1 Year Old Birthday Beauty | Kids’ Portraits

It’s time I made some more effort, to share some of the photo sessions I have done lately.  Although this one was actually shot at the end of 2009!  I had postponed sharing it, because I knew it would be more timely to share with the next feature post on Stitch A Wish Designs, which is posted right now over in the Crafts & Creations section of the blog.

Reason being, my wonderful client (the blessed mother of this sweet little girl), hired Michelle of Stitch A Wish Designs, to make a special tutu’d outfit for her daughter’s 1 year portraits.

So meet Miss J!


First, she is  shown here, wearing an adorable cupcake dress that her mom found somewhere, which couldn’t have been more perfect, with the 1 candle in the cupcake!  I love it.


Just look at these 2.  Both have me very much wrapped around their finger.  I adore them.  They were in very serious moods this evening!

I have photographed Miss J, and her brother Mr. J, since each of them were born!  It has been a true blessing photographing them each time, and watching them grow.  Truth be told, both of them are usually very smiley!  I have had a number of photo shoots with Mr. J, and getting him to smile has always been a breeze.  But on this particular day, he and his sister were in very. serious. moods!!

{A} and I worked hard to get them to smile!  We were playing pitch and catch with a soft baseball, with Mr. J, and he would laugh and smile while catching and throwing, but return to his position at his sister’s chair side, between each play, very serious once again.  We tried everything.  It was almost comical. Thankfully, their parents didn’t mind much.  I love them as people for sure, but as clients they are the best to have!  Because they treasure all photos of their children, that show the wide range of their children’s moods and expressions, which is wonderful!  None of us are all smiles, all of the time.  Right?  But these 2 kiddos are are usually pretty happy-go-lucky anyway.  I was stumped this round, and that is a rare happening!  But they are both beautiful in their portraits, regardless.  I love that they did it their way, and we all love the photos anyway.


THIS, is the outfit created for my client. Is it so cute, or what??  The tutu, in fuchsia, light pink and chocolate brown tulle, were perfect for her.


The matching onesie with the polka-dotted number one, was also custom made for her, as was the complimentary headband! I could look at this face all day!


This photo was not actually a planned one in my head, as is the way I usually work.  Miss J. was crawling around, and sat this way facing the lights, and I took the shot.  I ended up loving it, and so did her parents!  They got it BIG, for their wall.

kids-portraits-laura-lee-richard-photography-plymouth-ma-5 The smiles came with the cake though!!  She made a quick hot mess of her birthday cupcake!  But she was so happy, we didn’t care!  She was smiling, laughing and clapping!

The photo shoot was tougher shoot than I am used to with these 2 kiddos, just trying to get a couple of some smiles out of them.  But I always enjoy this family’s company anyway.   They are beautiful and wonderful people, inside and out.  We knew we got shots to treasure none the less, smiles or not.

When all was said and done, it was later than we had anticipated, so both of our families gathered around our table, said grace,  and had some dinner together! (Michael’s home made pizza, if you must know! ; )

Is Miss J. a dolly or what?  I just love the photos we got of her at this precious milestone age.

I’m also glad I got this post up, before she turned 2!  Phew! ; )



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  1. 2
    Kristin says:

    You said it best, she is “a dolly”!!! How cute! Both of them! What a blessing for the parents and a blessing to share these great pictures! I love it – even without the smiles!

  2. 1
    Paula says:

    I’m ooohing and aaahing. I wish I had known you and lived by you when my kids were younger.

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