Early August Gardens, at Our House.

Just a quick update on how our gardens have grown. It’s August now.

The most exciting recent development, is we finally have some watermelons growing!

They are still fairly small. I forget what variety we planted, so maybe they won’t get much bigger.


I need to find the seed packet, and find out, because we’ve got a (passed due) deadline here!


We need to use the ‘Watermelon Patch’ as our ‘Pumpkin Patch’ soon!  If not yesterday.  If you were with us last year, you may recall we planted our pumpkins way too soon.  We had to harvest them by early October, and so we didn’t have any WE grew, by Halloween.  : ( But apparently, it takes 120 days to grow pumpkins!

That leaves us with…..83 days. Oh dear. This year we’re late!


I think we’ll just plant pumpkin seeds tomorrow, right in there with the watermelon vines. There’s room!


Are we blessed, with kids who LOVE to weed, or what?

I can answer that.

“Yes we are!”


Cherry Tomatoes, on the vine.

(The bigger kind.)


More Cherry Tomatoes.

And some other varieties too….




Soon, we’ll have Tomatoes to eat every day.  (LOVE tomato sandwiches.)  Right now, we are eating Cucumber spears every day, and we love it!! The kids eat tons.   The kids dip in Ranch Dressing. I like just Salt & Pepper.

We’ve got just a few Green Bell Peppers growing.  My mother-in-law was right. We should had started earlier, when we started with seed in the house.

Always learning as we grow.

Oh my favorite this year….

Our Sugar Snap Peas.

I just love even the SIGHT of them, growing up our trellis and twine.



It doesn’t seem we got as many as we should have?


But maybe that is because we can’t stop eating them!  Never enough.

Can you believe we have not gotten as far as to even COOK some yet? They are simply sweet, crunchy, divine, and addicting, raw and right off the vines.

I love the sweet little flowers they put off, too.


There are constantly wasps collecting wood grain, to make nests somewhere.  I’ve come not mind them around.  It’s actually interesting to watch them work.  So far, I still have a trellis so, it’s fine.  Yes, I do desperately need a macro lens.


Lastly, we have some sunflowers, that the kids began to grow inside, and replanted in the gardens.  They make me smile.

And so do your visits here to our blog.  Thank you coming by. How are your gardens/flowers fairing?  Please take a moment to say hi, and invite us over to your place, if you’d like.  Most think we’re pleasant enough folks. : )



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  1. 5
    lisa says:

    What do you do about pests on your tomatoes? I grow a lot every year but lose most of them to the bugs.

    • 5.1
      Laura says:

      Hi Lisa – We have not really had any issues with pests and our tomatoes. Our greatest challenge with our tomatoes has been if we get too much rain, they grow so fast they split.
      What area do you live in? I’ll tell you, a whole lot of my gardening lessons have come from trial and error, and a whole lot of Googling! Honestly, any questions I have, I research and find the answer. So in your case, I’d get a good look at what those pests look like, and use keywords in your search like ‘tomatoes pests bugs (your area)’, etc. The net is a WEALTH of helpful info.
      I hope that helps!
      Thanks for coming by and chatting.

  2. 4

    You have a beautiful site. I am so happy to be a new follower! I would love for you to link up at my Savvy HomeMade Monday blog party next week if you have the time. Your photos are gorgeous and make me want to get out to my garden now!

  3. 3
    Patrick Estano says:

    Awesome all the stuff in the garden looks delicious and i like the wasp picture. Good luck with the garden.

  4. 2
    Josh Estano says:

    Awesome!!! Good luck with growing those pumpkins! 😀

  5. 1

    I love all of these pictures! Of the 3 tomato plants we have, only one is producing. And our dog keeps trying to get them. (If only tomatoes weren’t ball shaped!) That cracks me up that your kids like to weed.

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