{Ju} & Big Bro | Urban to Beach

These two kids, have always been ‘cake’, in front of my camera.   This is my God-daughter {Ju}, and her big brother, {N}.  You may have seen the recent post (as I type this), where {Ju} was a guest crafter with us at Our House Of Joyful Noise.  But I did this photo shoot with them back in July last year, 2010.  Their mom, my cousin, brings them down from western MA every now and then, to have their photos done, and we spend a little time all together too.  Whether I am doing individuals of the kids, or shots of them together as siblings, they always do great!  They are just pretty natural in front of the camera, and that’s always nice!

We decided to do a little urban shooting, and then hit the beach!  I wanted to go for a little serious/tough-boy look with big brother {N}, but it is hard to pass up his smile – which is always readily available!  (Just like his little sister’s!)  Also note, this particular photo shoot trip, {N} brought his buddy along, so I did some shots of, and with, him too.

I had fun processing these, to finish off the images as I saw them in my head. Not much more of my chatter, from here on.

As you’ll see, this is one of several sweet brother & sister shots of them together.  Their connection is the real thing, that came through easy for me, too.

This is my favorite shot of {Ju}. I just love it. It’s a great view of her freckles, and beautiful eyes.  I did her french-braided pigtails, myself.

“Boyz of Summer”

How handsome is this guy!!

This is one of my ‘senior guy’ shots I love to do at this location. He really pulled it off, for a 12 year old, huh?

This was another great one of them together.

I can be very funny. ; )  {Ju} has the best giggle in the world!  (Much like her mother’s.  Who knew such a thing was genetic?)

Their mom wanted me to design a family Christmas card with some of the photos.  Considering the urban/beach kind of shots we got, I went the ‘fun/grunge/non-traditional route’, and she loved it!  ( I did too. : ).    This is a flat, 2-sided 5×7, printed on linen.  It really made the most of their images, and all of my texture work.  (There was no LLR watermark on the real cards.  lol 😉




One of the greatest works out of this photo shoot, was this shot below.  I knew the second I took it, it was going to be something special.  It was bound to be made into even more of an art piece, so I had fun with it.  Their mom ordered a large piece of artwork of it, as a framed piece for their home, and then also got linen note cards of it too.  (Of course, all minus my LLR web frame.)

I can always count on an over-abundance of shots I am happy with, with these two.


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  1. 4
    Rene says:

    As always, this mama is so pleased with your work. The kids truly respond to you, which is why you get those great smiles, and you make them feel so comfortable that the natural poses are easy to come by. Stellar results! XOXO

  2. 3
    Pam says:


  3. 2
    Paula says:

    I love the last shot! I want you to take “senior” pics of my kids, so I will start saving now for airfare!

  4. 1
    KH says:

    Always gorgeous, but I expect that of you. The shots of them together are priceless!

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