The Party Owl Will Sleep * A Self-Induced Coma

This is a special announcement, regarding our Tuesday Link-Up Parties. Unfortunately, we are going to stop hosting them, for now.  I’ve been thinking about this for weeks, and there is really no sane way around it.  As much as a part of me wants to keep doing them, I need to let it go for now. The party owl must sleep for awhile, in a self-induced coma. ; ) I am realizing how much it is effecting the rest of our blog, as hosting them, visiting links, and choosing features is just incredibly time consuming (as well as inspiring though!), and effecting the rest of the quality of the blog. It seems I bit off more than I could chew, not realizing the time I would be investing in this party alone.  As you know, I’ve also had a lot of hang-ups and challenges in doing the link-up party, as well.

With a new school year starting again for us, and the kids’ subjects and activities expanded, we are about to be busier than ever! But it’s a good thing! We are soooo excited about another incredible home schooling year, and all of the new experiences and adventures to come. At the same time, I as the main blogger, want to focus on better, and more meaningful writing, in our blog posts.  Also, the time saved from not hosting the link-ups can be reinvested in more of doing my own ‘creatively living out loud! In fact, I have been, and I can’t wait to show you what I’ve done! There is a lot of planning, time management, and new exciting things coming to the blog, and the link-up party is what needs to be sacrificed, to make it all happen.  But, we know there is an abundance of linky parties all over blogland for you, which I’ll be participating in more of as well.

Feel free to remove our buttons under your Tuesday parties, as to not waste anyone’s time. We’ll be doing the same for ours here, where needed.  Those of you who have grabbed our ‘Featured’ buttons, we’d love for you to keep them. They are still relevant, and deserved!

In closing, we just want to THANK ALL OF YOU, who supported our parties from the get-go!!  The parties never did grow as big as we’d hoped, but I could hardly keep up with what we had anyway.  We are so grateful to those of you who shared your inspiring & creative ideas with us, and all of our readers.  We’d like to give special thanks, to some we know linked up every single week, if not close to it!:

We apologize if we missed recalling anyone who really partied with us very regularly.

We hope you all keep coming by to our blog here, to visit us and see what we’ve got going on, and are excited as we are, for all that is to come!


The Richard Family


Our Daughter’s Handmade Rosary, & the *Tuesday LINK-UP PARTY*/Features

& FEATURED Linkers !


Happy Tuesday, once again! Unless of course, it’s Monday Eve. Or Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, or Saturday. Because of course, we leave the party door open for you, hoping you’ll get to coming around at some point through the week, to link-up, and inspire us with your ideas!!  Sometimes, People are just ‘late to the party’. Right? We’ve been there. So we’d hate for you to miss out. Feel free to ‘bring a friend’ to the party anytime, too!  Invite them through Twitter, your blog, or any way you’d like.

I wanted to kick off the features this week, with a project by our very own 14 year old daughter, {A}.

It’s a Rosary, if by chance you didn’t know, because you’re not Catholic as we are.  She made it as a gift for her friend, Fr. Bob Reed.  The Rosary center is a metal of St. Therese of Lisieux, who is Fr. Reed’s favorite saint, also known as ‘St. Therese – The Little Flower’, thus the roses for the Our Father Beads.  Yellow roses, as many of us know, are symbolic of friendship. But yellow is also one of Fr. Reed’s favorite colors, as well as blue, in the Swarovski crystals, which serve as the Hail Mary prayer beads. So suffice it to say, being a Catholic priest, who loves saying the Rosary, Fr. Reed was very happy to receive this gift from {A}, that consisted of so many of his favorite things.  But from a creative standpoint, I am sure many of you can also appreciate the tedious work that went into this project, as well. {A} selected all of the beads, and special pieces of the Rosary in an eclectic manner, through Etsy searches as well as the craft stores, until she had all she needed to begin her project. Then using eye pins and crimping pliers, she created the Rosary.  I was really impressed with not only her handiwork, but her giving heart as well.

Here are our other features this week:

This rustic key holder from Thrifty Decorating, is just what we need around here! Not only do I love the look of it, but I was impressed that Nicole fired up a circular saw and used it, all by herself!  Those things scare the dickens of of me.


Let me tell you why we’re featuring these Banana Bites, from The Prudent Pantry.  Because the kids and I made them rather spontaneously the other day, and they are as gooood as Miss Prudent Pantry says they are. (I’m sorry, but I could not find her first name anywhere on her blog.) As quickly as we made them, and popped them all down, I did take photos along the way. So I’ll be doing a Vittles post on them as well, asap.


