Cotton Creek Friends – Another Give Away! (*Winner Update*)

Yes, we have another give-away.  Oh.  I know, as I type this, that we have not yet wrapped up the last give-away, which ends at the end of October. I’m SO sorry to inundate you all with free money and stuff!  It’s awful, isn’t it?  ; )

I have a friend, Jessica Dittmer,  who is one of those artists. You know, the type who no doubt has heard all of her life, such things as, “You have more talent in your little pinky, than I do in my whole body.” The kind that has so much creative energy, that her creative directions are hard to contain, or keep up with!

To start, she’s a professional photographer.  But she’s also an illustrator, an altered-art artist, a designer, a quilter, a sewer……it’s crazy!  (I mean, so crazy, that I know I am missing some of her skills in this list here.)

Jessica’s work is so impressive, that the company DEMDACO took notice, commissioned her design work for a line of products.  Yes, this is the same company that produces the Willow Tree Figurines.

One of the art services she offers, I am betting you will love as much as I do.  Because…’s all simply magical. Charming. Endearing.  Sweet!   Wish You Wells is altered art, with a ‘storybook look’.  Using a reference photo of the client’s child or children, Jessica creates a magical art piece, that looks like it is straight out of any fairy tale!

Here are just a few before and afters, so you can see for yourself! :

Beautiful stuff, isn’t it?  This is such custom and personalized art work.  Who wouldn’t love a piece like this, featuring their own children?  It’s a perfect idea for the decor of the child’s own room!  Or what a sure conversation piece, work like this would be in the living space of anyone’s home, when guests are over.  Jessica has a real love and appreciation for old antique treasures, and it is truly reflected in so much of her work.  That might be one reason why I love it all so much!  You can see a lot more examples of Jessica’s custom art work at her Wish You Wells site, by entering the main site.  Information to have Jessica create a custom art piece for you or someone you love, can be found there as well.

But Jessica also now has a new adorable line of stuffed animals she has designed, and sews herself, called Cotton Creek Friends!  I’m smitten with the name alone!  But what I really love about these stuffed animals, is the charm of their home made quality, handmade and sewn with love, and the simplicity of toys from the pioneer days. Here’s a little peek at some of her adorable critters:

The dog and bunny are such perfect little companions for kids. But I can see any of these critters as part of my home decor!  How cute would they be, just sitting on a bench?  Or on a shelf with some books?

Here is one of my favorites:

A pig, named “Apples”.

There is even a cat for Halloween!

She has more Cotton Creek Friends in her Etsy Shop!

So here’s the smile in your day:  Jessica is donating any Cotton Creek Friend to a winning blog reader of Our House Of Joyful Noise!  How sa-weet is that??

What do you need to do?  It couldn’t be an easier, or fun!!  Just visit her Cotton Creek Etsy Shop here, take a look at all of critters, and pick out your favorite!  Tell us which one you would choose if your name is drawn, in the comments below.  If your name is drawn, it’s yours!  Jessica will ship your Cotton Creek Friend right to your doorstep!

We love doing stuff like this for you!  And we’re so grateful to talented and generous artists/friends/blog readers like Jessica, who donate wonderful things to give-away!!  THANK YOU JESSICA!

So go get Etsy shopping and choose your favorite!  We’ll be drawing a winner on Wednesday night, October 13, 2010, to be announced on Thursday the 14th.




Sorry I’m posting the winner a day late here!  Things have been a tad crazy around here.

The random drawing winner of their very own Cotton Creek Critter is:


Kim Bradford Says:
October 7th, 2010 at 9:05 am e

” Love them all, but going with “Stickley Dog”! Seriously, the “pinkie expression” was made for great artist like Jessica….she is so talented!!! 🙂 “


CoNgRaTuLaTiOnS Kim!! Please contact Jessica directly via this e-mail: and she will get your handmade Cotton Creek Friend “Stickley Dog” to you!

Thank you all for participating!!

Now, just because you didn’t win this time, you can still order a Cotton Creek Friend of your own, or as a gift, through Jessica’s Etsy Shop! Think about Christmas!!  Or think about yourself!!  lol

BIG thanks to Jessica Dittmer for donating your talent and creations to us!

Business Feature: Stitch A Wish Designs / Give-Away

If you think you’ve heard of Stitch A Wish Designs before, you probably have, right here on this blog.  I have mentioned my friend Michelle, the designer and owner of SWD, before, and have even done this featured blog post on her as well before too.

But, there is always much to share about her, and the beautiful things she makes!  She is always re-inventing the wheel, or coming up with new cool or beautiful things all her own, and I’m always so impressed,  I just need to let everyone know.    Not only because her creations are beautiful, and high quality, but because her pricing is reasonable, and we all look good carrying (or wearing) her stuff.  She offers a wide variety of bags for women and kids, tutus, hand-embroidered items, and specialty gifts.  I have done a lot of photography for Michelle’s work.  Partly because she is my friend, but also because I believe in what she is selling!  I believe in HER.  Her heart is in everything she makes, and her business is full of compassion and giving, always.

