Wed – Essential Spring Cleaning Event – Shower Cleaner, Aroma Therapy, Laundry Soap, Spiders and Pests Away


It’s the peak of the week! Here’s Wednesday’s Spring Cleaning Event roundup!  Looks like some great stuff today!  Hope you’ve been checking out what these blogger’s have to share with us about living a healthier, less toxic-lifestyle, and how we can clean our homes with the same goals in mind! Bookmark or Pin these ideas, so you’ll have them when you are ready to tackle the dirt, grime and odor lurking in your home!

 DIY Daily Shower Cleaner
at The Prairie Homestead

 Aroma Therapy
at L A Ramsey

Homemade Laundry Soap
Scentsable Home

Spiders and Pests Away
at Naptime Warrior

Keeping you all caught up here:

HERE is Monday’s Essential Spring Cleaning round up of posts links.

HERE is Tuesday’s Essential Spring Cleaning round up of posts.
Here is OUR *GIVEAWAY*, with OUR All Natural Spring Cleaning post!

Stay with us all week, and we bring you more and more great tips, tricks, recipes, to make your house sparkle, shine and smell fresh, clean and fantastic!

By the way . . . . . .
You may have heard how essential oils are a far more natural and definitely safer way to help with any health concern, illness or disease under the sun, too. They are nothing short of fascinating. True gifts from the earth. But yes, they also have very powerful cleaning properties, with most being highly disinfecting and packing a real cleaning punch to your dirtiest jobs.
You’ll probably be wanting to get your hands on some of these essential oils by the time this week is over.
Don’t know where to get pure, effective, therapeutic grade essential oils?
I can and will help you!
You can get them right HERE! Or contact me with any and all questions you may have!

Message me through Facebook or, or email me at

Stay safe – get healthy – clean up your act, and have fun!
~ Laura


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