Gift Idea for the Coach!

Even though I haven’t even blogged about our kid’s sports fall season(s) yet, I thought I would share with you all a nice personalized gift idea that is great as a ‘thank you’ to your kid’s sport coaches.  Although keep in mind, the specifics/design of this idea can be changed for many other gift needs, and fitting for teacher’s (on a pedestal mug), Dads, teens, etc., Christmas or thank you gifts as well, as long as you have some kind of cutter machine, such as a Silhouette. You may consider some simple graphics, or the special occasion of the recipient.  The gift idea is completely customizable and suitable for so many, which is why we thought it would be great to share with you.

We’ve done this gift before for other coaches too, but this time it was for our boy’s awesome flag football coaches. We put this gift together very quickly, literally right before their Superbowl Game!(<< Whoo Hooo!)

We picked up these ‘guy mugs’ (beer mugs….or Root Beer Float Mugs! ; ), at the Dollar Store!  As well as the brown paper gift bags, and the silver bag filler.  2 gifts, for less than $6.00!


After taking measurements of our mugs, we put together a quick layout on the computer, and cut out 2 sets. (One for each coach, and personalized with their own name.)  Our boy’s team was the Raiders, whose colors are silver and black (on white). We chose to just use ‘frost’ vinyl material, for something quick.  But silver letters outlined in black, would have been nice for this gift too, as their team colors.


I didn’t take step-by-step photos.  But the general procedure is:  layout what you are wanting cut in the computer, cut it out on your cutter, weed the vinyl material, cover the weeded vinyl with transfer tape, peel off the back, apply your lettering/design, and then peel off the transfer tape.

I did wrap and stuff the mugs in white tissue, and put them in the bags with the silver filler.

We think it’s a great gift!  It’s sharp looking, personalized, so affordable, and most of all…..thoughtful!  (And I keep hearing, that’s what counts. ; )

The boys had a blast this season, and we were so happy as it was, that their team made it to play in the Superbowl game, just as their big sister did last year playing flag football.  Did they win? Well, we’ll let you know how that game went, in an upcoming post.

Meanwhile, CHEERS! <clink!>. We hope you enjoyed this quick gift idea.

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  1. 4
    Janelle says:

    Is there a specific grade or kind of vinyl or something you have to do to keep this from coming off when the cup sweats or when it is washed?

    • 4.1
      Laura says:

      Hi Janelle –

      The vinyl is just a high performance frosted vinyl. While the mugs should be washed by hand, and not put in the dishwasher, the vinyl really sticks on there but good! It would take effort to lift an edge and peel it off. There will be no problems with the glass sweating, if the vinyl is applied well and correctly. (Pressed down well when applied, and no bubbles.)
      I hope that helps answer your questions!

      • Jessica says:

        Hi there where did you get the Frosted Vinyl From

        • Laura says:

          Hi Jessica! – What kind of cutter machine do you have? Is it a craft cutter such as a Cricut or a Silhoette? The craft cutter company’s also sell vinyl for their machines. Here are the links to purchase frosted vinyl for the 2 popular cutters I jut mentioned. Vinyl for these cutters can also be purchased at places like Amazon, EBay, and Wal*Mart:

          My husband purchases his vinyl from a local-ish supply company only for professionals, and they are huge rolls for industrial sized cutter machines, like he has, because he does mostly fleets of company trucks. But vinyl is definitely sold for the craft cutters being sold today. Just Google for frosted vinyl, and you should find the place that sells it for your cutter.
          Hope that helps!
          – Laura / House Of Joyful Noise

  2. 3
    Amy says:

    This is such a great idea! I’d love to do this but am pretty uneducated in the ways of vinyl lettering/printing– is this something I could do without a vinyl printer? I have a regular printer with access to a program to lay out my lettering. Can you somehow transfer something from a regular piece of paper to vinyl?

    Thanks for posting!

    • 3.1
      Laura says:

      Hi Amy – Well, vinyl is generally a material that is cut by a plotter/cutter machine, such as a Silouette or a Cricut. I suppose of you could get a piece of frosted vinyl, you COULD lay out your lettering in your program, flip it over so it reads backwards, print it on paper, and transfer that backwards lettering to the BACKside of your vinyl material, and then cut it out by hand. From there, you’d need to peel off the backing of your letters, and transfer it to your mug or what have you. Of course, all being hand done, and hand applied if you don’t use transfer tape, it’s going to look more….hand-done, than it being all cut by a machine.
      Hope that answers your question. Thanks for coming by. -Laura

  3. 2
    Jennifer says:

    I would like to do this for our 6 coaches it is such a great idea what do i need to buy or have to put the lettering on the mugs

    • 2.1
      Laura says:

      Hi Jennifer – I am sure your 6 coaches will be thrilled to get these.
      As mentioned in the post, the lettering is cut out of vinyl material. So you would need that, as well as some kind of cutting machine and program to lay it out your lettering.
      Hope that helps!

  4. 1
    Michelle says:

    I LOVE this idea! Then again, I love most of your ideas 😉 I don’t have one of those machines (yet – it’s on my “one day” list) but I will have to pin this idea for later. I love how affordable it is, yet it’s completely customized and thoughtful. Thank you for sharing!


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