Mon – Essential Spring Cleaning Event – Bathrooms, Carpets, Refrigerators and Fun!

When you think of SPRING CLEANING, do you get excited?  Or do you think, “UGH!”?
Well no matter how you really feel about it, there is one thing most of us can agree on . . . .

It has to be done, anyway!

So I am excited to tell you that all of this this week, from March 17 – 22, 2014, we are bringing you the kind of deep spring cleaning tips, recipes, ideas, and hopefully inspirations, to make your spring cleaning the most enjoyable ever!  Yes, I said enjoyable.  As it can be, anyway.


And the best part?  Instead of being left with headaches, feeling nauseous or dizzy, and harming you and your family’s health from all of those toxic chemicals you are usually spraying into the air and scrubbing with, you will learn how to make simple and safe, all natural cleaners, that smell a-maze-ing!  Cleaners that will leave your whole house smelling so pleasant, fresh and invigorating!  Not smelling like….you know….chemical cleaners.

It’s spring cleaning the safe and all natural way!
Join us every day this week, right here at our blog, as you hop from blog to blog, to read, learn, collect recipes and how-to’s, and Pin for later!
When you are ready to get cleaning your house, you’ll be armed with a whole new plan, and probably even some….excitement!
Don’t worry, every link we share will open in a new window for you, so you don’t miss a thing!

P.S. – Our own cleaning post we are contributing to the event is scheduled for tomorrow! (Tuesday)
We’ve got a great Giveaway for (3 of) you, to go with it, too! So be sure to come back around tomorrow!
And then every day this week, for that day’s roundup of spring house cleaning posts.

– So here we go! – 

READY . . . .
SET . . . .
. . . . CLEAN!!!

Monday –  March 17th

 Natural Fresh Scent Bathroom Solutions
at Little House on the Valley

 Clean& Deodorize Your Refrigerator
at Bloom-Doula

Homemade Carpet Deodorizer {with Essential Oils}
at Weed’Em and Reap

 Spring Cleaning Made Fun!
at Frontier Blessings

 By the way . . . . . .
You may have heard how essential oils are a far more natural and definitely safer way to help with any health concern, illness or disease under the sun, too. They are nothing short of fascinating. True gifts from the earth. But yes, they also have very powerful cleaning properties, with most being highly disinfecting and packing a real cleaning punch to your dirtiest jobs.
You’ll probably be wanting to get your hands on some of these essential oils by the time this week is over.
Don’t know where to get pure, effective, therapeutic grade essential oils?
I can and will help you!
You can get them right HERE!  Or contact me with any and all questions you may have! 

Message me through Facebook or, or email me at

Stay safe – get healthy – clean up your act, and have fun!
~ Laura


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  1. Rich Shockey says

    I love these ideas! I’m just starting to get to know essential oils. I love using the ZUM soaps in my bathroom, because just having them in the shower smells up the whole bathroom. I especially love this frankincense one.


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