Improvised Potting Bench

We’ve been blessed time and time again, with wood to burn in our wood stove through the cold seasons of the year.  Having a cozy fire going in our home, is definitely our preferred source of heat, and we’ve hardly had to invest much in keeping it going.  Oak pallets are dropped and stacked beside our driveway regularly through the winter, by Michael’s supply company, who is always looking to get rid of them.  They burn nice, hot & slow.

This load of tree wood is from the guy a few houses down, who was clearing off his lot behind his home. He had no need for it, so we took it.  Naturally, I knew we could burn a lot of it. It needs to be split & stacked still, but there’s plenty of time for that.  But there was some nice logs in there, and I had another idea for some of it.  Explaining what I wanted Michael, was the biggest trip.  Eventually, I had to just direct him through it, because he was not getting ‘my visual’ so to speak.

What I wanted, was a potting bench put together, using cut logs, and a pallet.   A rustic table of sorts, near our gardens, to re-pot plants on, work at, or put our fresh picked produce as we went along.

Of course nothing looks like much of anything, without a little touch of decor pretty. I had a few things I had picked up here and there for next to nothing, that looked perfect on the table top.  Added a few of my smaller potted flowers, and I loved it. Just what I had pictured.  Michael could finally see what I wanted too, 😉 and he also liked it.

The bench has proven handy, indeed.   I use it all of the time.

Country-ish, charming, and functional.

What’s not to love?

I know the decor will change and evolve, over and over again. Because it’s just a great place to put the interesting little things we find, on our walks along the seashore, and stuff like that.  That rock you see in the back corner of the shelf, is like a perfect round ball. So cool.

So what do YOU think of this set-up?  We live on a dead-end road, with very few neighbors.

But if you were driving by, would you see it and think….“WHAT the HECK?”

Because I don’t know….I just love seeing it there.

Maybe because it’s so simple.

It’s really just the simple little details in life, that make me happy inside.

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  1. 6
    Nessa says:

    Oh my I love that! You ate so creative. If I drove by I would be jealous. 🙂

  2. 5

    That was a really creative idea. It really looks like it belongs with the house. Great use of color too.

  3. 4
  4. 3

    Perfectly done! Sweet little garden patch and the pretty potting bench is just the thing. And I love those sweet little details too. I’m always bringing clipped flowers indoors or generating roots on plant trimmings in a jar. Just like you, I’ll wrap the edge of the jar with a scrap of ribbon or string with a little jeweled ornament dangling. I love that you added a row of sparkly beads on that blue bottle – THAT is so summery cool!

  5. 2
    Paula says:

    I am always collecting pallets for projects. Now I have another one!

  6. 1
    Rene says:

    I love it. Understated, rustic, country charm. Simple and functional. Just like the pioneers probably did it. (well….except for the pallet, but still..). xo


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