1st Day of School, & Some Old Time Schoolhouse Additions


Every year on our first day of school, I take the kid’s school photos.   It’s amazing to see how much they change from year to year.  Or even from the beginning of the year, to the end!  But I don’t take school photos like this at the end of the year.  I only take the school one’s at the beginning, and always in the same spot, right here in our school room.

In past year’s, I’ve shown the previous year’s with the present in this First Day of School post.  But not this year.  Just because I don’t feel like digging them up.  : D

Here’s this year’s anyway.

{A};   8th / 9th Grade

{JM};  3rd Grade

{O}; 3rd Grade

{S}; 3rd Grade

Also usually on the first day, I take other first day of school photos.  Just sort of a peek inside of our first day, and the typical agenda.   Like planting our faces in the middle of each new book, and taking big deep sniffs.

We can’t help ourselves. We all love the smell of new books.

I think it’s genetic.

But I also usually photograph the kids as they do their school work.

But I didn’t take any more photos that first day, this year either.  Why?  Because we were really into all of our new stuff, and enjoying every minute of it!  The kids seriously love their schooling.  And the first day is like…Christmas or something to them.  They can hardly fall asleep the night before.   This past year, we pretty much schooled through the summer.  But they still really got all excited about the first day of the new school year, anyway, with all of the new curriculum and supplies.

I totally get it!!  I’m just always a little surprised they do, too.

So, since I didn’t have any more photos of our first day to share, I thought I would share some photos of a couple of new and, to me, very exciting additions to our school room:


You know our friends, Dr. O and Mrs. O, that we have talked a bit about? Well, Mrs. O asked if we’d like this typewriter she wanted to get rid of.   She wanted it out of her house….no need for it, and thought maybe we’d like it, or would like to try and sell it, or whatever.

Now, you all may or may not know how much I love old stuff like this.  But I don’t think she does.  I guess it was just my lucky day!  So I said all casual-like, “Sure, we’ll take it.  I’m sure we’ll figure out something to do with it.”

But inside, I was doing the happy-dance!!

It’s a 1939 L.C. Smith Super Speed.

Look at those keys!!  Why do I love this stuff so much??

I don’t know.  I just do.

I had fun taking detail shots of it too.


This is the little lever, you can switch, to type in black or red.



It makes me happy, just seeing it sitting there.    I don’t know if I’ll always leave it here, in the school room.  But it’s where it will be for now.   It seems to fit right in.


Another little feature I am all excited about, is a hand crank pencil sharpener. As it should be!!

Just who is the lazy one that came up with an electric pencil sharpener?  I mean, really.

I wish this one was truly old, like the typewriter.  But it’s clearly not, as you can see by the big, unnecessary logo.

I got it at Staples.  But honestly….I was surprised I could find one at all.

I’m getting a school house bell next.


We finally found a good place for this other cork board of ours.  Suspended in the big triple window that looks out to pretty much nothing good to see.    I have to point out {JM}’s ‘pencil’ you see hanging there.   It’s a dowel, he carved and painted, to look like a pencil.  The other end has an eraser too.  That boy is something else.  He just makes me smile, with this stuff he does.

That’s all for this post in Home Schooling, although there is some more exciting things coming right up here too!  Awesome field trip this week!

In the meantime, how is everyone’s kid’s school year going for you all so far?  (Yes, you.) Are they all in the swing of a school time schedule?  Anything new and exciting this year to share?  It’s always fun and inspiring to hear from others about their kid’s school happenings, so feel free to share, or leave us a link!

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  1. 7
    Pam says:

    I was admiring this typewriter last night as I was sitting in the schoolroom contemplating…I began to ask you where it came from and we were distracted by the 8 children. I guess I shall come here when my lack of focus allows me to recall to ask in person. LOL.

    • 7.1
      Laura says:

      LOL Pam! I know….sometime after you left, I happened to look at the typewriter sitting there, recalled you asked that question, and then tried to recall if I ever answered you. I couldn’t recall doing so. But, now you know! ; )

  2. 6
    Kimberly Hill says:

    We’ve been in school since the 1st of August and we’re flying along! I’d have to say Mia’s favorite week was our Disneyschooling week but that’s a given. 😉

  3. 5
    Kristin says:

    That typewriter is divine!!! I love it. Makes you think about what kinds of thoughts were delivered through here….love letters, work, etc.? Fascinating and a beautiful piece of machinery.

    Our school year has been off to a bumpy start, but we are slowly getting into a routine. Most of us, anyway. Lots to do!

  4. 4
    Teri says:

    Fantastic typewriter! But I have to admit, I love love love my electric pencil sharpener. I have no disdain for the handcrank variety, but I have some sort of sick satisfaction from hearing that motor eat away at that dull tip of the my used up pencil end and see it come out ready for me to write more pithy and important things. Plus I blame my impairment on the need for electric mod-cons. But my husband would agree with you on the purist side of things.

    As for our school-year… we are in full swing… lots of outings planned and I’m getting a feel for how we are to balance all that with actually “schooling” the children. We shall see.

  5. 3
    Paula says:

    I love the typewriter and the pencil sharpener. They would look better in my schoolroom. You KNOW how I feel about a bell! The kids look great. I took first day pictures of them, not the room. Our year is going well so far. Must have something to do with this awesome planner I have.

  6. 2
    Kim Bradford says:

    Laura ~ I wish I could convey to you how much I admire all that you do! I adore you and I have never even met you or spoken with you! I love to follow your blog, your photography, your writing, your facebook, your love for your family!! Thank you for being so honest and open to us…you truely make me want to be a better person (and I totally mean that in a good way!!). XOXO ~ Kim

  7. 1
    Gina W says:

    Love, love, LOVE the typewriter! They really took good care of it. My mom has an old one that we all used to use but it’s not nearly in as good of condition as yours. I also love the pencil sharpener. I really need to get one of those, although I don’t know where we would put it.

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