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We are the Richard Family, a family of 6, living in southern New
England, in Massachusetts.
We love this life we have created, the house we have made a home, our
lifestyle, our deep faith, our creative and homesteading endeavors,
and all of the time we spend together as a family, focusing on these
things. Just like most every family, life tends to present it’s
challenges to us, and when it does we handle them the only way we know how-with faith
and trust in God. At the same time, we truly strive to embrace and focus on the joys we find in our
blessings, the most. We have so much to be thankful for, each and every

My husband, Michael, and I, met in art school. We worked for many, many years in our perspective professions, running our own businesses: truck lettering for him, and commercial art and photography for me. In more recent years, Michael took a job offer with our parish, and he has loved it there. It’s like a second home to him, where he also puts his heart into maintaining. Although he never has given up his truck lettering business, either. So he is a very hard-working man. I gave up my photography business as well, in order to focus on our four children, their education, and our home, with some blogging on the side.

We are a veteran homeschooling family, beginning in 2005.  Our oldest daughter is in college now, double-majoring in Communication and Theology.  Our triplets, two boys and a girl (in the middle), are just beginning their high school courses.  We have loved every bit of the homeschooling. It’s a lifestyle for our family that we wouldn’t give up.

You all will find that we love our chickens, and the coop we designed and built ourselves. The chickens free-range, but we’ve managed to keep it all fairly predator-proof as well. (No incidences yet!) We are major DIY’ers, and always have big projects going on around here! We have an in-house art studio, where we all love to be creative. We love to make food, and especially love to eat it! We’ve come to find that everything always tastes better, when we are gathered around our table, as a family. All things farmish is definitely our style, and we like to pretend we live in the country, on our little dead-end road.

We try to share much of all we do with you. You’ll always find plenty of tips, ideas, projects, and lots of photos. We do hope you find inspiration for the comforts of home, creativity, and a sense of connection with us, through your visits, here at our blog, House of Joyful Noise!

You are always welcome to email us with your thoughts, or questions, at: TheRichardHome@aol.com

You can also find and follow us at the following social medias links:

We have always had great family photos here at our About Page, but we are really due for an updated family portrait! So that is on our agenda to get done soon! We’ll input it here as soon as we get that done!

Thanks so much for coming by, and seeing what we’re all about! We very much hope to connect with you.
You are welcome to email us anytime, to share your thoughts or ask any questions, at: TheRichardHome@aol.com

Peace – The Richard Family


  1. 3
    Deb says:

    Would you contact me about getting a Massachusetts plate restored?
    Thanks, Deb

  2. 2
    michael J. Phelan says:

    Burnett’s garage in Wenham said I should get in touch with you to refurbish a green Mass plate. Would you please contact me to have this done. Thank you very much.

  3. 1
    Deb says:

    I really enjoyed reading about your strawberry growing experiences.
    Your raised bed with the cover was a great idea. We live out in the county
    with a lot of deer and critters roaming around and are looking into
    building a raised bed. Your looks like a nice size, do you have approximate
    dimensions on your raised garden bed and cover? Thanks

    • 1.1
      Laura says:

      Hi Deb! The dimensions of our raised strawberry bed is 4×8′, and about 1′ deep. Then the cover, which was a frame covered in chicken wire, was the same height and width of course, to sit very nicely right on top of the bed, and about 10-12″ tall. It really was a great system. A critter of any kind never got in, although ants were an issue to resolve now and then.
      Best wishes, and thanks for the inquiry!
      The Richard Family / House of Joyful Noise blog

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