift Card Give Away together (located in The Big Picture ; ).

So, we’re talking Annie Sloan Chalk Paint.  If you visit many creative-type blogs, surely you have heard of it by now. It’s ‘all the rage’ right now, as they say. And frankly, I was believing it.  So we ordered 5 cans of paint, and both the clear and dark waxes.   Now, I’m not going to get into exactly what colors we ordered right now because, we have a very long list of refinishing projects we plan on doing with this paint, and I feel like each one will be more of an exciting surprise for you all as we blog those ‘Before and After’ projects, if you don’t even know the colors we have to work with.  Am I right?… Read More