Granola Goodness
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There is nothing like a good granola! Here we are sharing our recipe with you, in hopes you'll enjoy it as much as we do!
: Snack
Serves: 12 Cups
  • 4C rolled oats
  • 1½ C shredded unsweetened coconut
  • 1 C wheat germ
  • ½ C natural bran (We used Fiber One cereal.)
  • 2 C raisins
  • ½ C cooking oil
  • ½ C honey
  • ½ tsp. vanilla
  • (*Chopped nuts optional. We have a kiddo allergic.)
  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
  2. Combine dry ingredients in a large bowl.
  3. In a small saucepan, combine oil and honey.
  4. Stir over low heat until the honey is melted and it's warm and blended with the oil enough. (About 5 minutes.)
  5. Stir in vanilla.
  6. Pour oil mixture over dry ingredients, little by little, mixing to blend well.
  7. Spread mixture on two cookie sheets, and bake for for 15-20 minutes until lightly browned, stirring and flipping mixture over about half way through time.
  8. Let cool completely.
  9. Store in an airtight container. Makes about 12+ cups!
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