Well, you all know how much I love children’s story books. Especially those with fabulous illustrations, and encouraging or value-laden messages for children, through the imagination of great story tellers.  So I was smitten with this kid’s project that Crissy from Crissy’s Crafts linked us up to, inspired by the children’s story book, The Kissing Hand, by Audrey Penn. The story & the craft, come just in time to ease the worries and fears of any little ones you may have, who are a little anxious about going (back) to school this year.


Lastly, are these waaaaayyyyyy coooool tie-dye t-shirts, linked up by ChristyB, from christyB Photography Blog.   Her daughter made these from an easy, no mess kit, and she tells you where you can get it.I want that shirt on the right, in the worst way!!

Incidentally, the kids and I did a wicked cool & wicked fun t-shirt project of our own this week!!  It’s a twist, on the traditional tie-dye shirts.  It’s one of those projects you just want to keep doing. (My kids proved that!).  It’s really so cool, and so easy.  I took loads of photos (which I have not edited yet….yikes!), and that post is coming right up this week. Even if it kills me. And it might with my agenda this week!

That’s a Feature Wrap!

If YOU are ready to party with us, and possibly get featured yourself, grab a button or a link, and LET’S GO!!  We can’t wait to see what you’ve got!




*LINK-UP PARTY* (#15) @ Our House Of Joyful Noise & Featured from #14

& FEATURED Linkers !


Hi Folks!!

Tuesdays sure do sneak up quickly! Sometimes too quickly, for me.  I apologize for skipping the party last week, but life gets in the way of my blogging now and then, and I’ve got to be o.k. with that.  Family first around here.

I am still struggling, choosing features. Ugh! There’s always so many great creations and ideas, and there are some linkers I want to feature every-single-week. But I try to give everyone a chance too. I want to keep it light, fun & inspiring for everyone.  But in my head, I get into considering hurt feeling, repeating the same linkers, picture quality, etc. So just so you know, I’m working on it, and if you have any helpful suggestions or advice in choosing features, I’ll take it! Maybe I make it harder for myself than I need to. That’s entirely possible.  lol

As for me and my creative projects, I haven’t been putting out much finished pieces.  But that’s because I’ve been putting more time into prepping, for bigger projects to come. I’m looking for that balance every day, and our schooling will be picking up the pace in a big way, in just a few weeks.  While it would be nice to have that kind of blogging and creative project time that moms with kids in school do, I wouldn’t trade it for the family time we have, or the schooling that is such a part of my heart, and brings us all so much joy. So, I’m just going to keep tweaking my time management and share with you all, all I can!  It means the world to us, that you all come around. I WISH I could tell you all we have coming up in time for you but…time will tell. ; )

*Just one more quick and IMPORTANT note:  You all need to RE-SUBSCRIBE with us here, as we have an all new rss feed.  And if you haven’t been subscribed, you need to do THAT anyway of course! ; ) With it, comes a Give-Away, and news of another on the way, that looks like, smells like, and spends like….$$$! So click to to this post for minute, which will open in a new window, to subscribing, and get your name in for the Give-Away!

Alrighty now. Before we get to a new party, here’s the few features we chose, after visiting every link-up twice!

Adding elegance to elegance….

That’s what Beth from Unskinny Boppy managed.  While her dining room was being repainted, check out the revamp she gave her china cabinet!  I think it was a brave thing to do, but by golly, it works!


Getting organized early on, is a good start….

And a great way to kick off a new school year!  Which by the way Peeps, is right around a 1/2 corner, if you haven’t noticed!  So it’s time to get the kid’s school supplies shopped for and together.  Shannon at Family Brings Joy is making it a tad easier for you, with this free school supply list print out!  You can print 1 or more out right HERE, right now!


Imagine the pretty sound of tinkering spoons in the breeze…..

Or instead of imagining it, let your kids help with this clever & cute wind chime.  Julie at My Crazy Life…As a Mom and Wife, shows you how.




Again-We came, we saw, and we were INSPIRED!!

What creative projects have you banged out into lately? LAy it on the table Peeps, and show your hand! Grab your owl Ticket, and link up your inspiration for us all!




*LINK-UP PARTY* (#14) @ Our House Of Joyful Noise & Featured from #13

& FEATURED Linkers !


What a week it has been!  Summer really seems to be flying by now, and I’m always feeling like I’m a few steps behind.  But at least lately, I know it’s because I’ve been putting the never-done-anyway to-do list aside, and taking the time to enjoy the fleeting and sweet days & nights of summer, with the people I love. We’ve been swimming & sunning & loving the sand in our toes and the salt in the air,…. hanging out & kicking back & laughing a lot with friends.  Summer comes and goes too fast, not to indulge in all of the gifts the season brings, while we can.  So hope you are too, if you have a summer where you are!


