Tips, Tricks & How-To’s to Our Halloween Decor


I hope you all had the chance to join us, for our Halloween Decor Tour, in which we shared with you all of the festive touches I made, to put a little Halloween in the air, indoors and outdoors!  The post tour naturally consists of a ton of photos, or else how else could I show you all?  That, and my small chit-chat, made the post plenty long enough.  So I promised to share how I made some of the decor, in a separate post in the Crafts & Creations section soon. And here we are.

All of the signage design work that you see in this post (and the tour), that is similar in style and all ties together so beautifully, is part of the Halloween Party Complete Collection, which I purchased from Frosting & Ink Social Designery’s Etsy Shop.  Please note that everything that I printed out, I did so on textured white card stock.Read More

Shabby-Chic Fan Pull & Pillow


I know!  It’s been awhile since I’ve made a ceiling fan pull, huh?  Hey, a girl only has so much time to craft! But once I got this new one in my head, I couldn’t go out & get the supplies to make it, fast enough.  I made it, and then I was so excited to see it up, that I took down my summer fan pull, to put it up.


Shabby Chic is so my style now. It’s just a wonder to me, because when I was a little girl, I hardly had a feminine bone, and I was sure I never would.  I even recall a mylar motorcycle poster on my bedroom wall at one point.Read More

Summer Fan Pull (& Some Special Gifts)

Call me way late to the party, but I ‘just’ got around to making my summer fan pull.  I’ve kept this one up, which I made for spring, all of this time.

But I’ve got 2 things to say about that:  1)  I’m not really late TO the party.  I think more, I’ve been too busy being AT a party, to find time for such things, as getting crafty.   2) The spring fan pull did not look all that out of place, so it didn’t bug me too much.  I mean, it’s not like it was snowflakes or anything.

Thus, I’m giving myself a break.  Just in case no one else does.… Read More

Spring / Easter Fan Pull

Just a quick share of my fan pull for Spring & Easter.

These beads are so beautiful. They are heavy, like marbles, but smaller.

And just ....pretty.

Fan Pulls: for Winter & February

So it was almost the end of January, when I put up our ‘winter themed’ fan pull.  Because, I had to make it first!  Next year, they will all be up right on time, because they’ll all already be made.   But for this little craft-session, I also made February’s. A LOVE theme of course.

We’ll look at the winter one first.  This one we’ll probably use maybe in late November, if it has snowed, and maybe the first week or so of December. But then we’ll be having our Christmas fan pull up for the rest of December.  The winter one here will go back up for the month of January, and maybe early March until it feels like spring.  Unless of course I make a St.Patrick’s Day one, although we’re not Irish.… Read More

A Christmas Fan Pull

The other day,  I found myself gazing at this tiny,  intricate, beautiful little ceramic egg, that I spontaneously hung from our fan pull in our sun room one day, quite awhile ago.


I wondered why it never struck me as a little Easter decoration until then, and how it really didn’t look quite right hanging there, the way it was.


It bothered me a tad more, when I realized Christmas was really coming very soon.   I needed to do something about the egg, hanging there.  I had a little more time on my hands than I have had for the past few months, so I decided I would make a Christmas fan pull, to replace the egg.… Read More