"Let's Have a Ball".

I have this cyber-friend I met on a photography forum years ago.  I learned quickly, that she was just a hard-working, God-loving, sweetheart of a woman.  I had (and still have) lots, and lots of ‘friends’ there, because we all have that thing in common we are passionate about: photography.  But I became friendly with this one for other common and passionate grounds: Because her faith was so evident and inspiring, and because she’s a teacher.  At the time, she had decided she wanted to attempt to build a photography business on the side, of her teaching.  She worked hard, her skills improved rapidly, and her new business was doing well. But she realized her heart was ultimately and wholly, in teaching.  She wanted to keep all of her undivided focus there.

If there is anything I love, it is teachers who teach children, with a passion for teaching, and with love for the kids they teach.  That’s what I have always loved about my new friend, Mrs. Cleek.    She is what I consider a master teacher, because she has the only 2 real key components of being a successful teacher:  a love to teach, and a love for children.  Evidence of that has shone on and on for years.  She is always, always advocating for children, and for the educational supplies the classrooms, and the children need, to truly thrive.

So when she asks me for help, I try to help her. Because I want to encourage and support more teachers like her.  Don’t you?  I think we would all agree, that where ever great teachers teach…..whether it is in public or private schools, in their own home with their own children, in religious ed., or even the local Boys and Girls Club,  Lord knows the world needs a whole lot more of them.   (That would be literally, not figuratively.)   A great teacher truly has the power to change the course of life of any child they manage to reach, for the better.  We have all heard the stories, and they all tug at our hearts, and make our eyes water.  Mrs. Cleek is that kind of teacher, every day.

This post is to ask for your simple help, to help Mrs. Cleek, help her students.  It is not a request for money! It is simply a request to take a moment to vote, to help her get a grant for equipment. It’ll make you feel good.  Every day for a week, if you’d like!  : )  It’s a little thing, that can make a huge difference for these children, and time is running out!  Here’s what Mrs. Cleek had to say:

I need your help. I am trying to get my grade level some PE equipment. We have 9 Pre-K classes with 20 students in each class. We are the only grade in our Pre-K-3rd grade school who is not served by the P.E. program. Us “regular ed” teachers just have to wing it.   Right now we literally have 6 balls for 180 students. We have a full size basketball hoop that of course, none of our little bitties can reach. We have a huge hispanic population that plays soccer after school and on weekends with their families, but not a single soccer ball or goal. The grant I have written is to purchase 2 soccer goals, a smaller basketball hoop, and lots of balls.

Would you please share this information with your contacts and friends. Voting ends in less than a week, and we are far from our goal. I need all the help I can get, because we truly need this equipment.

Here is the info people will need to vote:
The website is: http://www.limeadesforlearning.com/

Search the Keyword:    CLEEK

The project is “Let’s Have a Ball”.

You may vote once per day, per email address. If you have 4 email addresses, that’s 4 votes per day! The first time you vote, you will have to verify your email.  Sonic does not SPAM with emails, nor do they share your email address. It’s a truly great program, and when you register, you are offered a coupon for a free limeade to boot!”

I did this, and it is super quick! I personally would appreciate it, if you would help out Mrs. Cleek’s class.  I know SHE would appreciate it.  But more than anyone, the kids would benefit in so many ways.  To have balls to play with is sometimes the kind of simple things we take for granted.  But these balls have a greater purpose:  to let kids have fun, build self-esteem, learn about team work, good sportsmanship, and receive all of the health benefits of physical exercise.

Thanks for reading, and I ask that you go vote today!           XOXO ~ Laura

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    Laura says:

    Thank you Ladies!! I know there are others who have gone and voted too, and I’m thankful for your responses to this. : )

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