Alright. Let’s get to our Featured Linkers this week.

I can only imagine how amazing this Fresh Berry Pie With No Fail Crust, must taste, from Brittany at Bebe A La Mode Designs.  Fresh summer strawberries are one of the best parts of summer.  I suggest you visit her blog, and go grab the recipe, just as I plan to do.


This beautiful pillow in royal colors would give pop to any room!  The how-to from Debbie at ReFresh ReStyle, is easy enough. But it may be a secret tip you aren’t aware of after all!  Can you guess what it was made with?  But even worthier of a visit to this pillow post in it’s entirety, is the t-shirt made into a pillow! You’ve got to check it out, and then imagine the possibilities.


I love seeing the creativity some put into a room make-over! Don’t you?  And I think when it’s for someone you love, like your teen-kid, you’re especially driven to make it super cool, so they love it!  Well wait until you see how Jenni at Kissed By a Frog, pulled out all of the stops, for her daughter’s Tween Dream Bedroom.   There’s one feature she thought of, that is so clever, and makes this room over-the- top-COOL.  Go see what it is, and see if you say “No way!” out loud, like I did. ; )


If you’ve got a hand to hold, you’ll want yours soft!  Carolyn from Carolyn’s Homework shows us how we can make our own Sugar Scrubs, with Pretty Packaging!  Lovely for our own bathrooms, or a beautiful home made gift to consider for Christmas or other special occasions.

Once again, thanks to our FEATURED today, and EVERYONE who has been linking up with us!! ANYONE could be next! And whether you were featured this week or not,….

We came, we saw, and we were INSPIRED!!

So it’s PaRtY Time once again! What creative projects have you tapped into lately? Grab your owl Ticket, and link up your inspiration for us all!



*Link-Up Party* (#13) @ Our House Of Joyful Noise, & *Spotlight Picks*!



TUESDAYS……When we most always do a little Show & Tell of a few of our favorite link-ups from the previous week, and kick of a new party!

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* * * * * *

Every week is a challenge to choose what awesome projects, or ideas, or recipes, to feature!  There is most always a slew of link-ups worth highlighting.  It’s hard to leave some of them out.  But there’s several things we consider, and those things really varies every week. So no hard feelings, we hope. I really try to decide on those shares that grab us most, for 1 reason or another, and ones we think our readers might be glad we made sure they didn’t miss, too!

So here’s our picks for this week!  We hope you enjoy them.


We thought this ‘Family Swing’, from Michelle Not Shelly, was one cool project!  Sounds like it was no small talk to hang it from this tree either, but well worth their efforts!  The marbles are such a creative touch.  We want a good tree, asap!



We live on the New England Sea Shore, so seafood is plentiful! But that doesn’t mean we eat it on any kind of regular occasion.  Michael is not crazy about any shellfish, ever, actually.  I love some, sometimes. It depends how it’s prepared.  The kids will eat it alright.  But {O} truly LOVES it.   Frankly, she’s be a happy seagull!  That said, I am dying to try these Muffin Tin Crab Cakes, from Crissy’s Crafts!  (And Michael is going to to! I am sure the kids will love them.) First of all, this great photo makes them look so enticing! But also, I read the recipe, and there is an ingredient in here that gives it some definitely KICK!


What a clever & simply-done gift idea this Vinyl On a Glass Block is, from Nothing But Country!  I thought it was such a thoughtful idea to show their gratitude, and reflect their faith.  The great thing is, while not everyone goes to see the temple, almost every crafter has a vinyl cutter by now!  Imagine the possibilities, from this inspiration, using the same concept!  Everyday decor, favorite quotes, holidays…..the list is endless.  It’s a beautiful and versatile craft.


Here’s a sweet ending:  Lemon Drop Cupcakes, from Lady Behind the Curtain.   To be real here, aside from Lemonade, and my Mike’s Hard Lemonade, I do not personally like lemon flavored anything!  I really don’t.  But…..Michael, loves lemon anything!  He would eat all 3 of these, if they were in front of him right now, and ask for more!  Lemon Merenge Pie is another favorite of his, and he is a Cake Boy, if I ever knew one! So this pick is for him. Besides, they are so pretty, with the sparkly sugar and lemons. I’m a visual person, so this photo won me over anyway.  SWEET!

Thanks to our FEATURED today, and EVERYONE who has been linking up with us!!  ANYONE could be next!  And whether you were featured this week or not,….

We came, we saw, and we were INSPIRED!!

So let’s do it again!  Grab your owl Ticket, and link up your inspiration for us all!