The Ultimate Crafty Giveway; Over $250 worth!

****SORRY!   This awesome Giveaway has ended!  Hope you got your entry in on time.****

Hello my Friends! 

Here’s something I bet you didn’t see coming! 

I’m ridiculously excited to share this giveaway with you today!
I got together with some of my crafty friends, and we’re giving away over $250 of craft supplies, including a Silhouette! (Yes, it’s true!).
We’re so excited to share this with you… it is like an early Christmas present for one lucky reader! 
You can be oh-so well equipped to be a crafting like mad by the new year!
Just look at what could be all yours .… Read More

A NEW RSS Feed + a *GIVEAWAY* !!!/ Winner Announced! (This post info out of date as of 1/12. Feed info not correct anymore.)


One step closer to the winner announcement here:   Does anyone remember when the ‘Daily Lotto Numbers’ were drawn live on tv, with the numbered ping-pong-like balls bouncing around in an air machine, and then a ball would get vacuum sucked up and that number would be the winner? Well….maybe it still is on t.v. like that, but I don’t watch much t.v. anymore.  Anyhoo…..the point is, we wished we could draw a winner that way.  Of course, we don’t have such fancy machines on hand.
But….we do have a BINGO ball tumbler! : )

And so that’s just what we used, in 2 shots here for you.Read More

French Door Spring Fancy Strands / Give-Away (Closed)

I find spring-time to be such a craft-inspiring season.  Although winter & spring has been taking turns around here in the past few weeks, I still like to think of it as just spring, as it should be.  Time for garden planning, enjoying the new warmer, sunnier days, and looking for those very exciting signs of spring.  They are popping up all around us, despite the occasional surprise snowfall!  With spring comes all kinds of cheery colors and symbols always associated with this season of new life.  It just makes me feel like crafting!


The French doors between our sun room, which is always bursting with sunshine or a soft natural light, and our living room, has been the focus of my craft quite a few times!  All of the rectangular panes of glass  strike me as mini picture frames, calling for some little artwork.  This past Winter, I made beautiful sparkly snowflakes on blue ribbon, which is a craft I am saving to share later this year.Read More

Cotton Creek Friends – Another Give Away! (*Winner Update*)

Yes, we have another give-away.  Oh.  I know, as I type this, that we have not yet wrapped up the last give-away, which ends at the end of October. I’m SO sorry to inundate you all with free money and stuff!  It’s awful, isn’t it?  ; )

I have a friend, Jessica Dittmer,  who is one of those artists. You know, the type who no doubt has heard all of her life, such things as, “You have more talent in your little pinky, than I do in my whole body.” The kind that has so much creative energy, that her creative directions are hard to contain, or keep up with!Read More

Crafts at the Fair; (Come Stroll the Fair Series)

This may be the shortest blog post from me ever. I don’t think I have a whole lot to say.  But sometimes once I get going, more just comes out, so I guess we’ll see! : )

One of my favorite part of fairs, is walking around to look at the crafts.   As a creative person myself, I can just appreciate the time, skill and handiwork that I know artists invested.

This time at the fair, we had limited time for viewing crafts, and we didn’t come across much more than what was in this building anyway.  There was lots of little things, artwork by kids (I remember those days….I always had my work in the fairs), and lots of QUILTS.Read More

Winner Announcement for Stitch A Wish Designs Give-Away!

The winner of the Stitch A Wish Designs Wristlet Give-Away from this post is:

Commenter #11 was Shelli!

Congratulations Shelli!  We know you (or your daughter!) will love your new bag!

Thanks to Michelle at Stitch A Wish Designs for donating this beautiful custom designed creation!

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Business Feature: Stitch A Wish Designs / Give-Away

If you think you’ve heard of Stitch A Wish Designs before, you probably have, right here on this blog.  I have mentioned my friend Michelle, the designer and owner of SWD, before, and have even done this featured blog post on her as well before too.

But, there is always much to share about her, and the beautiful things she makes!  She is always re-inventing the wheel, or coming up with new cool or beautiful things all her own, and I’m always so impressed,  I just need to let everyone know.    Not only because her creations are beautiful, and high quality, but because her pricing is reasonable, and we all look good carrying (or wearing) her stuff.  She offers a wide variety of bags for women and kids, tutus, hand-embroidered items, and specialty gifts.  I have done a lot of photography for Michelle’s work.  Partly because she is my friend, but also because I believe in what she is selling!  I believe in HER.  Her heart is in everything she makes, and her business is full of compassion and giving, always.… Read More