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high school senior photos plymouth ma

There is always collectively so much work to share here in this section, between Michael and I, and yet it has ultimately become the most neglected area of the blog.  I have lots of photo sessions I never did share here, but always could still. But I know I have opted many times, to post in the other sections as an alternative most every time, and I’ve figured out why.   We haven’t really been able to read, if the posts that fit into this section, are something you all, as general blog visitors,  enjoy seeing and reading about, or not.  ??? While many do visit it when we post, even less feedback is left here, than the other sections.  So if you would please, could you let us know what your thoughts are on sharing our work here?  Michael is in the midst of his busiest season of the year with signs, boats, and truck lettering.  I am heading into my own busy season as we approach summer, with my portrait work.  So it is helpful to know if it is worthwhile to share much here, and/or how often. We would SO appreciate hearing from you, regarding this puzzle, whether in the comments or by e-mail.  After, our blog, is in part for our readers

high school senior photos plymouth ma Meanwhile, this is Blaire.  Beautiful, isn’t she?  She is graduating this week, I believe.  Blaire will be off to college to pursue her dream of becoming a…………… teacher, I think.  I’m questioning my memory here….I get my seniors mixed up sometimes.  Anyway, I did this big senior photo session of her just a few weeks ago, and this is a small handful of her photos.  We used the locations of her family’s beautiful yard, and then a boardwalk/waters nearby, where she spent a lot of her childhood growing up.

high school senior photos plymouth ma

Only a couple years ago, I did her beautiful sister’s senior session.  Her name is Alexandra. Her locations were their yard also, and the very old cemetery down their street. No, she did not grow up playing there.  lol. But it was such a cool place, with the old iron gate, etc. Love places like that.  The shot on the right of the duo above, was my favorite of the session.  Of course, the quality of the image is low here on the blog, but the actual image is awesome.  She had perfect milky skin. Loved her attire for this setting. Anyway, these girls parents are fine folks indeed.  Their mother, is our eye doctor.

My client, in this case their mother, really loves my black and white work.  She has pretty good ideas of what she wants, and yet really trusts me as the professional. I love clients who are really enthusiastic and excited about the whole process, and she is just like that.  She loves contrasty images, and that is just my style, which she was so drawn to, and so hired me.   One of her optometry offices is right beside a pediatrician group practice, of which my children portrait work is displayed all throughout.  However, she also loves to see just a few in color.

high school senior photos plymouth ma So this is Blaire again, and we are in her beautiful backyard.

high school senior photos plymouth ma Their backyard feels almost….magical to me. I’m quite sure little fairies live there.  In part, because of the beautiful life-size doll house amidst lovely gardens!  What lucky little girls, growing up as sisters close in age, with this charming little doll house, to make the most of their imagination with.  The outside is painted a celery green, the roof is shingled, it has a charming front door, and yes, the inside is completely finished as well!  Look at the curtains in the windows!  Oh……I forgot for a minute there that the post is about my lovely senior subject.  But do you love that dollhouse or what?  I think it’s a dream. I want one.  So what if I’m in my 40’s?  What’s that got to do with the price of eggs, in France?  I would use the house as a drawing and painting studio.  And for some of that q-word, when needed.  Quiet.

The front yard is just as beautiful.  I love the stone walls and steps.  More flowers and beautiful landscaping.

high school senior photos plymouth ma

high school senior photos plymouth ma The boardwalk is in the downright CHARMING village of Sandwich.  I love villages.  I can’t tell you how much.  I would live in Sandwich, if I could. In a very old house.

high school senior photos plymouth ma

high school senior photos plymouth ma As I said, Blaire grow up at this boardwalk.  She used to jump off the bridge into the water!

I love doing all I can, to make senior’s photos very personal.  While this work session is actually far more traditional than my typical work, I still enjoyed it very much, and they did indeed have a very personal touch to work with:  Their late grandfather’s name is part of the boardwalk, and we incorporated it.

high school senior photos plymouth ma

high school senior photos plymouth ma This shot above was the one they loved the very most.  Big portrait of this one.  They also ordered a 12 Image Session Album, and several 8×10’s.  The same exact order, and album, as for her sister 2 years ago.  The albums are gorgeous.  They are black leather, matted pages of 5×7’s, and come in a satin lined black box.

I have to tell you…..I was freaking out, walking along this boardwalk, and there was no hiding it!!  I’m a bit afraid of heights.  The boardwalk is very high at parts, over water sometimes, way too narrow for me, with no side railing or anything obviously, and wouldn’t you know it…….the wind was blowing!  I was petrified.  Not that I am light enough for the wind to blow off the boardwalk (lol), but….the fear is still there!  Honestly…..I was holding onto the back belt loop on the back of Blaire’s pants, because she was walking in front of me. I yelped a scream a few times. Professional, I am. Huh?

high school senior photos plymouth ma Blaire was a joy to shoot, just as her sister was.  But…..there aren’t any more kids in the family!  I’m going to suggest a family photo session at my next eye appointment, for sometimes next summer, when both girls are home.   I’d just like to see them all again, and all together. They are a great family, and I felt honored they hired me, based on my work.






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  1. 4
    Teri says:

    She’s just lovely. I love looking at all your photographs.

  2. 3
    Shelli says:

    Please, please, please keep posting in this section. I love seeing your photographs! My daughter is only 14 so we have a ways to go, but I love seeing what you do with your seniors. If you only lived closer.

  3. 2
    Katie says:

    She’s beautiful! Love the location and your images are stunning!

  4. 1

    She’s sooo pretty!! Such beautiful images 🙂 Can I have her backyard and the little village?

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