Essential Oils: Life’s True Game Changer

Well here’s a post for you on something I’ve been SO excited to share more with you about, regarding a very big change that has increasingly evolved and turned on it’s head our lifetime practices of striving for overall complete health of body and mind, completely revolutionizing our family’s every day living!

It is all natural, completely safe, chemical and toxin-free, and in that light, offers more benefits and power than you can even imagine.
Hey, I’ll try to exercise some brevity on the matter. But I am admittedly so fascinated not only by the very long list of very positive experiences we have personally had as a family, (and SO eager to tell you all about them), but also by the exciting and encouraging testimonies I read every day from others, that I have a tendency to want to talk all-day-long about it. And well into the next. What in the world am I talking about?
I am talking about pure, therapeutic-grade ESSENTIAL OILS!

You may have been seeing those two words, essential oils, all over the place lately.
And I’ll tell you why: Because as more and more people are using them, they are experiencing unexpected results of using these oils, and word is finally just spreading like wildfire. You will begin to hear more and more about them, from within physician practices as well, because doctors, nurses and hospitals are even beginning to work with them, as well. In my opinion, the world is becoming a better place because of it. The ironic thing is essential oils have been around for an extremely long time. But the vast extent of essential oil benefits, and how to use safely and so effectively, are finally becoming more widely known, and finally, utilized by every day people, in our modern world today. I personally feel so blessed for myself and my family, to have come to understand and use this gift that is available to us.  They are definitely a wonderful tool to utilize, in conjunction with other good health habits, on the path to whole health and wellness.

As you may know, I’ve been working on getting my own family on a more all-natural, healthier, safer path of every day living. I feel strongly about needing to, and know in my heart that it’s how we are meant to be living.  I talked much about that in a previous post that I encourage you to read also, titled Going All Natural in a Toxic World, where I shared all about why, how, and what I was doing, so far at that point in time, to achieve that lifestyle. In my opinion, it is one of the best posts I have ever written.

In that post, I briefly talked about how we had started using these essential oils in particular, and how blown away I was at the changes and benefits I almost immediately began noticing in my family, as a direct result of using them. I had used essential oils before, but this particular brand was a completely new experience.

My journey with these essential oils really began when I started reading a lot about them from another blogging friend, who’s values and goals have always been much like my own. Her opinion was one I’ve respected and trusted. What she was sharing had me riveted, as it appeared to be the answer to so many areas I wanted to make changes in, in various areas of my family’s life.

So I began researching a lot, about exactly what these essential oils she spoke of were, what they could reasonably do, and how they were different than the essential oils we could buy at various health stores, etc–all very important!
Then I ordered some through my friend’s site, and started out with trying just a few of these oils for ourselves.
I certainly wanted to judge for myself, just how effective using these pure oils were.


Well, here we are many months later, and I am all the more in deep love with using essential oils in my family and in our household.  We have now been using many more of the types of essential oils available (as single as well as blends), on a regular basis, for a very wide variety of purposes.  I’ve been in awe of how these essential oils can be used in so many completely different ways, in every area of our lives, and how much they actually work!
It’s important to be educated about the oil you are using, and how to use them properly and safely; but this company makes it so easy to know and understand all you need to know!
They offer a wealth of help and resources at your fingertips. The power in even just a couple of drops sometimes, has blown me away.

I only want the very best for my family; and I want to know anything I use for them is safe, pure, high-quality, and the best I can get. 

I have found the best brand of essential  oils the market has to offer, in my opinion.


If I convert all of my personal experiences with this oil or that, into posts, you’ve got a whole lot of exciting posts coming! We have naturally acquired quite a few amazing personal testimonies to share with you.  I just cannot say enough good things about them. The benefits of using these oils just keep on snowballing, and I don’t foresee any end in sight, at this point.

One of the best outcomes to me as a Mama, with now using these oils, is finally being able to feel like I can do something that is safe, effective and 100% beneficial for my kids, when they are sick!  Throughout my motherhood, I have struggled with what to give them for miserable colds, headaches, or upset stomachs, knowing that my over the counter options also contain ingredients I don’t want to put in my childrens’ bodies!

