“E” – 1 Year Old Boy / Snow Session

When this past winter had appeared to be over, in terms of any more snow fall, I really regretted not taking more winter-style photos.   I also regretted not having gotten any photos of my friend’s already 1 year old son.   So one morning, when a beautiful flurry started to softly fall, I was on the phone calling my friend in a heartbeat.  I asked her what she thought of doing a mini-session with “E” that morning, and she was all for it.

I threw my camera equipment in the vehicle, and headed right over.  There is really not much else to tell about the photo shoot, except that while the flurries were on & off while I was shooting, but “E’s” cuteness was in full gear the whole time.Read More

{Ju} & Big Bro / Urban to Beach

These two kids, have always been ‘cake’, in front of my camera.   This is my God-daughter {Ju}, and her big brother, {N}.  You may have seen the recent post (as I type this), where {Ju} was a guest crafter with us at Our House Of Joyful Noise.  But I did this photo shoot with them back in July last year, 2010.  Their mom, my cousin, brings them down from western MA every now and then, to have their photos done, and we spend a little time all together too.  Whether I am doing individuals of the kids, or shots of them together as siblings, they always do great!  They are just pretty natural in front of the camera, and that’s always nice!Read More

An Annual Client Christmas Shoot-2010 / I WIN!(Again!)

Every working professional photographer is bound to have them.  Those photo shoots that are just a little more challenging then others.  I have to say, I’ve been pretty blessed, because more times than not, I walk away from the end of a shoot thinking, “Cake.”   But I have had the occasional high school senior boy, who is ‘so not down’ with having his photos taken > but his mom is making him.  They can be a challenge at first, but I have always been able to work that age.  Shortly into those shoots,  they realize hanging with me is not all that bad after all, (because I’m cool after all).  They find they are relaxed, laughing, and actually having a good time.… Read More

1 Year Old Birthday Beauty

It’s time I made some more effort, to share some of the photo sessions I have done lately.  Although this one was actually shot at the end of 2009!  I had postponed sharing it, because I knew it would be more timely to share with the next feature post on Stitch A Wish Designs, which is posted right now over in the Crafts & Creations section of the blog.

Reason being, my wonderful client (the blessed mother of this sweet little girl), hired Michelle of Stitch A Wish Designs, to make a special tutu’d outfit for her daughter’s 1 year portraits.… Read More

{JM, O, S}’s First Holy Communion/Formal Portraits

I took these formal portraits of my own kids, for their First Holy Communion, at one of my favorite locations, that is also so fitting for the occasion, seeing as it is religious retreat grounds.  Because I wanted them here at this place, and because I knew there would be no time on their actual day of Sacrament and celebration, we did these a few days prior.

In case you are not a regular blog visitor, let me just say these smiles are so real.  Our trio have been waiting to receive this Sacrament with all of their hearts, for a very-long-time.… Read More

Baby Chicks and Kids / Studio Photo Shoot

For those of you visiting this section of the blog first, this post is a continuation of a science project we did, which is detailed over in the Home Schooling section of this blog, when we incubated, colored and hatched baby chicks!

Even though we weren’t keeping them, the kids did name the chicks.

Left to Right:  the brown rooster, “De Colores” (anyone familiar with that term?). The  green chick is “Ca$h”.  (I loved that name.) The Yellow chick is “Sunshine” The Pink chick is  Lipstick”.

{A} with her chick, Sunshine…..

(“Dirty Pants.”  lol)

{S} with his chick, Ca$h…..… Read More