Some Recent Vehicle Lettering & Graphics

Sharing in this post here, just some of Michael’s lettering and graphic work for his clients from within the past several months.

While most of his work is commercial jobs for small and large businesses require standard and conservative lettering jobs on their vehicles, once in awhile he gets a cool job a client wants just for their personal vehicles, and he has the fun of designing something more out of the box.  This XTERRA below was such a case, and he enjoyed getting a little more free-style with it.  I think it came out rather cool. Take a look-see for yourself:

How would you like to drive that Bad Boy around town?

With the 4 door/extended cab trucks being a popular vehicle for tradesman, Michael has been making use of the extra space for their business branding, as seen  in the next couple of trucks, as opposed to keeping it all confined to the front door.

I say, bigger is better, when it comes to company branding.

Here below is a more standard can truck lettering job, with front door lettering only.

Still sharp looking, and eye catching though, with the black & white on red.

“Earthshaping”.  I like that word!


Burkhardt Brothers…….Michael’s Dad lettered this company’s fleet of 40 foot trailers and box trucks for many, many, MANY years.  But guess what?  HE lettered it all IN PAINT, BY HAND!   Michael helped for a few years, with his father.  It’s Michael’s account now, but it is done in all cut vinyl now.  A whole lot faster for sure.  But more impressive execution, back in the day. Think about it.  Those capital B’s on a trailer are like 30 inches tall!

I miss that man.  <sigh>


This is Michael’s brother-in-law’s roofing company.  Michael does all of his vehicle and sign work of course.  Michael’s father designed the logo.   I think its super sleek, and extra-so in gold.

This a trailer for a la crosse team, all in vinyl.  Michael did this in our driveway.  The kids love to watch him work, and help sometimes too.

These next 2 jobs are ‘vehicle wraps’.  Have you noticed them around?  It’s basically a very large one piece vinyl print, that is ‘shrink wrapped’ onto the vehicle.

Here just the bed of the truck is wrapped.

Here, the entire trailer was done.


Wrapping takes some real practice and skill to apply, for sure.


But I think it is eye-catching, and effective marketing/branding for one’s business.

Hope you enjoyed seeing some of Michael’s latest work.   Remember, he can design any small lettering or graphics for you, working with you even long distance.  Whether it be for personal use, or business. (Window lettering, window graphics, for mail boxes, small signs, helmets, banners, etc.) He’ll design according to your needs, have you approve via e-mail, and he can ship it right out to you, ready to apply.  Small lettering and graphics is not at all difficult to apply, if you’ll need to, and he’ll include directions, or assist you over the phone.

But really, we just wanted to share some of his work with you.  Let him know what you think of this or that, in the comments!  He’ll be glad to read it.


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  1. 6
    Jodi says:

    How can I get in touch with Michael for more info ??

  2. 5
    Josh Estano says:

    Nice photos and lettering, I like the white APZ Landscape F-250 and the Xterra most of all.

  3. 4
    Rene says:

    Impressive! I can’t believe his dad did those trailers by hand…amazing artistry~!

  4. 3
    Elaine Nawiesniak says:

    Those are so cool. If I ever need a sign on my van Michael would be the man! I love the vehicle wraps and that lacrosse trailer is very cool. I wish our marching band had its own trailer.

  5. 2
    Paula says:

    He. Is. So. Talented.

  6. 1
    Gina W says:

    Very nice on that XTerra!

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