An All Natural, All Purpose Spray Cleaner Recipe and Washing Curtains -GIVEAWAY!

As many of you are probably aware, we have been participating in a wonderful Essential Spring Cleaning Event, all this week!
Not only are we hooking you up with a handful of safe, non-toxic spring cleaning posts every day this week, from 22 other bloggers, but today we are contributing to this fantastic event with our own post as well. 
And we have a Giveaway for you at the end of this post, so do-not-miss-out on that!


I have two things I am sharing with you today:

1. My all-natural-all-purpose spray cleaner recipe 

2. a curtains washing tip

To start, let me tell you about my all-purpose, all-natural, spray cleaner solution. 
By the italicized, I mean that it is safe, non-toxic; with no harmful chemicals.
without vinegar!

It seems vinegar is being used a lot in people’s homemade natural cleaners right now. And there is nothing wrong with that, if you don’t mind it!
It’s true that vinegar is indeed a safe and natural cleaner that truly helps give some cleaning extra cleaning power.

BUT, personally, there is only one reason why I really want to be working with vinegar. And that reason better be because we are about to have fun coloring eggs!  Otherwise, I prefer my whole house not end up smelling like it. And that’s been my experience when I’ve cleaned with it.

So I’ve been intent on coming up with a spray cleaner that smelled far more pleasant, and of course worked, without using vinegar.  And what I came up with, is working pretty well for me!  Does it work as well as using vinegar? Honestly, I haven’t done a side-by-side test. But I can say that if it is slightly less effective in cleaning power, (and I’m not complaining), it’s worth the lemony wonderful scent it leaves in exchange, and as I said, it does clean great for me!
And I am what others describe as…..particular. 😉


Lemon All-Purpose  Cleaner Recipe

*In an ~16oz glass container with a spray nozzle.
1/2 tsp. washing soda (found in the laundry aisle of grocery stores)
1 tsp castile liquid soap
20-30 drops of doTERRA Lemon Essential Oil
fill rest with water
Gently over and upright several times to mix.

*It’s important to use glass containers when an ingredient is an essential oil.
doTERRA’s Lemon Essential Oil does more than just smell amazing in this cleaner! It’s nature’s disinfectant, and packs a powerful cleaning punch as well!  It also happens to be an antidepressant, while freshening the air in your home with it’s invigorating and clean citrus scent!
It also has an endless list of health benefits and uses, which you can read more about here.

What do I clean with this spray cleaner?
Pretty much everything and anything that is non-porous!
Kitchen and Bathroom Surfaces – Kitchen and Bathroom Sinks – Windows – Mirrors – Faucet Fixtures -Gloss or Semi-Gloss Painted Walls or Wood
Just spray on and wipe with some muscle, using paper towel, newspaper or your preference.

Do you want to know one thing I love using this cleaner for, that really shows me what cleaning power this has?  We make our own toothpaste, and it includes virgin organic coconut oil. Do you know what a mess that leaves in your bathroom sink, with a family of 6 spitting it out at least twice a day? But I just spray the sink bowl all over with my cleaner, wipe it out with paper towel, and then rinse it with water.
It’s so quick and it comes out beautiful. I am going to get a little cleaning brush with a handle though, to make it even easier and save on paper towels. 

OK, tip #2!

Adding deodorizing and adding extra-freshness to your curtains when washing:

Simply wash your curtains in your usual manner, according to the method best for the material, and add to the wash water 5-10 drops of doTERRA’s Purify Essential Oil.
If your curtains are then able to dry in the dryer, I like to put some more drops of Purify on a clean sock or rag, and throw it in the dryer to dry with the curtains, as well.
Purify can be used in a whole laundry list of ways (no pun intended, but yet it is fitting!), to effectively and truly eliminate odors, unlike other fresheners that just mask the odors with toxic and overly-powerful perfume chemicals.  Plus, Purify leaves a fresh-air clean scent.

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Let’s wrap this up with a Giveaway; shall we?!

Since I would love nothing more, than for you to experience for yourself, why we have fallen so in love with doTERRA Essential Oils, with every day use for our mental and physical health, mood management, focus, cleaning, personal care products, recipes, and so much more, we are giving away:

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These Introduction to Essential Oils Kit includes the introductory audio CD and booklet and a 5 ml bottle of dōTERRA’s Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade Lavender, Lemon, and Peppermint essential oils. They come in a nice presentation box which also includes suggested uses of the included oils providing you with an immediate experience of the life-changing benefits of essential oils.

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So let’s be sure you are up to date so far:

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Stay with us all week, and we bring you more and more great tips, tricks, recipes, to make your house sparkle, shine and smell fresh, clean and fantastic!

By the way . . . . . .
You may have heard how essential oils are a far more natural and definitely safer way to help with any health concern, illness or disease under the sun, too. They are nothing short of fascinating. True gifts from the earth. But yes, they also have very powerful cleaning properties, with most being highly disinfecting and packing a real cleaning punch to your dirtiest jobs.
You’ll probably be wanting to get your hands on some of these essential oils by the time this week is over.
Don’t know where to get pure, effective, therapeutic grade essential oils?
I can and will help you!
You can get them right HERE! Or contact me with any and all questions you may have!

Message me through Facebook or, or email me at

Stay safe – get healthy – clean up your act, and have fun!
~ Laura


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  1. says

    I’m going to try your Lemon All Purpose Cleaner. I usually put vinegar in my homemade cleaners, but this sounds wonderful and I’ll bet the lemon essential oil is antibacterial enough to take care of just about any germy surface. Thanks!

    • says

      You are right Susan! Lemon essential oil is actually highly antibacterial, as well as antiviral, and a disinfectant.
      It also happens to have properties that are antibiotic, antiseptic, and astringent. It has more awesome purposes and uses than most people realize. It’s great stuff!

