JFK Library & Museum / Field Trip

I’m a planner.  I plan everything.  Call me not-very-fun, but there is not much I do spontaneously.  Especially when it involves, like…..a whole day. Or traveling a small distance.  Or worse……changing plans I already planned!

So when a friend of mine sent me a message one bright and early morning not long ago, asking if we’d all be up for a trip into Boston, to visit the John F. Kennedy Library & Museum that day….well, I started having heart palpitations, and immediately started brainstorming excuses to say no.  For examples:  I had a full day of lessons planned!  The kids had a test.  My camera battery wasn’t charged!Read More

A Study: Politics, the House Senate & Voting

The exciting and intense campaign race for the Massachusetts House Senate seat has been another golden opportunity to teach our younger children more about politics and the government, following the opportunities that came with the the most recent presidential race.  Granted, we weren’t sure how much they could really grasp or follow at 7 years old, but they have pleasantly surprised.  If nothing else, with their interest and enthusiasm.  {A} is already rather informed on this subject, as she has a very strong interest in all Politics & Government, which she has elected to study in depth this year.

We began with more general talk about the the government, a little about how it runs, and then got more into the purpose and duties of the House Senate.… Read More