Now there is no more conflict of feelings in being able to help my children feel better, and get better! My kids now well-know the how the oils work for them.
My oldest daughter has incorporated her own routine of applying oils into her day, and treats herself when needed. And our younger triplets (11 years old as of the writing of this post), have regularly begun asking for this oil or that, for their own needs that arise, having realized what works for them.

Kids wouldn’t bother with such things, unless they have experiences that it works for them. I love that my children are learning to listen to their own bodies, and safely learning about natural ways to help themselves. Furthermore, the oils have aided us in even better homeschooling days, in many ways.  My husband has become a true believer and supporter of using oils in our family as well.

So just what do we use these essential oils for?  You’d be surprised.  The answer is pretty much everything!  While I plan and hope to write many posts for you on specifically what essential oils I use and how, in the form of fun lists, tips, and recipes of all kinds, as well as sharing our personal experiences, today I am just going to give you a quick and general overview of how we are using these pure, high quality essential oils in our family and home:

  • A Natural Alternative to Many Prescription Medications *  **

    – Essential oils, when used properly, don’t carry the kind of side effects and risk of eventual serious illnesses or conditions that often evolve from long term use of prescription medications. There is no trade off with your health, when using essential oils properly, to restore your health and relieve your symptoms of suffering. Prescription medications, while at times may be medically necessary, are comprised of synthetic components, and other toxic chemicals your body is also harmed by in other ways, in an effort to fix or comfort something else.- Essential oils can greatly help treat whatever conditions or illnesses you may be struggling with. While essential oils in and of themselves do not cure diseases, they do work within your body on a cellular level (meaning they actually penetrate and restructure cells) in a way that no prescription medications can, allowing your body to heal and possibly cure itself. (Just as God designed it to. Prescription medication often hinders the body from operating the way it was designed by God to work.). Also, prescription medications are generally designed to mask the symptoms of illness: not remedy the problem at the source.
  • There are many cases reported where people have stated that certain essential oils have contributed to allowing their own bodies to cure themselves, in conjunction with other natural resources, diet, and health practices and habits. There are also countless testimonies of the oils greatly improving or managing a very long list of other serious conditions and illnesses. It’s a very broad topic in and of itself.  But the bottom line is, this:

    When used properly, essential oils are the perfect medicine God intended for us to use for our wellness, when He created us and the whole of the world, to live in. 

  • Mood Management, for Adults, Teens and Children *  **
    -every day stresses, pms, depression/blues, anxiety, energy levels, anger management, etc.
  • Every Day First Aid and Minor Ailment Solutions *  **
    – lack of ability to focus (yes, even ADD and ADHD), headaches, upset stomach, colds and flus, sore throat, painful muscles or joints, scrapes, dry skin,….etc., you name it!
  • Personal Care Product Replacement *  **
    – more than ever, people (us included!) are on a mission to replace their every day personal care products, which are loaded with harmful toxic chemicals that absorb right into our systems and wreak havoc on our health, with all natural, effective ingredient homemade recipes, easily found in abundance and variety on the net, including toothpaste, shampoo and conditioner, soaps, skin care, lip care, nail care, etc…..again, and endless list that essential oils are immensely and beneficially used for. And the smells are authentic and uplifting!  I’ll be sharing some of my own recipes.
  • House Cleaning *
    – thoroughly cleaning homes, without the use of the products that emit harmful toxic chemicals into the air, inhaled, and absorbed into our skin, is another practice more and more home-keepers are succeeding at.  There are so many awesome homemade cleaning recipes on the net, utilizing the cleaning power of many essential oils, as well.  And many essential oils have powerful disinfecting properties (anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, anti-viral), and smell fresh, clean and amazing! Just to name a few cleaning solutions you can create using essential oils:  surface cleaners, dish-washing (hand and machine), air fresheners, hard floor and carpet cleaners, laundry detergents and scents, glue/sticker removal, appliance and tub/sink cleaners, etc., etc.,…..etc.And you can even use many essential oils as the authentic oils of herbs and citruses that they are, in food recipes.* There is no way I can even begin to give you a complete list of any of the categories above. (Use our blog’s search engine to use keywords ‘essential oils spring cleaning’, for a week’s worth of posts on cleaning your home with natural, healthy  ingredients.)
    **  Essential Oils are versatile, in the way in which they can be used for personal health benefits for your whole family!1) Aromatically (which is proven to be the most effective and fastest way to work within the body.)2) Topically (putting directly on your skin with any tcarrier oil, to be absorbed within your system),

