Our Fall Mantels 2013 – Home Decor Ideas

00 Today, I wanted to share with you our mantels, decorated for Fall!  Alright, so I realize Fall is a month in here, and many are maybe so over it. But you know….there is two months more of the Fall season to go, you know! (Can you even believe it is the Fall season until December 20th?)   Yes, in the bloggers’/crafters’ world, I could be a little late with this. But that’s OK! I figure, you can pin it for some ideas on Pinterest for next year!  Or find a little inspiration in it for your Thanksgiving mantels.  Regardless, I am really enjoying the mantels I put together for our home decor and for my family, and I hope you enjoy seeing them as well.… Read More

Decorating with Autumn Leaves; Door Garland and Candle Jars

I think you’d be hard-pressed to find anyone on God’s green earth, who appreciates the foliage that Autumn brings, more than I do.  I am mesmerized by it, from beginning to end.  Ask my kids.  They are often amused at how taken I am, with the beauty of this season.  And they’ve certainly come to understand that I don’t want them to miss one bit of it, any more than I do. I get especially excited when we are driving here and there, which with 4 kids I can tell you, we do a whole lot of.  “Oh!! There’s a tree starting to change right there!Read More

Rustic Autumn Wreath / A Simple Craft

 If you’d like to add a touch of crafted Autumn decor to your home, but don’t have a lot of time or energy right now, this wreath is for you! It is so very simple and quick to make.  I think it’s beautiful, and has a real rustic flair that fits right in here at our homestead. 

  I hung our wreath in the sun room, on the wall directly in front of anyone coming in through our front door.

It’s so very simple to make, you really don’t even need to be shown how. 
But I will tell to you how, and give you a couple of tips as well.… Read More

A Peek at Fall Decor Around Our Homestead

I say it all of the time;  I’m no Martha Stewart, but I sure enjoy seasonal home decor!  It’s one of the many things that put the ‘happy’ in our home for me.  I love doing the decorating, and I love seeing it, but I don’t like much taking it down and putting it away.  (Do chefs love to clean up?  lol).  I didn’t get to as much as I wanted to this year with my schedule, but it was enough for me anyway.  If you love seeing the little things around other’s home as much as I do, then I hope you enjoy this small handful of photos.… Read More

Autumn Decorating…Check!

Seasonal decorating around our home isn’t a chore, it’s an exciting event we make the most of! With Autumn being one of our very favorite seasons, we got right to it the day after it was officially Fall. And what’s decorating without cocoa?  We usually fill the air with festive music as well, as the kids take turns grabbing this and that, to find just the right spot for it.

The decorating is not completely done for this season.  I’ve got some pumpkin project plans for this weekend, and if we really get to it, I’ll be sure to take photos and share.… Read More