The Party Owl Will Sleep * A Self-Induced Coma

This is a special announcement, regarding our Tuesday Link-Up Parties. Unfortunately, we are going to stop hosting them, for now.  I’ve been thinking about this for weeks, and there is really no sane way around it.  As much as a part of me wants to keep doing them, I need to let it go for now. The party owl must sleep for awhile, in a self-induced coma. ; ) I am realizing how much it is effecting the rest of our blog, as hosting them, visiting links, and choosing features is just incredibly time consuming (as well as inspiring though!), and effecting the rest of the quality of the blog. It seems I bit off more than I could chew, not realizing the time I would be investing in this party alone.  As you know, I’ve also had a lot of hang-ups and challenges in doing the link-up party, as well.

With a new school year starting again for us, and the kids’ subjects and activities expanded, we are about to be busier than ever! But it’s a good thing! We are soooo excited about another incredible home schooling year, and all of the new experiences and adventures to come. At the same time, I as the main blogger, want to focus on better, and more meaningful writing, in our blog posts.  Also, the time saved from not hosting the link-ups can be reinvested in more of doing my own ‘creatively living out loud! In fact, I have been, and I can’t wait to show you what I’ve done! There is a lot of planning, time management, and new exciting things coming to the blog, and the link-up party is what needs to be sacrificed, to make it all happen.  But, we know there is an abundance of linky parties all over blogland for you, which I’ll be participating in more of as well.

Feel free to remove our buttons under your Tuesday parties, as to not waste anyone’s time. We’ll be doing the same for ours here, where needed.  Those of you who have grabbed our ‘Featured’ buttons, we’d love for you to keep them. They are still relevant, and deserved!

In closing, we just want to THANK ALL OF YOU, who supported our parties from the get-go!!  The parties never did grow as big as we’d hoped, but I could hardly keep up with what we had anyway.  We are so grateful to those of you who shared your inspiring & creative ideas with us, and all of our readers.  We’d like to give special thanks, to some we know linked up every single week, if not close to it!:

We apologize if we missed recalling anyone who really partied with us very regularly.

We hope you all keep coming by to our blog here, to visit us and see what we’ve got going on, and are excited as we are, for all that is to come!


The Richard Family