    3) …and this brand of therapeutic grade essential oils are so pure, many of them can be taken safely by Ingesting, when deemed the occasional best applicationEvery bottle of oil is well marked if it is safe for internal use, and there is much info available as to how to safely use in this manner.

    In a nutshell, there is an essential oil that can help with, or be the sole answer for, just about everything under the sun.

This is not a new gimmick or the latest hot thing. People are just finally opening their eyes to realizing, they need to try something different, to get different results. They want more natural solutions and remedies. Giving these these essential oils an honest try is all anyone needs, to become a believer and realize their relevancy.  And an excited and empowered believer. Soon you find yourself in a whole new lifestyle, where you finally feel more control over your personal health and that of your family. It’s not just about our own experiences. I read others testimonies and excited reviews every single day.
There are literally hundreds of thousands of uses for essential oils.  There are fantastic resource books that give you the ability to look up ailments or health challenges, and find the essential oils you can can use to help them, and exactly how.
But here is a very incomplete list of just some of the ways we have personally been using these essential oils in our family, with great success:

Peppermint for settling upset stomachs.

 Past Tense or Lemongrass for relieving headaches.

Clove for soothing sore throats, or sore gums from braces adjustments.

Lavender and Serenity for relaxing, falling asleep faster, and sleeping restfully through the night.

Citrus Bliss for uplifting moods, and an awesome citrus scent.

Balance for keeping reasonability in check, and anxieties at bay.

Lemon, Lavender and Peppermint  for relieving seasonal and environmental allergies.

Breathe for breaking up head/facial congestion, relieving a nagging cough, and when one’s lungs are in need of some real respiratory help and support.

Lavender for cleaning scrapes and healing skin, or relieving itch from bug bites.

InTune and/or Vetiver for focus struggles/Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD/ADHD).

OnGuard for building stronger immune systems, and also shortening the duration of any illnesses.

Melaleuca for resolving painful blemishes beneath the surface of the skin.

Lemon for flavoring water and helping detoxify your system.

Lemon for washing dishes, scrubbing stubborn sticky pans, or washing sink to sparkling clean.

Lemon or OnGuard for cleaning and disinfecting surfaces throughout the house.

Purify or Lemon in laundry.

Peppermint as an ingredient in making our toothpaste.

DeepBlue and Aroma Touch for athlete’s sore muscles or overworked back muscles.

Many single oils, blends, or combinations for diffusing (aromatically): which benefits us with many of the points listed above, and as a bonus is always a beautifully scented air freshener as well.

….and in addition to this incomplete list, we are discovering new and exciting ways to use the essential oils we have every day, and adding new ones all of the time. There are ready lists, posts and resource information, for everything you’d want to know.

It seems no matter what the situation is, there’s an oil for that.

There is a lot to be learned about essential oils….always. And it’s important to educate yourself!  But you can use them as simply or in more in-depth and complex ways as you want. Learning how to use them properly is easy. I started out using them quite simply, and have become a much more involved user because I am enjoying the learning process, and loving the exciting results I am getting from all of my learning and experimenting. Through it all, I continued to build the variety of different essential oils I had.

  If you’re very interested, the learning can never end.  And as I said; these oils are not only amazing and fascinating to me, but have been an answer to my prayers, fulfilling my great desire to get back to basics, and somehow utilize what God gave us, to care for ourselves, His way. Without the scary risks that most over the counter and prescription medications.
Just as He way He intended.

I’m also happy to has as little to do with BigPharma as possible. But that too is another great big (upsetting) topic.

