Senior Sneak Peek / Brianna

Meet Brianna!!  Brianna got my Senior Story Package (that is, her story of course.).  So we were able to go all out, and we did!!  Her sessions were held at multiple locations:  her yard and pond, her neighbor’s yard, my studio, and an urban location.  She was up for anything-and you can bet I always love that!  She is very into the arts, so she’s a girl I can relate to!:  She writes, she loves photography, she takes dance and boxing! We incorporated all of that in her shoots, and I am so happy with her collection of images. She is also part of the National Honor Society.… Read More

Senior Sneak Peek / another Joseph!

This is my second ‘Joseph’ senior of the season, and he was great to work with.  Easy going and co-operative, which is really all I need, but he was charming and friendly too, which always makes for a fun shoot.

This was just a basic session, so there are not a ton of shots to begin with. I just grabbed a few to share.  He has a great smile, and gave me plenty of them!   But I like his simple, content look too.

His mom has hired me before.  I did her daughter (Joe’s sister) as a senior, last year, I believe?… Read More

Senior Sneak Peek / Jessica

Here is another senior beauty, Jessica!  She comes from a great family, and I have done lots of work for them.  Jessica is one of 5 really great kids in her family.  I’ve been trying to remember just when it was, that I met their mother, because honestly, it seems like I’ve known her forever. I’ve done their family portrait, Jessica’s older sister’s senior photos, her older brother’s senior photos, and her older sister has also done some modeling work for me. And get this….the WHOLE FAMILY has dimples!!!    I am always smitten with dimples.  : )  I have enjoyed getting to know each child a little better, as they grow and become a senior.  THIS is Jessica’s year, and she was just awesome to photograph, work with and get to know better!… Read More

Senior Sneak Peek / Stephanie

Meet Stephanie.  This girl was a ‘photographer’s dream’, to work with!   She’s not quite sure what wants to do next year after she graduates – which is ok!  Many young people don’t know, even once they are in college!  But she did share with me that ever since she was a little girl, she has wanted to be a model.  Well…..she can sure do that!  She is a NATURAL in front of a camera. She’s really got a feel for it, and she takes very little direction, very well.  As a photographer, she was so much fun for me to work with, because she was up for ANYTHING!  She wanted different than the typical senior photos, and I like to be creative and not be restrained by typical work, which would bore me to tears.… Read More