Earth Day Cupcakes

There are times that the things we creatively do as a family, or the ideas we have, happen ON a holiday or special calendar day. So naturally they do not get blogged until after the fact.  Since we like our readers to have the opportunity to take our ideas and find creative inspiration from them, or flat out borrow the ideas, I like to try and share (or re-share) those ideas the following year, so that you all can have time to use them if you’d like, while that day is upcoming once again.

Here in the Vittles section, I thought it would be nice to (re-) share just the photos of the Earth Day Cupcakes that we had so much fun making with the kids last year, on Earth Day following our neighborhood and beach clean-up we did.   For any new readers, if you’d like to visit our family’s Earth Day 2010 blog post, you can do so HERE. It was a great day, and I took lots of photos of the kids and our activities that day, so I think you would really enjoy it.

These are simple boxed chocolate cake mix cupcakes.  Using canned white canned frosting, we split it up into separate little batches, making various colors with drops of food coloring.  The blue ocean base of the earths we just spread on, but most of the rest of the designs were piped on.  We are no cake decorating pros, but we sure had fun, and we think they came out cute!


Hope you find yourself inspired!!  If not to decorate some cupcakes for Earth Day, at least to eat some!

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  1. 2
    TidyMom says:

    I LOVE these cupcakes!!
    Thanks for linking up! I featured your post on my wrap up! Happy Easter!

  2. 1
    michelle says:

    these are so great! love them and your pics!! 🙂

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