Printable Valentines (free): Crazy Straws, Socks and Guitar Picks


 Last year I designed some last-minute valentines for my kids to give to their friends, that go with a fun little ‘extra’, most of which can easily be found at a dollar store.
I think they are cute and clever. Although I have always said, “Nobody think my jokes are funnier than I do.”

This year I am offering them to you as free printables.  Aren’t I nice? 🙂  You will see that there is room for your child to write their friends’ names, after Valentine and before the comma, as well as a space for them to sign their valentine in the bottom right hand corner.
The link to the printables will be available at the end of this post.

02_valentines-free-printable-socks I found fun kids’ sock in different sizes at the dollar store. They came as 2 in a set (different patterns), for $1.
These would be for girls, but….

03_valentines-free-printable-socks-2 ….they also had some sets for boys.
We attached the socks to the valentine card using colorful paper clips. 
Worked like a charm. Or, a paper clip.  But with socks.

04_valentines-free-printable-crazy-straw This valentine was designed to hold a crazy straw.  All you need to do is cut a slot at each heart, and insert the straw.
A while pack of straws can be bought for $1 also at, of course, the dollar store.

05_valentines-free-printable-guitar-pick This is the perfect valentine for any little friend who is a budding musician of any kind!  If they have an appreciation for music, they’ll have an appreciation for this valentine.
I picked up the picks at a local music store.  They were for coin change.
We just stuck the pick on using a 2-sided sticky tab.

 If you like them, they are all yours!

They come 2 on a sheet for easy printing of a standard sheet size of 8.5″ x 11″ of heavy stock paper. Just cut along the center line for two!
So the individual valentines are about 8.5″ x 5.5″.  Yes a little large, to accommodate the socks and straws.

>>>>>>  You can get all of these printables HERE. <<<<<<

Click on the one you want.  Then look for options for actions, download to your computer, and print them from there.
(Any problems, please let me know in the comments, and I’ll see if I can help you.)
You can also share this offer on Pinterest or your other social networks for me, using the image below.

– Laura –

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  1. 1
    Lou says:

    These are really cute & clever! Thanks & what a great idea to add that something special with the socks, straw or pick 🙂 Tess can use these for her PREP class.
    I laugh at your jokes Laura & I know how to laugh at myself too~lou

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