  2. Michelle says

    Posted this on the wrong post somehow! lol

    (And to add a question – where do you purchase your glass spray bottle?)
    Thanks for the great information! Just one thing to note for anyone with young kids… (some) essential oils can still be toxic if ingested. So, some of the blends, like Purify, which contains melaleuca (tea tree oil), can be toxic if taken internally. (I happened to research this EO in particular because it was in a topical skin medicine we are using.) I’d also been warned previously to be very careful because, though natural, they can be (as you know) extremely powerful. Now, are they safer than some of the chemical alternatives? Probably! But if you have little ones that might decide to drink a bottle of whatever they find under the sink…could still be dangerous. Just my PSA for the day :-)
    Otherwise – I am much enjoying learning from all your research!

    • says


      Right, Purify is not intended to be taken internally, and there is no indication that that is suggested. The bottle clearly states it is for Aromatic and Topical use only.
      Naturally, like any household cleaners or medications in a household, parents should be sure they are kept out of small children’s reach. Essential oils are indeed potent, and should be stored, as well as used, with absolute common sense. One or 2 drops is often sufficient enough for it’s intended purpose. *Each bottle is fitted with an orifice reducer for that reason.*
      Thankfully, doTERRA is always very clear about which oils are safe for ingestion, and which ones are not.
      Not only is every bottle clearly marked with how they are meant (or are not meant) to be used, but anyone who buys essential oils from a doTERRA rep are also well equipped and informed of how to use each oil, what they can be used for, if they should be diluted when being used, etc. They are also given a wealth of resources they can always turn to with questions, and we are always there for them to contact as well.
      Thanks for your comment. I encourage you to do your own research for your own family, as we have certainly done, and continue to do, for ours. We are SO thankful to have discovered the doTERRA brand of essential oils, as they are not comparable to most any other brand in the world. They are the single largest essential oils company in the world, and there are plenty of reasons for that. We personally feel blessed for the benefits and solutions they continue to bring us daily. They have definitely increased the health and every day quality of our lives.
      I have purchased glass bottles from
      Thanks again for your comment, and good luck with your entries for this Giveaway!

      • Michelle says

        Feel free to delete my comments. I guess my mouth/typing filter isn’t working again. Didn’t mean to hijack the post. I just think some people see the words “all natural” and make dangerous assumptions. This applies to herbs as well. I think EO are exciting and interesting, and I’ve been interested in them, especially for cleaning, for a long time. I appreciate you doing all the research.

        • says

          Oh no, you make a good point to note Michelle!
          I do think anyone who gets into using essential oils, is pretty intent on really learning about them before they do start using them. And we certainly advise, encourage, and help give them resources to do just that, so they can use them properly and effectively, for their needs.
          I just wanted to clarify, for anyone reading, that the doTERRA corp. works hard at promoting and educating everyone regarding the proper use of their oils, AND preventing any accidents of IMproper use of them. Including the orifice reducer, that only allow one drop at a time to come out, proper markings of bottles, etc.
          Hey….Poison Ivy oil is natural! But that doesn’t mean we should use that topically. lol 😉 Thanks for the discussion. It’s all good.

    • Lisa says

      Being that this was a great tip on how to use purify in your laundry to freshen your curtains naturally (STILL LOVING THAT IDEA!) I would ask where your concern that a child would get a hold of this… I know a lot of people that own EO’s, use them responsibly and don’t have issues as to not being responsible. So not sure why cleaning curtains would warrant a PSA.

      For myself I can’t wait (I currently have a load in or I would be doing this now) CAN’T wait to try that approach, my curtains will be clean, fresh and naturally cleaned. My oils are put where my kiddos know to stay out of and I have 5 ranging from 4-16 at home and have never had an issue. EO’s are such a great addition to our house and have cut a lot of medications from our lives and have served as great additions to our cleaners, like that stated above. THANKS LAURA!!! AWESOME POST! :)

      • Michelle says

        Lisa – Sorry. My point is simply that some people see the words “all natural” and think it is automatically also “non-toxic”, which is not the case, and the same precautions should be taken as when using chemical cleaners.

        Yes, good post and good information.

        • Lisa says

          Oh no Michelle, I get it… :) I just think the wording got a little “funny”…. This is such a great post, and yes, ANY cleaning product natural or not should be used with caution. Even those labeled non-toxic, that doesn’t necessarily mean ingestible or safe to ingest. I am excited for sure to use both these cleaners listed, they are definitely different than the ones I currently am using and that purify will really help freshen my house!! :) I would hate to take away from such a fun idea. :)

          No harm here :) I am just waiting the 1/2 hour til my washer is free to give this post a whirl!

          • Michelle says

            Thanks. Well, any funny wording could be because I was trying to multi-task and do too many things at once! Laptop at table, spoon feeding the babies, drinking coffee, helping L write an essay, and talking to the dishwasher repair guy – all while commenting on your post. Hmmm…not so bright!
            Anyways, one reason I really like vinegar is because it is safe to ingest. So, if I clean my fridge with it and then one of the babies decides to lick the fridge, no worries LOL! But you are so right about the smell! I need to someday sit down and make a list of the EO that I really most want to try and then just do it.

            • says

              Oh Michelle, just so you know for your own peace of mind, if you do happen to try making this spray cleaner, washing soda is also non-toxic; basically the equivalent of baking soda. And of course the lemon oil is also fine. So, the kids can still lick the fridge with no worries. lol. It might taste better than vinegar too! (But I’m not going to test that. lol)

              • Michelle says

                I was thinking this will be one that I have to try :) Thanks! I won’t be testing it either, and with any luck, neither will they. Hahaha, yes it would probably taste better. Maybe that’s not a good thing! (see previous comment about hoping they don’t lick the fridge!!!!)


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