Her bags are simply beautiful.  She has designed bags of all kinds, styles, and sizes.  I couldn’t possibly show you them all, but there is surely a perfect size and style for any woman.

Michelle, gave me this bag for my birthday a couple years back, and I was hooked on her bags right then. I can’t tell you how much I have used this bag. And it’s holding up beautifully.  I love the colors, the durability, and the snap closure.

But my newest fascination, is with her wristlets…..

These beautiful little bags, are perfect for me most days.  Measuring approximately 7″ x 6″, they are perfect size to just take along my Blackberry, debit cards, keys, and some lip stuff!   I have these 2 so far…..and I want many, many more.

You can choose your own fabrics for Michelle to create your custom ordered bag with.  I like to mix it up, so for this one, I chose a fun polka-dot pattern for the inside of my wristlet, that has a beautiful and more elegant and vintage pattern on the outside.   This bag works with many of my more dressier outfits.

This one I have used when I am dressed more casually. Or dressed down, which is even more often the case. ; )  I have always loved bright colors, with chocolate brown.

The strap easily slips right around your wrist, to hold your little bag with ease, as shown here.  You don’t think this is me, do you?  Silly. ; )

Aside from bags of all kinds, Shelly creates countless other things, including these sweet handmade flowers.  She occasionally adds these flowers  to ordered bags as an extra surprise, but they can also be ordered separately.  They can come with pins, to wear on a blouse of coat, or a barrette clasp, to wear in your hair.  Or, she’ll even put both on for you, so you can wear them on your self or in your hair!

My {O} wears them in her hair all of the time! In fact the previous photo is her own growing collection of flowers.

I use Michelle in not only my own business, but in my personal life as well.  It’s very convenient having a designer friend, I tell you! ; )

You may be aware that Michelle and I collaborated together, to put on a fashion-photo-shoot-fun-day for little girls, called the Funky Urban Expedition, which of course I also blogged about, here.

Tutus is one of many of Michelle’s specialties.   She custom makes them for little girl’s special parties, for child photographers, holidays, weddings, dance classes, etc.

I also refer my clients to her, as I did for my very special client and her 1 Year Old Birthday Beauty, in the current post over in Photography & Lettering.

When {JM, O and S} were making their First Holy Communion, I found a simple and beautiful dress for {O} unexpectedly, right off the bat.  But the only veils I could find as easily, were stuffed in a box.  The photo looked nice, but pulling it out to try it on, the veil was stiff and cheap.  And it just didn’t fit her head.   I thought of how Michelle works with tulle all of the time, and knew she could create the ‘beautifully simple’ veil I had in mind. She was so happy to do it, and insisted on gifting it to {O}.  As you can see, the veil had a simple satin bow at the top secured to a barrette clasp, where all of the tulle was gathered, and she sprinkled it was some iridescent sequins for a little bit of sparkle.   It was simply beautiful, just as we wanted.

Michelle also personalizes towels, and they are a hit with kids!

They can be used as bath towels, pool towels, or beach towels.

They can be ordered in a wide range of fun colors and fabrics, and the towels are thick and fluffy!

Matching personalized pails can be ordered as well.

She fancies up flip-flops with ribbon and tulle poofs, and sells them as well!

They can be ordered in personalized and complimentary sets, like this one.

I think they are perfect summer birthday gifts for girls, and boys too, minus the flip-flops! (Or at least minus the poofs! lol)

Talk about a fun gift idea!  I just placed 2 orders for a couple of loved kiddos, myself.

As I mentioned, what I love most about Michelle, her talent aside, is her HEART!  She is a God-loving woman, who lives her faith, and is so very giving and thoughtful, to not everyone in her life, but any life she can touch with her gift of sewing and creating.  She has donated countless items she has made to various charities and fund-raising events.  What’s more, I personally know that she consistently donates a generous portion of her business income, always, to the Make-A-Wish Foundation.   That is heart!!

When I told her I was doing another feature post on her, she wanted to donate a bag for a Give-Away!  I chose the wristlet, and I asked her to create one the same as mine at the beginning of this post, because I love it so much!  It’s a mix of class on the outside, and fun (polka dot) on the inside!  Of course, she also threw in a pretty flower pinned on the bag!  It can be left on for some extra pretty, or removed to wear as an accessory.

Just leave a comment, long or short,  and you are in drawing for this LOVELY Give-Away!  Someone is going to love this wristlet bag as much as I love them!

But whether you win or not, I encourage you to check out Michelle’s web site, and think of her and all of the beautiful custom made bags she can make for you, or as a gift for your mom/sister/friend/teacher, etc.  Or the the towels and specialty items for kids.   She makes all of these things and more, and her prices are more than reasonable.  She is easy to work with, via e-mail or phone, and she ships all over!!   I love to follow her latest creations on Facebook, because she regularly shares photos of everything she makes along the way, and it’s fun to watch!  Her blog is great too!

Here are all of her links:

Stitch A Wish Designs web site (in Kingston, MA)

Stitch A Wish Designs Blog

Stitch A Wish Designs on Facebook

Remember, Stitch A Wish Designs is all about “creating what you wish for, one stitch at a time.” And every wish that is stitched, is helping dreams that are wished for, come true