 I do feel that now that we have been living the benefits of using essential oils, for a multitude of things, I cannot imagine ever going back to not using them.  It would be silly, sad, and frankly, hard.  We know the difference in the quality of life now, and so life before essential oils is just not something we can imagine ever returning to now. We don’t want to!  And God willing, we’ll never have to.


Lastly, I need to come clean that YES, I AM now a Wellness Advocate for doTERRA, as I share and educate others about these essential oils, and help them get some. I just HAVE to let others know, there are natural solutions for their health, that work!  That is solely what drives me.

Some of you may know, that I had a successful portrait photography business of my own, from which I was making several thousands of dollars a month. After 13 years, I put my business on hiatus to give my children, whom I also homeschool, more of my time. I love my photography work, and the money was sure good. So, with a reputation and vast portfolio in a ready-built business I could go back to any time, I was not looking for any other business to get involved with. It’s not about the business for me. Although I have found it is building itself, and I am happy to teach other’s about business, for their own goals and dreams.

I do see that this company has a very strong business structure, and I do love the wholesale pricing, the ability to get free oils, all of the time, and the income you can make if on chooses.

But the more we used this brand of essential oils, and the more fascinating experiences and successful outcomes we had with them, the more I found myself needing to tell everyone about them. The truth is, while I don’t care for sales and have no goals regarding it, I am talking to anyone and everyone about these oils anyway because, I just can’t help it!  They’ve changed our family life, as a whole, and as individuals.

When other people tell me about their struggles in life, I feel compelled to tell them how much I know and believe these oils can help them.  I want to help them, and it’s wrong not to help someone, when you know you can. I’d love for the world to know the immense benefits of treating their family naturally, and also cleaning their homes, with all natural, 100% safe, non-toxic ingredients that work!

So if you have any questions, please ask or email me. I will gradually be adding more links to more information for you in the pink drop down menus you see at the top of my blog under Essential Oils. If you happen to want to order something, I would love for you to do so through me, and advise you in any way about which oils are great for you to start with, and the different ways you can use them.  Please email me for more info.  


*One important note I do need to add:   I do believe dōTERRA essential oils are THE very best essential oils available on the market today.

The plants, from which doTERRA source their precious oils from, are grown in the regions all over the world, in which they are indigenous, with proper nutritive soil conditions, air quality, and weather/moisture, and then are harvested at the right time and carefully distilled.

doTERRA is also the only company who has every bottle of their essential oils to sell, go through 5 tests, and then even tested by a third party, for 100% purity, which makes them the highest quality. Because there are no industry regulations for the standards of quality for essential oils, doTERRA took it upon themselves to do this, and pay for it out of their own pocket, to create an extensive testing system themselves, to ensure they have the highest purity and quality of oils to offer us. The quality of their essential oils means that much to them.

HOWEVER, any high quality pure essential oils are better than none!  Just be sure you know exactly where they came from, that they are pure and high quality, and never ingest oils unless you know how to safely do so, and also know for certain that they are safe to do so. (Not all essential oils are meant for any kind of ingestion.) The ways you can use essential oils in regards to your serious health issues is always a great discussion to have with your physician; provided they are open to natural treatments and wellness, and are knowledgeable and supportive in this area. If they aren’t, find a doctor who is. Never just stop important prescribed medication you have been taking for a long time. Safe transition into using essential oils medicinally is important. Finding a great homeopathic physician is a great idea, also.

Now that I’ve got this big exciting news of mine out in the open, I cannot wait to now be able to start sharing with you all kinds of fun and exciting ways to use dōTERRA essential oils!
I am having a blast using them, and our family is enjoying every day life because of them, more than ever.

The Best of Health & Wellness, to YOU and Your Family!
~ Laura

UPDATE:  It has been well over a year now, since the original date that this post was written. Since then, I have continued to learn a great deal more about essential oils and how to use them for the betterment of our health, and I have continued to teach others a great deal!  We use these essential oils in more ways than ever, every single day, in our family. Because they work so well, for us. I can only confirm that these oils have been a great blessing, to our health, and to the quality of our every day lives.

