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Well, I hope you all had as wonderful of a weekend, as we did.   It’s rare I go 2 days, without doing something for the blog, or get involved in some creative project or other.  But that’s what I did this weekend! I just spent a little time enjoying working on our gardens, and 2 straight days having quality time with my family. We celebrated Michael, and my Dad-who was here with is this weekend, and also celebrated & remembered our memories & the life of Michael’s father as well.  We miss him.   All in all it was a wonderful weekend, full of laughs, and perfect weather!

We think you’re going to enjoy our picks to be featured this week, before you link up with us. (That IS why you are here….riiiiight?).   We’ve got some good stuff to share & be sure you didn’t miss with your party-hopping last week! A little something tasty….a little pretty…..a little “awwwwww”….and a whole lot of         i n s p i r a t i o n !


Let’s do it.


How about kicking off this feature party, with some Raspberry Cobbler, from my friend Tisha at On Bramble Hill.  Step by step directions for this recipe, and as always from Tisha, beautiful photos!   Listen, if this doesn’t make your mouth water? Well, then I’ll just have your piece!  Alrighty?   I thought I would also link you up, with her recipe for Fried Green Tomatoes. As I recall, she has a special sauce to go with it.  It’s a great blog, so be sure to check it out!


Is this Cork Board DIY funky-pretty, or what?  It’s from Beach House in the City. And let me tell you how eaaaazzzy this project is: WICKED EASY, PEOPLE!  It’s a Do-It-Yourself project….that you really, really, can do yourself !  You could do it in minutes, and yet it is so stylish looking.  I think the decorative tacks, and the good choice of a fabric pattern, can really make it!


I was so drawn to this photo, from Carolyn’s Homework, and I didn’t even know what I was looking at exactly yet!  Turns out it’s a sweet idea she had:  twine, with little rag ties tied on!  She has a multitude of ideas to use it for, which she shares at her blog post “I Heart Twine” with more photos.   I bet you could even come up with more of your own!  This is perfect for those sewers who have a gazillion pieces of scrap fabric, they have no idea what to do with yet. (I want that to be ME some day soon!   “Me, repeat after me….I-will-learn-to-sew!”)


I have to say this. If I hear one more thing, about Annie Sloan Chalk Paint, I’m just gonna, I’m just gonna, I’m gonna….get me some!!  Is EVERYONE talking about this paint, or is it me? Good gosh. It sure does sound amazing, and I know it won’t be long, before I’m finding that out for myself!!  So anyhoo…..we had FOUR furniture refinishes this week, and 3 of them came from this inspiring girl team, Yvette & Autumn. from AquaSeventy6!  I am linking you up with the 3 re-dos you see above, but I have to warn you, if you are into furniture refinishing right now, there are tons of them, all over their blog!  So PLEASE come back! Please? I am fearing you all will get lost over there, and find yourselves ordering some Annie Sloan Chalk Paint too, and never come back. But here are the 3 projects you see: 1) Cottage Style Dresser 2) Revamped Dresser 3) Formal Dining Chair Turned Funky.    Oh….and a little birdie told me, Aqua Seventy 6 plans to link up more refurnished pieces here this week!! (Ok…it wasn’t a birdie. It was one of the girls. Why does anyone think anyone else would believe birdies tell us secrets? Kind of scary, when you think about it…).

Here’s yet another, beautiful refurnished piece, Yard Sale Dresser, linked up by reFresh reStyle.   I love the color scheme to this one, and I think you are going to, too.  And yes, it’s another Annie Sloan Chalk Paint job.  (I am just not, linking that every time.)


Lastly, there is a short but sweet little story, that goes with this project Summer Craft With the Kids, that you must read, from Christy B Photography.  Find out how they turned a little heart-breaking accident, into a new treasure, and made new memories while they did it.

THANK YOU ALL, FOR LINKING UP WITH US, here at Our House Of Joyful Noise.

Each one of you, and anyone else who has already been featured here at our blog, can take the code for our new FEATURED button, if you’d like to!  Below. Hope you like it!  I didn’t think anyone needed twin owls in their sidebars or pages, so I got working with some polka dots, to keep our circles them, but make it look a little different & happy. Because we were happy to feature you, and we hope you’ve been happy to be featured, too!


Copy & Paste Code /Resize As Necessary


And now, for Party #10!!  I can’t believe this is my 10th party! Already!  But we love seeing what you all have been up to, and we know our readers do too!!

So if you’ve got it, flaunt it!



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    Christy B says:

    Thanks for the feature! Love reading your blog!

  2. 2
    AquaSeventy6 says:

    Thanks for the feature! We are stoked!

  3. 1
    tisha says:

    Awe!! Thanks for the Feature!! You rock lady! 🙂


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