Prayer List Chalkboard Info and Ordering


Welcome to Our House of Joyful Noise.

If you would like more info about the Prayer List Chalkboards, you can visit this post:

If you would like to read about how the idea of a Prayer List Chalkboard started, you can visit this post:

To order a Prayer List Chalkboard, please do the following:

1) E-Mail Us:

a) Please give us your name, the shipping address for delivery, and how you would like your Prayer List finished: Either with a Golden Oak stain (lightest), a Provincial stain (medium), Red Mahogany stain (darkest), or painted white. Please see the link to the first post above, for examples of finishes.

2) Please make payment through Pay Pal to:

a) The cost for the Prayer List is $75.00, which includes your shipping and handling.

b) If you prefer to mail a check, please e-mail us for our mailing address.

In Christ,

Michael and Laura Richard

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