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Questions? Email me, Laura, at:




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    • says

      I know you do, Lisa! Another fun topic we can happily chit-chat, share and trade healthy secrets about. Thanks for reading all of that!! 😉 <3

    • says

      Ohhh, the Breathe oil has been a lifesaver for us, Jennifer! It’s the one that actually turned Michael into a real oil-believer! He’s ALL IN now, and I love to see him go use them for all of his own needs. I look forward to more chats with you about them, too. I’ve got some real great stories from our house, for you now!

  1. says

    My family tries to stay with as natural as possible when it comes to our bodies– especially since we discovered that our now-3 year old is allergic to (wait for it) *plastics*. Ugh. We’ve dabbled with oils, but have yet to make the big leap to trying blends and more “off the beaten path” options. Thanks for the encouragement to go there!

    • says

      Hi Heather! –
      I’m sorry to hear about learning of your 3 year old’s allergy. Plastics! That IS unusual, isn’t it? I have never heard of an allergy to that. I know they do contain quite the list of toxic chemicals, so I’m so curious to know more about how they result in affecting your….son/daughter? I’d love to hear more about what your challenges are for him/her, and help you figure out some possibly solutions, if you’d like. Feel free to email me any time.
      Laura-House Of Joyful Noise

        • says

          Oh my goodness, Heather! :( That is astonishing. What a challenge that has got to be. My heart hurts for her. Aside from my boy’s serious peanut/tree nut allergy, eczema is a real culprit in our family, so with battling skin flare ups, I have been learning a lot about the power of essential oils and other natural options that help the skin to calm down and heal a lot. Please reach out to me if you have any questions or need any help in regard to skin soothing and healing. Also, for minor breathing constriction (wheezing/minor coughing), the Breathe blend works awesome. My same boy with the allergy has minor breathing issues when exposed to environmental allergens too much, and he loves how the Breathe opens him right up. Of course for a real attack, we have an emergency inhaler on hand. But many of the essential oils have kept skin and breathing issues in check around here.
          Thanks for coming back and replying. I was really still wondering about that. I hope you find any helpful solutions that help you manage this unusual allergy for her. Take care. – Laura / House of Joyful Noise

  2. says

    We have used YL and some other kinds of EO for years. The only thing I don’t like about them is it seems like a guessing game to which oil really works for you. I like an easy fix. 😉 Peppermint has been my fave travel oil…I won’t go on a trip with my kids without it.

    • says

      Hey Lana! How are you? Happy to see you over here. :)
      Peppermint is my oldest daughter’s favorite as well! She uses it to settle an upset or nervous stomach; 1 drop in some water. In what ways have you found the Peppermint good for?
      I understand what you mean. I was initially so overwhelmed with not only the different oils you can use for the same ailment, but the different WAYS you can use it! But it wasn’t long before I realized…..the options with both are really convenient! (I don’t have this one….but I do have this one. Or, I’m leaving home, so instead of diffusing it, I’m just going to put some on my feet. etc.). And, for the every day things or more common things, we have already learned what our go-to oil is that works for us. I just love having options that help the need, WITH the natural purity and safety of using them.
      I have also found some AWESOME resources that help me figure out what oil to use for what, quickly. I use it a few times DAILY, to either help someone in my home or someone else looking for suggestions. If you’d like more resources info let me know!
      Thanks so much for the visit and the comment!
      Laura- House Of Joyful Noise

  3. says

    Hi, Laura! Thanks for the great post. I, too, can talk about the oils and how they have changed my life. I live in a rural area and no longer worry about having to get to the doctor for the less serious issues that a country life or city life, for that matter, can entail. Especially with an active family. :)
    Looking forward to hearing how they have helped you help your family on your path to a healthy lifestyle.
    I know that they have changed my life. That’s for sure!

    • says

      Hi Trish! –
      Thanks so much for sharing how much these oils have changed your family’s life for the better, also! We too are not only enjoying the convenience of taking care of the little things ourselves, but also being able to prevent illnesses like the colds and flus. The oils are comforting to have and be able to use in the life of our family, all the way around.

      I do plan on sharing more and more of the many ways these oils help our family. Honestly, I’m overwhelmed with remembering them all! It’s a great problem to have, though. : )
      – Laura


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