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I’ve been shooting high school seniors for about 13 years now.  Naturally, my work has really evolved since my early years. (Thank goodness.)  I’ve always taken a limited number seniors each season, to be able to give each individual my creative best, because it’s the creative process I love, and those customized portraits that reflect my seniors true personality, that they deserve.  Shooting every senior in the same spot, in the same style, and positioned the same way, is far from my style!  I’m not a volume photographer, and I won’t ever care to be.  I want to get a good feeling for who they are on the inside, so it shines on the outside.Read More

Brittany / A Senior, Graduated.

Meet Brittany.

Brittany already graduated from high school this past spring.  She is going for nursing too!  (I’ve had a few nurses-to-be in the last couple of years.)  Her mom is a nurse.  Brittany called me too late to book in time to get a year book photo from me too, but she didn’t care.  She really just wanted to work with me,  to get a collection of photos of her as a senior, (so important, I can’t say it enough…), and didn’t care when or how I could fit her in!

Well…..O.K.!  That works for me!

These are the kind of people I love to work with.  The ones who want to hire me for my style of work.  So I made it work for her, and we actually worked together for 3 photo shoots, over the period of 3 seasons!… Read More

Blaire – A Senior

There is always collectively so much work to share here in this section, between Michael and I, and yet it has ultimately become the most neglected area of the blog. I know I have opted many times, to post in the other sections as an alternative, and I've figured out why.